Can Someone Tell If You Stalk Them On Twitter (Aware or Not?)

Social media has shrunk the world into one single screen. There’s no doubt about how amazing the new technology is but the fact that it comes with its own pit holes can’t be denied.

There’s so much that people showcase on their feeds no matter what social media platform they are using but little do they know that the data is being stored and recorded.

Moreover, the posters are posting the posts for their circle and this technology is so advanced that you can’t restrict anyone from doing anything. Though you can restrict your settings. That restricted setting of yours can be compromised too if you have a stalker.

The word stalker is sometimes admired. Especially after watching YOU on Netflix but things can turn very wrong and serious too.

If the words above gave you chills, relax, I didn’t intend to do it. Stalking can also be something that you do when you see a friend without them knowing, or when you are going through the profile of a random crush.

Twitter, like every other social media platform, is used by many people but its audience is very different and quite specific. When you are going through someone’s profile, it’s only you and the algorithm of Twitter that know what’s happening.

People often have so many questions for Twitter and today I’ll try to do my best to answer most of them. Keep on reading to learn more.

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How does Twitter work?

Twitter and Its Popularity

Twitter comes 14th when it comes to the ranking list of the most used social media channels. Almost 556 million users can be reached by advertisers on Twitter and that’s quite a good amount if you ask me.

You may have noticed that celebrities are more inclined towards Twitter than any other social media platform while Facebook is the least used application. People in showbiz choose Instagram and Twitter to reach the maximum number of followers.

Check out the table to see where Twitter is used most.

CountriesNumber of Twitter Users
United States77.75 million
Japan58.2 million
India24.45 million
Brazil19.05 million
United Kingdom19.05 million
Number of Twitter Users

Twitter and Its Audience

Every social media platform has its own audience and you’ve to deal with them accordingly.

As for Twitter’s audience, there are people who want to be kept informed about the world. No matter if the matters are political or from the glamour world or even if they are crypto-related.

You can say that Twitter is actually acting as a virtual newspaper. The hot topics on TV are the most trending news on Twitter.

Though Twitter isn’t much used as Facebook or Instagram this application is still one of the most liked and recognized ones.

25 to 34 is the age bracket for this application. Most of its users come under this bracket.

Tweet tweet
25 to 34 is the age bracket for this application

Twitter Profile Visits

Twitter Analytics checks people that locate your profile in a user search and click on it to examine it in order to calculate the number of profile visits.

Additionally, it looks for individuals who found and visited one of your postings on Twitter. The total number of profile visits over the previous 28 days is shown by Twitter Analytics.


Can Someone Tell If You Stalk Them On Twitter?

Twitter just like any other platform is designed to see profiles of people you know and people you don’t know. While doing so, a concern rises; what if stalking someone’s profile comes to notice? That is one embarrassing situation no one wants to go through.

When you are going through someone’s profile, it’s only you and the algorithm of Twitter that know what is happening.

Unlike LinkedIn, Twitter has no setting that can tell who viewed your profile.

Can People See What You Interact With on Twitter?

In this case scenario, Twitter works like Facebook. Only people that are in your follower list can see your engagements.

The follower list isn’t visible to everyone but the engagements are, until and unless you’ve customized your privacy setting. Twitter and Facebook are a lot similar in this matter. The example of Facebook is given here to make you understand Twitter better.

Can You Tell if Someone Is Looking at Your Twitter?

Tweet installing
You can see the insights and statistics of your Twitter account

There’s no way you or anyone can tell if someone is looking at your Twitter profile.

This feature too works like Facebook and Instagram but thing differs from Twitter from these two social media presences. You can see the insights and statistics of your Twitter account, unlike Facebook and Instagram this feature isn’t limited to pages only.

If you are stalking your crush or an enemy on Twitter, then relax, have some popcorn, and drink some soda while watching their activities.

Here, I must make it clear that public profiles and privacy-protected profiles don’t work the same way. If the person you intend to stalk has a privacy setting then stalking them is near impossible.

Can Someone See If You Are Active on Twitter on the Twitter Chat?

Now here’s where Twitter is just the opposite of Facebook and Instagram. Unlike these applications, Twitter doesn’t show any green dot or other kinds of sign to tell if the user is online,

This is a good thing for those who hide their read recipients on WhatsApp but not so good thing for those who like to know people’s availability when chatting. You can relate Twitter to Snapchat here. Both of these applications don’t allow people to see their availability.

Check out this beginner’s guide to using Twitter.

Beginners Guide to Using Twitter

How Can You See Who Is Stalking You on Twitter?

Only the total number of visitors to your Twitter profile may be seen. To safeguard users’ privacy, Twitter doesn’t divulge this information.

Retweets, likes, replies, and following are the only ways to determine how readers are responding to your tweets.


  • Twitter is famous for multiple reasons but it’s not as famous as Facebook and Instagram are.
  • Just like any other social media platform, Twitter has its own audience.
  • Twitter is mostly used by people who like to know the happenings of the world.
  • It kind of works like a digital newspaper.
  • Celebrities from across the globe are there. No matter if they are from showbiz, sports, or politics.
  • Stalking someone on Twitter is easy because no one can tell if you’ve seen their profile. It’s only insights and statistics that people can look into.
  • Also, no one can tell if someone is available to chat.

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