Can People See If You Look At Their Instagram? (Find Out)

Do you wish to stalk your loved ones or are you merely curious as to whether or not someone has looked at your Instagram photos? 

Of course, you’ll be pleased to learn that you can check Instagram to see if they’ve seen your photo or even some of their activity. 

If you glance at their Instagram page, can you guess who it is? is presently the most common inquiry on Instagram.

They are seeking an answer to this query presumably out of fear that the person they are covertly looking for would find out about their username and the stalker activity they have been engaging in on their profile.

In this article, we’ll discuss Instagram users’ viewing habits, including whether or not it’s possible for someone to determine whether you have glanced at their photo or not. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Can you know if someone looks at your Instagram pictures?

Some social media platforms, such as Twitter and Tumblr, will display the persons who have visited your profile, particularly if they have done so more than once each day. 

That is to say, she will learn that if you peek at your crush’s profile. Not only that, but they can view your login and profile picture, making it possible for them to spy on your rivals. 

On Instagram, though, things are different; after viewing another user’s photos, you can remain anonymous. 

I’ll suggest that since Instagram has always been this way, you’ll have more privacy while spying other accounts.

You can browse someone’s profile on Instagram several times a day without ever revealing your identity to them; they won’t get any notifications, and no one will ever know you have done so. 

You shouldn’t worry at all if you’re concerned that someone might discover whether you’ve been stalking them on Instagram because Instagram has hidden this information from them. 

Even so, Instagram is still aware of all your activities on the platform, which is why when you repeatedly visit a page, you’ll see that profile included on the “recommended follow” list.

Indicating to the Instagram algorithm that you are interested in a profile by visiting it repeatedly. 

Don’t be surprised if you even begin to receive posts from these public profiles; this is a hint that Instagram is aware of your activity but has chosen not to show it to its users out of concern for their privacy. 

To help you understand what is and isn’t feasible on Instagram, we’ll discuss some of the items you can see there and how to access them.

Last but not least, you need to watch out for double tapping on the image you’re looking at. 

As you presumably already know, liking a photo on Instagram requires “double-tapping,” and the person whose photo you’ve liked will be notified. 

They can view the username and profile photo of the user who liked their post, and if it’s a familiar user, they’ll probably pay attention to it. 

Even worse, unless they updated their account settings, they will also receive inbox notifications. 

You can see why it’s critical to refrain from double tapping on the image if you don’t want to be identified as a stalker.

Can they know if I viewed their Instagram videos?

They aren’t aware of it for photos, as we’ve already indicated. They will be able to decide if they want to do so for Instagram videos, although there are some restrictions. 

Before being counted as a watcher, you must watch a predetermined amount of the video. Additionally, there are a few things you can take to hide the fact that you saw their movie from them. 

Here’s how to avoid being discovered;

  • Make sure to double-check to make sure a post isn’t a video before clicking it when you encounter it while browsing through your feed. If it’s a picture, you can look at it without being concerned. 
  • If you accidentally clicked on their video and don’t want them to know, scroll down as soon as possible—ideally, within two seconds. You must watch a video for at least three seconds in order to be classified as a watcher on Instagram. This means you may just scroll down the page to avoid being counted as a watcher if you unintentionally click a video.
  • Avoid viewing any Instagram profile in a feed-like manner; if you must, scroll down quickly to avoid any videos from loading if you don’t want the owner to know you have seen their videos.
There’s a chance that people might be able to know that you have watched their Instagram video.

How to tell if someone visited your Instagram profile?

You can check who liked your Instagram photos even though you cannot see who viewed them.

Users that frequently appreciate your posts keep an eye out for your material or have post notifications set on for you.

Check Your LikesIt’s harder to keep track of who is seeing and enjoying your post now that Instagram has changed the Activity tab. Normally, bulk alerts will just include two usernames at the top, then a number. You may still view the full list of accounts that liked your post, though.
Go Into InsightsAnalyzing your analytics is another technique to learn more about the audience for your content. This won’t reveal to you specifically who viewed your material. But it will help you understand your audience far better. Additionally, you’ll discover how many people are seeing your profile. Only business accounts have access to Instagram Insights. Anytime, for no cost, you can convert your personal account to a business account.
Look in Your ArchiveIt will stay in your Archive even though your Instagram Story will only be visible to the public for 24 hours. With the exception of a brief duration, the list of viewers will no longer be accessible. If you’re fortunate, once the Story has ended, the list will still be viewable for another day.
How to see if someone visited your Instagram account.
You can see who visited your profile by checking likes on your post.

How to make your Instagram account private?

It’s a good idea to review your privacy settings if not knowing who viewed your post upsets you. While it is not feasible to hide your profile, there are other steps you may do to protect your privacy. 

Your posts and stories will be hidden from anyone who isn’t following you if you choose to make your entire profile private. 

Your contacts won’t be aware of your online status if you disable your Activity Status. 

Additionally, you can put some space between yourself and a certain individual by using Instagram’s “Restrict” option. You can also use the “Block” option if you’re having trouble with stalking.

Find Your Stalkers!


  • If you’re wondering whether other users on Instagram can see what you’re looking at, the answer is no. The only actions that are recorded by Instagram’s algorithm are comments and likes, not profile views. 
  • Viewing their tales is the only way someone can infer that you have been looking at their profile. 
  • Although there is no way to read Instagram stories in an anonymous manner, there are a few methods you may try to hide your viewing activity.
  • If you view one of their films or Stories, others will be able to tell. If you want to avoid being discovered, stay away from these. 
  • You are free to snoop around to your heart’s content because nobody will know if you view their profile page or their images.

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