Frequently Used Emojis-How to Clear Them on iPhone?

I’ve developed a frequent habit of relying on emojis to express myself while texting, to the point that messages without emojis are often perceived as me being angry or upset. This habit seems to be common among many people, as emojis have become a popular and effective means of communication and self-expression.

On the iPhone, the emoji keyboard is seamlessly integrated into the device’s default keyboard. Accessing it is as simple as tapping the smiley face emoji icon, which is typically located somewhere in the bottom row of the keyboard. The exact placement of this icon may vary depending on the specific phone model and iOS version being used.

The diversity and customization options within the emoji keyboard are noteworthy. Emojis featuring people, hands, or other human parts often offer the ability to select different skin tones, allowing for greater representation and personalization.

The emoji keyboard organizes the different emojis into various categories, such as people, animals, food, and more. Each category contains an extensive collection of emojis, allowing users to find the perfect one to convey their intended message.

Additionally, the emoji keyboard features a convenient “frequently used” option that allows users to access their most commonly used emojis with ease.

To clear the frequently used emoji section on an iPhone, you can either reset the keyboard dictionary in the device settings or remove specific emojis by tapping and holding on them on the emoji keyboard and selecting the option to delete or remove.

If you’re interested in delving deeper into the world of frequently used emojis, I encourage you to explore this article for further insights.

What Are Frequently Used Emojis?

Texting with an emoji keyboard on a phone
Texting with an emoji keyboard on a phone

As the name implies, frequently used emojis are the emojis that you use on a regular basis when sending messages on your iPhone.

This convenient feature of the emoji keyboard keeps track of the emojis you commonly use and separates them into dedicated sections. This way, instead of searching through the extensive emoji collection every time, you can quickly and directly access the emojis you use most frequently.

The inclusion of a frequently used emoji section on the keyboard is highly advantageous as it saves you time and effort. You no longer need to manually locate and select your preferred emojis from the vast array available. Instead, they are conveniently presented in a separate section, readily accessible with just a few taps.

Why Do People Use Emojis?


It’s not surprising that people have embraced and developed a preference for using emojis as a prominent form of communication in their text messages.

This preference can be attributed to various valid reasons:

Enhanced ExpressionEmojis serve as a powerful means of expressing emotions and thoughts when words fall short. In situations where verbal descriptions may be insufficient, emojis step in as valuable visual expressions that effectively communicate ideas and bridge the gap created by the absence of nonverbal cues.
Concise and UnderstandableUnlike lengthy texts that can be prone to misinterpretation, emojis provide a concise and accessible means of facilitating understanding. By leveraging the power of visual symbols, emojis effectively convey meaning and simplify comprehension, making the process of understanding much more accessible and straightforward.
Clear the IntentText-based communication can’t often convey the true intent or tone of a person’s message. Emojis, however, play a crucial role in overcoming these challenges by infusing texts with expressive visual cues. They effectively add context, emotions, and tone to each message, helping to clarify the intended mood and ensuring that humor, sarcasm, and other emotions are accurately conveyed.
Visual Appeal As human beings, we are naturally drawn to visually captivating content rather than plain text. Emojis, with their vibrant and expressive nature, have a remarkable ability to catch our attention and generate higher levels of engagement and focus. People find great enjoyment in the process of experimenting with emojis, as they bring an element of fun and creativity to their communication.
Self-IdentityThe personalized approach to emoji usage reflects your unique preferences, sense of humor, and individual way of expressing understanding and identity. Through the careful selection and interpretation of emojis, you create a distinct and personalized language that embodies your personality and adds depth to your communication.
Overcome Cultural BarriersEmojis serve as effective tools for breaking down both cultural and language barriers, as they are universally understood with ease and simplicity. Regardless of cultural background or language proficiency, emojis transcend these barriers by conveying emotions and concepts in a way that’s effortlessly comprehensible to all.
Reasons why people prefer using emojis.

How Can You Get Rid of Frequently Used Emojis?

While the frequently used emoji section is a convenient feature that allows easy access to your favorite and commonly used emojis, there are instances where accidental clicks or others using your phone may result in unwanted emojis appearing in this section.

If you find yourself in this situation, there are two approaches you can take: resetting the entire frequently used emoji section or removing specific emojis.

In the first scenario, you can follow these steps to reset the frequently used emoji section:

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on “General.”
  3. Scroll down and select “Reset.”
  4. In the reset options, choose “Reset Keyboard Dictionary.
  5. You may be prompted to enter your password for confirmation.
  6. After entering your password, proceed with the reset.
  7. Your keyboard will reset, and the frequently used emoji section will be cleared.

If you only need to remove certain emojis from the frequently used section, you can follow these steps:

  1. To open the keyboard, click on the text area.
  2. Switch to the emoji keyboard by tapping on the emoji icon located at the bottom of the keyboard.
  3. Locate the emoji you want to remove from the frequently used section.
  4. Press and hold on to the emoji until a pop-up menu appears.
  5. Repeat these steps for any other emojis you wish to remove.
  6. From the pop-up menu, select the option to remove or delete the emoji.

It’s important to note that the ability to remove specific emojis from the frequently used section may vary depending on your iOS update and device. This feature may not be available in all iOS versions or on all devices.

How to Delete Commonly Used Emojis on iPhone?

Clearing Frequently Used Emojis: iPhone Vs. WhatsApp

The process of clearing the keyboard emoji history on an iPhone differs from clearing the WhatsApp emoji history.

Clearing the keyboard emoji history involves resetting the suggestions or predictions of frequently used emojis on the keyboard itself. This action removes the prioritization of previously used emojis and resets the suggestion bar, affecting all apps and text input fields on the device.

In contrast, clearing the WhatsApp emoji history specifically pertains to the frequently used emojis within the WhatsApp messaging app. This action resets the record of frequently used emojis within the app, but it does not impact the keyboard’s suggestion bar or the frequently used emojis in other apps.

To reset the keyboard and clear the frequently used emojis in WhatsApp, you can achieve this by uninstalling and reinstalling the WhatsApp application on your iPhone. By performing this action, both the WhatsApp web browser version and the WhatsApp app on your phone will have separate sets of frequently used emojis.

Emojis emerging from a box
Emojis emerging from a box

Sum Up

  • The Emoji Keyboard on the iPhone is integrated into the default keyboard and allows users to access a wide range of emojis.
  • Emojis are preferred because they effectively convey emotions, express thoughts, and bridge the gap of cultural differences.
  • The Frequently Used Emoji section is a convenient feature that stores the emojis you use most frequently, providing quick access to them.
  • To clear the Frequently Used Emoji section on iPhone, you can reset the keyboard dictionary in the device settings or remove specific emojis from the section.
  • Clearing the emoji history on the iPhone keyboard resets the suggestions across all apps, while clearing the WhatsApp emoji history specifically applies to frequently used emojis within the WhatsApp messaging app.

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