Can People Tell When You Look at Their Instagram? (Find Out)

Instagram is rated one of the most used applications, especially among the youth. The application is all about style, fashion, and beauty. When it comes to beauty-centric stuff, you have to rush to Instagram for news and updates.

However, I’ll not claim Instagram to be an innovator. The application is, in fact, a merger of many different social media platforms. Seems like the developers picked all the good traits from different applications to make one Instagram interface for maximum satisfaction.

Though this application has many benefits, it comes with its baggage of drawbacks, too. There are several errors that people face while using Instagram, which, of course, have solutions, but they are there.

If we talk about social media in general, we know that people’s curiosity is one thing that these platforms have answered, and maybe that was the motive behind launching all these platforms. To cater to this is a very important need of mankind.

However, not all questions are answered or should be answered. While curiosity is a question that needs answering, privacy is a concern that needs protection. And a social media platform that balances both these things well can go a long way.

We all wish to see other people’s profiles on Instagram without them knowing, yet we wish to know who viewed our profile.

Let’s read the article to learn if someone can tell who viewed the profile on Instagram. Shall we?

Stalkers, Stalking on Social Media

Developer working on the program.
Developed With Caution.

Stalking may be innocent or harmful. Whatever the case, it’s better to value people’s privacy than invade it.

I know going after your crush’s Instagram profile three times a day gives you another level of satisfaction, but imagine what you’ll feel if someone invades your privacy or if your crush learns that you are watching. I know this concern of theirs is already there.

Well, stalking is a fun thing to do. However, even if it’s harmless, there’s always a chance to get caught in the act, which is embarrassing, I must say.

If you feel you have gone too far in stalking someone, remind yourself of some boundaries, and if it feels like someone is stalking you, report them to the appropriate authorities.

The two stalkers are stalking.
Stalkers Stalking Silently.

Instagram Privacy

Privacy is extremely important, especially in the cyber world, as cybercrime can be extremely dangerous.

Remember the trial Facebook went through? The humiliation the trial brought to the enterprises was too much if you ask me. Facebook had to pay $725 million to settle the whole privacy thing.

Though privacy is a person’s right, it also depends on every individual’s preference. Some people like to keep their lives private, some like to tell people everything that’s happening in their lives, and some cases demand transparency, like business accounts.

Three kinds of accounts operate somewhat differently when it comes to privacy settings.

  • Public Accounts
  • Private Accounts
  • Business Accounts

Public Accounts

Celebrities, influencers, or other people who like to keep their lives public keep their account settings public.

Unlike Facebook, on Instagram, you cannot choose individual posts to be either public or private. The whole account needs a certain setting.

Private Accounts

Introverts, or people who are reluctant to let people know everything that’s happening in their lives, keep their privacy private.

The inner circle of the account holder is the only person who can see what’s happening in that particular account. Others who wish to see what a person with a private account is doing must send a friend request to get acceptance to follow them.

Business Accounts

Business accounts are like public accounts, too, but with the added feature of knowing the insights of the account.

Users have complete access to the posted content on the company account, giving them visibility into its updates and interactions. However, the chosen business handlers continue to have exclusive insights.

A laptop is placed on a table.
Insights of a Business Account.

No matter what setting you choose, the Instagram server knows it all, yet the server is bound to keep the information to itself.

Can People Tell When You Look at Their Instagram?

Yes and No. People can’t tell when you look at their Instagram, but some applications help businesses tell the number of visits without giving away exact information about the profile.

Private or public privacy settings have no impact on discovering profile visitors in the world of personal accounts. Interaction takes the lead here instead.

The sole window into this enigmatic environment is through those who interact with your work. This mystery, which is unaffected by visibility settings, emphasizes the importance of true participation in the digital realm.

However, applications like Hootsuite are there to facilitate business accounts to know when and how many people are visiting their accounts. Yet the application doesn’t give out the exact name of the account as it also respects the privacy of others.

Check out the video to learn more about the Instagram views.

Know your Profile Visitors.

How to Know Who Viewed My Instagram?

There’s no way to know the exact names of the users who viewed your account.

Yet through the following methods, one can know who is interested in their Instagram profile.

EngagementsIt Tells
LikesLikes are a great way to know the exact information of the account that saw your post.
CommentsComments don’t just let the individual know who views their account. But it also enables the account user to know the exact opinion of the other individual.
Re-shareIf you see someone has shared your post and not liked or commented on the original post, know that they value the post enough to re-share it. However, the sharing can’t be done directly. There are ways to re-share a post indirectly.
ViewsViews on a video can be seen from the bottom of the screen, but only if it’s a story. For other video uploads, you can only wonder who the exact person is who viewed the video as only the number of views is mentioned on one side to let the uploader know of their reach.
Personal DiscussionsIf nothing works, a personal discussion will still help. Often, people discuss posts from Instagram in actual in-human discussions. You can know from that discussion about who’s viewing your Instagram handle.
How to tell if someone saw your Instagram?


  • Stalking can be harmful or unharmful; it depends on the intentions. Yet, it’s better to not invade anyone’s privacy.
  • There’s no way anyone can know the exact details of who viewed your profile. Engagements can be very helpful to know who likes or even dislikes your content on Instagram.
  • Public accounts, private accounts, and business accounts all have different privacies. It depends on each individual what they want for their privacy.
  • Even public accounts need some privacy. Thus, Instagram is bound to keep a few details to itself.

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