Does Lin-Manuel Miranda Have an Instagram Account? (Find Out!)

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Many celebrities are on Instagram, including playwright, lyricist, and composer Lin-Manuel Miranda

Yes, Lin-Manuel Miranda has an Instagram account. He got his account in June of 2022 and has been consistently posting on it ever since.

Lin-Manuel Miranda is famous for a couple of things but his most notable work is the musicals he’s written: In The Heights and Hamilton. Many people have been wondering whether the playwright has an account on the popular photo-sharing social media called Instagram, but unfortunately, he wasn’t on it for a while.

Until June 2022, Lin-Manuel was absent from Instagram, his only social media accounts being Facebook and Twitter. However, since then, he’s expanded his socials and can now be found on Instagram, Tumblr, and even TikTok!

If you’d like to know more about Lin-Manuel Miranda and where you can get updates from him, keep reading!

What is Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Official Instagram?

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s official Instagram handle is lin_manuel with his username being his full name. He’s verified so he has a checkmark next to his Instagram handle. He has over 200 posts, most of which are pictures of his friends and co-workers and sometimes a dip into his personal life.

For a long time, Lin didn’t have an account on Instagram. He even made a brief joke on it on Twitter when promoting Hamilton, tweeting: “Listen, I don’t have the Instagram, forward the old Man Miranda the good good #Ham4Alls on the ‘grams.”

A tweet from Lin-Manuel Miranda

But in 2022, Mr. Hamilton himself got an Instagram account. There he would post updates and sneak peeks of things he was working on such as The Little Mermaid Live Action and Tick, Tick… Boom!

He would also post about the plays he’s watching (or writing!), whether by himself or with someone else. He’s pretty active on Insta and follows over a thousand people.

Does Lin-Manuel Have Other Social Media Accounts?

Yes, he does. Besides Instagram, the playwright slash songwriter is also on Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook. His Twitter handle is the same as his Instagram handle, @Lin_Manuel. His Facebook page is just his full name and his username on Tumblr is linmanuel.

Lin is also present on Tiktok with the username @linmanuelmirandaofficial but he has yet to make any content on the app.

The Hamilton lyricist isn’t all that active on social media. Besides using the apps for updates and promotions, Lin tries to avoid them and their negative effects. As an artist, the criticisms can be a bit too loud on social media, and dwelling on those criticisms can be detrimental to his mental health.

On the occasion that he is active on social media, Lin posts about things he’s part of or thing’s he or his friends are currently working on. On Insta, he would post pictures of him with his friends and co-workers, and sometimes he’d even post about his son, Sebastian (who, fun fact, he named after the crab in The Little Mermaid).

An Instagram post from Lin-Manuel Miranda
Lin with his friend and Hamilton co-star Jasmine Cephas Jones

Does Lin-Manuel Miranda Still Play Hamilton?

No, Lin no longer plays as Hamilton in the musical. His last performance was on July 9, 2016. Since then, the ten-dollar founding father without a father has been played by numerous talented Broadway actors in place of Lin.

Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote the phenomenal hit Broadway show Hamilton and also played its leading star, Alexander Hamilton. He embodied this role for over 300 hundred shows before saying goodbye in June 2016.

However, despite no longer being in the show, Lin continues to support and be involved with the Broadway play and sometimes even shows up during Ham4Ham, which is a performance the cast members do outside of Richard Rodgers Theater to promote the Ham4Ham Lottery (a lottery where people could win front-row seats to Hamilton).

Since Lin’s departure, America’s first Secretary of Treasury has been played by a number of talented people. Those people are:

  • Javier Muñoz
  • Michael Luwoye
  • Miguel Cervantes
  • Jon Rua
The Richard Rodgers Theater
The original Broadway casts are no longer playing in Hamilton, however, there’s still so much talent on the stage of the show

What Else Has Lin-Manuel Miranda Worked On?

Lin-Manuel Miranda has worked on a lot of things besides Hamilton. He’s written songs for the Disney films Encanto and Moana as well as the live-action The Little Mermaid for which he was also credited as a producer.

Lin also appears in Mary Poppins Returns and cameos in shows like Modern Family and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. He also made his directorial debut in the film Tick, Tick… Boom!

In terms of Broadway, here are the musicals Lin has worked on and what his role was:

MusicalOpening DateRole
West Side StoryMarch 19, 2009Translations
In The HeightsMarch 09, 2008Music, Lyrics, Original Concept, Usnavi
Bring It On: The MusicalAugust 01, 2012Music, Lyrics
HamiltonAugust 06, 2015Music, Lyrics, Alexander Hamilton, Arrangements
Freestyle Love SupremeOctober 02, 2019Creator, Lin-Man, Producer
Freestyle Love SupremeOctober 19, 2021Creator, Lin-Man, Producer
New York, New YorkApril 26, 2023Additional lyrics
Musicals Lin-Manuel Miranda Has Worked On

Why Did Lin-Manuel Miranda Write Hamilton?

Lin-Manuel Miranda was inspired to write Hamilton after reading the biography book about Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow. He likened the Founding Father’s story to that of up-and-coming rappers and believed him to embody hip-hop.

This is why the musical itself is very fast-paced and most of the songs are in rap. After a long process of writing the musical and workshopping, it opened Off-Broadway in New York City’s Public Theater in January 2015. There it garnered a lot of success and it eventually lead to the musical being moved to Broadway in July of the same year.

Here is the original Broadway cast’s perspective on their first night on Broadway:

Hamilton Opening Night – Cast’s Perspective

The musical, and Lin as well, received a lot of well-deserved praise and awards. It also launched the career of many of its cast with which Lin still keeps in touch to this day.

Hamilton received 16 Tony nominations, 11 of which were won. The musical also won a Grammy, a Pulitzer Prize, a Billboard Music Award, and many more.

How Do I Contact Lin-Manuel Miranda?

a close-up picture of someone's Gmail
There are many ways to contact Lin-Manuel, one of which is by email.

The simplest way to contact Lin is through social media. You can send him a Private Message through his Instagram or DM him on Twitter. There’s no guarantee he will respond though.

You can also comment on his posts or Tweet at him to get his attention. For his email, he has multiple email accounts that you can contact, all for different reasons.

For instance, if you want to hire Lin for an acting job, you can contact his agents through

If you’re looking for an interview, you contact him through If you need him for a writing job, email him at

As for Fanmail, if you live outside of the United States, you can send him Fanmail via E-Submission. If you do live in the United States, you can send him physical mail at 4768 Broadway, Unit 743, New York, NY 10034.

In Conclusion

  • Lin-Manuel Miranda, famous for his plays In The Heights and Hamilton, does have an Instagram. His Instagram handle is @Lin_Manuel
  • Lin is also present on Twitter (@lin_manuel), Tumblr (linmanuel), Facebook (Lin-Manuel Miranda), and TikTok (@linmanuelmirandaofficial)
  • He rarely ever uses social media unless it’s to update fans on things he’s working on or to share a photo of his friends and co-workers
  • Lin no longer plays Alexander Hamilton in the musical Hamilton but continues to support the show. He has, however, worked on several different things such as Encanto, Moana, and Tick, Tick… Boom!
  • You can contact him through email depending on what you’re contacting him for. For acting (, for writing (, or for interviews (
  • You can send him Fanmail through E-Submission (if you live outside of the U.S.) or by sending him a physical mail at 4768 Broadway, Unit 743, New York, NY 10034 (if you live in the U.S.)

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