Blendjet Charging Problems: Charged But Not Working [Fix!]

Blending fruits to make smoothies

If you encounter this problem, ensure it’s well-charged and the lid is closed securely.

Double-check the power switch, address internal issues, consider checking or replacing the battery or motor, perform a blender reset, lighten the load, add sufficient liquid, inspect the blades, and reach out to customer service if needed.

Blendjet is the first portable blender designed to simplify lives and provide easy access to nutrition anytime, anywhere. Its primary purpose is to make smoothies and various drinks, and its compact size makes it highly portable.

Unlike some products that fail to live up to their promises, Blendjet is not one of them. Users who have purchased it have not regretted their decision, as it offers great value for money.

You can find positive reviews and high ratings for this blender everywhere you look.

Below, you can find a table highlighting some of its key features:

DesignIt features a compact and convenient design.
PortableIt’s easy to carry, and you can sip your drink straight from it.
Battery LifeIt can be used for more than 15 blends before needing a recharge. Charging is fast too.
PowerIt uses TurboJet technology for blending power.
CleaningCleaning is a breeze – just add soap and water, blend, and rinse.
ColorsIt comes in a wide range of attractive colors.
Ratings of different Blendjet features
Blendjet one vs Blendjet 2

What Might Be The Cause Of My Blendjet Failing To Work After Charging?

A girl asking what with question marks in the background

Some folks have mentioned that they charged their Blendjet but it still didn’t work, causing concern and confusion.

To provide a better understanding, I’ve outlined some possible reasons why this might have occurred:

You Forgot To Turn On The Power Switch

Human oversight is often underestimated, yet it can play a significant role in many of our issues. One common oversight involves a simple mistake, which, I’m sure, many of us have experienced.

It’s when we plug our phones in to charge but forget to flip the power switch. We only realize this oversight when we check our phone later and find that it hasn’t been charged.

Therefore, it’s quite possible that a similar situation may be causing your Blendjet not to work despite thinking you’ve charged it. The reason could be as simple as forgetting to turn the switch on.

Your Blendjet Is Not Properly Charged

At times, you might think you’ve charged your Blendjet, yet it doesn’t seem to work, leaving you puzzled, especially when you’re certain you turned on the switch.

The issue might be that, in your estimation, you charged your Blendjet for what seemed like a sufficient amount of time, but it wasn’t actually enough for a complete charge.

This could genuinely be a timing issue, meaning you didn’t give it the necessary time to charge properly.

Alternatively, the charger or switch you used may have a lower power output, which requires more time to charge the Blendjet, and you might not have been aware of this.

There Are Some Battery Issues

In the world of technology, battery problems are quite common, and they can cause your devices to not work as they should.

The Blendjet is no exception. If you’ve charged it but it’s still not working, there might be some hidden battery issues that you’re not aware of.

It’s possible that the battery is not functioning correctly and needs to be replaced. One way to check is by using your Blendjet while it’s connected to the charger. If it works in this situation, it confirms that the battery is the problem. Even after a full charge, the blender won’t work properly if the battery is faulty.

Its Blades Are Jammed

Here’s another reason why your Blendjet might not work, even if you’ve charged it correctly. Let’s talk about the blender’s blades – they’re the essential parts that make your blender work like a blender, blending your ingredients.

Blade jamming can happen in two ways. First, the blade might be physically blocked and can’t move due to some technical issues. Second, there might be a piece of solid food stuck between the blades, causing them to get stuck and not move.

There Are Some Internal Issues

Appliances like the Blendjet can sometimes face hidden internal problems that are hard to spot.

Typically, these internal problems involve things like faulty wiring, but there could be other factors causing the issue as well.

So, even if you charge your Blendjet fully, it won’t work correctly unless you address and fix these underlying internal problems.

There’s Something Wrong With The Motor

The motor is a vital component in appliances like the Blendjet because they can’t operate correctly without a good motor. The motor is what makes the Blendjet work.

So, there might be times when you’ve charged your Blendjet, but it still doesn’t work, and the reason for this trouble could be a problem with its motor.

Your Blendjet Is Overheated

Appliances, like us humans, also need some downtime. If you use them too much without a break, they can experience issues, just as we feel tired without proper rest.

So, if you’ve been using your Blendjet continuously without breaks, the machine might become overheated. You may notice that the Blendjet feels hot to the touch.

This overheating can cause your Blendjet to not work correctly, even if it’s charged properly.

Your Lid Is Not Closed Properly

One important thing to make your Blendjet work right is to make sure the lid is completely closed. Sometimes, you might have charged your Blendjet, and everything else seems just fine, but it still doesn’t work properly.

Surprisingly, the reason could be a simple mistake. It might happen because you’re in a hurry or not paying much attention, and the lid is not fully closed. This can cause your blender not to work as expected.

There’s Too Much Load

We sometimes expect things or appliances to handle more than they actually can, which can lead to issues.

When it comes to the Blendjet, there’s a limit to how much it can blend at once. If you put too much food in it, it can overload the blender and make it not work correctly, even if it’s charged properly.

It Is Due To A Manufacturing Fault

At times, there could be manufacturing issues with your Blendjet. So, even if you’re charging it the right way, it might not work correctly.

You might get worried and wonder what’s causing the problem, only to discover that you have a faulty one due to a manufacturing defect.

What Should I Do If My Blendjet Is Charged But Not Working?

Double-Check The Switch During Charging

A woman turning the switch on
Turn switch on

As I mentioned earlier, we often forget that human mistakes can be a common reason for problems. We may get anxious and point fingers at others, not realizing that we might have made an error that’s causing the issue.

So, the first step is whenever you face such a situation, or even in general, always double-check your charger and make sure you’ve turned on the plug.

Ensure That It Has Sufficient Charge

A battery showing that it is full charged with neon blue outlines and dots
Full charged

Another crucial thing is to ensure that your Blendjet is fully charged. Let it charge all the way, and try not to rush and remove it while it’s still charging.

Also, make sure to use a switch that you know has a strong power output, so you can be confident that it’s charging properly and will be ready in the usual time.

Get The Battery Checked

Charging a 70Ah 12V 560 A battery

Once you’ve confirmed that the issue is related to the battery, you’ll need to have the battery examined.

If it’s repairable, it might be fixed. Otherwise, you may need to replace it with a new one.

Check The Blades

A black blender base with a silver blade

If you find that the blades are stuck because of some internal problem, it’s best to visit a shop to have them checked and fixed.

But if the blades are jammed because of a piece of food stuck in them, you can either remove that food particle or take out the blade and give it a good wash.

Fix The Internal Issues Accordingly

Two men using a tool to fix something

For problems within the Blendjet, you can refer to the Blendjet manual to open it up yourself and inspect the underlying issue. If it’s something you feel comfortable fixing, you can do it yourself.

But if it’s a problem that you’re not sure how to handle, it’s best to take it to a shop, so they can repair it for you, addressing the specific issue.

Fix Or Replace The Motor

A man using a tool to fix a motor
Fixing motor

If the motor is not working properly, your best choice is to have it repaired or replaced by a professional at a shop.

Fixing it at home is not an easy task unless you have experience with these types of appliance motors.

Let It Cool For A Bit

Snowflake in a blue circle to represent cold. Fire in a red circle to represent hot
Hot and cold

If you’ve been using your Blendjet a lot, it’s a good idea to give it a break and let it cool down.

This is essential for its proper functioning and helps prevent it from overheating.

Close The Lid Properly

A happy woman blending some fruits
Tightly closed lid

To make sure your Blendjet works well, it’s important to ensure that the lid is closed tightly.

To avoid any issues, always double-check before using your blender to confirm that the lid is securely closed.

Reduce The Food Contents

A hand holding an overloaded blender

If you think that there’s too much stuff inside your Blendjet, and that might be the cause of it not working correctly, try lightening the load by removing some of the food.

Add Some Liquid

A woman blending some strawberries with milk
Blending strawberries with milk

At times, simply adding some liquid can help your blender work well. It’s a minor issue but can prevent your blender from functioning properly.

So, ensure you have enough liquid in there.

Reset Your Blender

A laptop screen with "reset" written on it

You can consult the manual provided to learn how to reset your Blendjet, and this has been quite helpful for many in resolving the problem and getting their Blendjet to work correctly.

Contact Customer Service

A man working in customer service talking on a phone.
Customer Service

If you’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work, it’s a good idea to reach out to customer service.

They can provide better assistance and help you resolve the problem.

Final Thoughts

  • Blendjet is a portable blender for convenient nutrition on the go.
  • Causes for Blendjet not working after charging:
    • Human error, like not turning the power switch on.
    • Insufficient charging time or low-power charger.
    • Battery issues.
    • Jammed blades or motor problems.
    • Overheating due to excessive use.
    • The lid is not properly closed.
    • Overloading the Blendjet.
    • Lack of liquid for blending.
  • To troubleshoot a charged but non-working Blendjet, consider:
    • Double-checking the power switch and charging conditions.
    • Inspecting for internal issues.
    • Examining and potentially replacing the battery or motor.
    • Performing a blender reset.
    • Reducing the load inside.
    • Ensuring there’s enough liquid.
    • Checking the blades.
    • Reaching out to customer service for help if needed.

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