Get Someone’s Phone Number From Snapchat [Let’s Investigate!]

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Getting someone’s phone number directly through Snapchat isn’t possible. However, there are alternative methods you can consider. You can ask them directly or seek help from a mutual contact. You can also perform a reverse lookup on other social media platforms or use search engines to gather information.

Snapchat is a highly popular platform known for its emphasis on visual content. It places a strong emphasis on user privacy.

It’s safe to say that many of us use Snapchat regularly. It’s hard to miss – just look around, and you’ll spot people using Snapchat on their phones. Whether it’s sending snaps, taking photos, chatting with friends, showing off their past snaps, or even ranting about streaks lol. Snapchat is everywhere!

Is It Possible To Get Someone’s Phone Number On Snapchat?

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Now, let’s talk about something you might have noticed during the Snapchat account setup process. Have you ever realized that you’re asked to provide your phone number? A common practice across various social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Platforms like these ask for your phone number as part of the setup process. On those platforms, once your account is set up, your phone number can be seen on your profile. With Facebook, you have the option to hide it, or if you’ve already provided your email, you can skip this step too.

But, from what I’ve seen, most people are comfortable sharing and displaying their phone numbers on these platforms. So, it’s pretty straightforward to find someone’s phone number on those services.

Now, when it comes to Snapchat, you may mistake it being like these platforms. This might give you the impression that Snapchat allows others to see your phone number too.

However, Snapchat takes a different approach. While it does require you to enter your phone number during account setup, it doesn’t display it to others. In fact, Snapchat doesn’t even have a privacy setting that lets you control whether or not your phone number is visible.

So, if you were hoping to find someone’s phone number through Snapchat and thought it would be easy, I have to tell you that it won’t work out that way. Even though Snapchat asks for your phone number when you create your account, it doesn’t show that number to others.

Snapchat’s decision to keep phone numbers private, even from those added to your account, might seem a bit inconvenient if you’re trying to find someone’s number for a legitimate reason without directly asking them.

But from a privacy perspective, it’s a wise choice. Imagine if your phone number were accessible to anyone on the platform. It would certainly raise concerns about your privacy.

Just take a moment to imagine it. Your phone number is available to anyone on the platform – seems quite strange to me. It’s something that has always concerned me, even on other platforms that let users decide whether to display their contact information.

Even when limited to those added to your Snapchat account, not everyone needs to have access to your phone number. Snapchat respects this and safeguards your privacy by not displaying phone numbers.

What Are The Different Approaches To Get Someone’s Phone Number On Snapchat?

Now that you understand there’s no straightforward method for discovering someone’s phone number on Snapchat, you might be curious to explore other ways, right? To discover these alternative choices, take a look at the methods I’ve listed below:

Ask Them Directly

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The most straightforward way to get someone’s phone number on Snapchat is to simply ask them for it. There’s nothing wrong with asking for a phone number, especially if you have good intentions and a legitimate reason for needing it.

However, I understand that in today’s world, asking for a phone number can sometimes carry negative intentions. Thus, making you feel uneasy about it.

But if you genuinely need someone’s phone number for a valid reason, my sincere advice would be not to worry too much about any judgments from the other person. Just go ahead and ask.

It’s a simple and direct way to obtain the phone number. There’s really no need to look for more complicated methods that might waste your time.

Ask A Mutual

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If you’re not comfortable with the idea of directly asking someone for their phone number, another approach is to seek a mutual friend’s help.

I understand this doesn’t completely resolve the potential awkwardness or concerns about coming across as creepy, but it’s still a less direct approach, isn’t it?

You would need to identify a mutual friend whom you trust to keep your request confidential and not make a big deal out of it. You can explain your reasons for needing the phone number to this mutual friend. See if they can help you get it.

It’s like taking a chance, and there’s no harm in giving it a try, right?

Reverse Lookup Through Other Social Media Platforms

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Social media icons

If you’re not familiar with the concept of reverse lookup, it’s about having a little bit of information about someone or something and then using that limited information to find more details from other sources.

Now, when it comes to other social media platforms, many users use the same usernames for all their accounts on different apps. So, you can give it a try by searching for their username on different apps like Facebook and LinkedIn.

I’m mentioning these apps specifically because there’s a chance that their contact information might be visible on their profile. You could potentially find their phone number there.

This method is a bit indirect, but it has often been successful if luck is on your side.

Reverse Lookup Through Search Engines

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You can take just a little bit of information, like someone’s username, and use it to search for their details in various databases using trusted search engines designed for this purpose.

For starters, you can use Google. Simply enter their username along with “contact information.” If they have other accounts with the same name and contact details, it may show up in the search results.

There are also other reliable search engines that can help you in this quest:

  1. Social Catfish is more like an investigation company with different tools to search for someone. It provides accurate information about them.
  2. PeopleLooker offers comprehensive background information about people. This also includes accurate details.
  3. Spokeo also provides accurate information from a detailed database.
  4. Zabasearch is another option, offering publicly available information about a person.

How Can I Search For People On Snapchat Using Their Phone Numbers?

You can indeed look for people on Snapchat using their phone numbers. But there are some important conditions:

  1. You need to know their phone number correctly.
  2. They should have enabled a privacy setting that allows others to find their Snapchat account using their phone number.

If both of these conditions are met, here’s what you can do: Instead of typing their username in the Snapchat search bar, enter their phone number, and you’ll find their account. It’s as simple as that!

How Can I Change My Snapchat Privacy Settings To Allow Phone Number Searches?

Snapchat mobile number requirement and "let others find me using my mobile number" checkbox.
Mobile Number

In the previous section, we discussed searching for people using their phone numbers. One of the requirements was enabling a specific privacy setting. If you’re unsure about what this privacy setting is or how to activate it, you’re in the right place.

This privacy setting, once turned on, lets others find you using your phone number.

Here are the steps to enable it:

  1. Open Snapchat.
  2. Log into your account.
  3. Click on your Bitmoji at the top left.
  4. Then, navigate to the settings icon at the top right of the screen.
  5. Look for “Mobile Number” in the settings menu.
  6. You’ll see a checkbox labeled “Let others find me using my mobile number.”
  7. Check this box, and you’re all set!

How Can I Find Friends on Snapchat by Syncing My Contacts?

Invite friends on Snapchat via various options
Invite friends

Did you know that if you’re unsure about both the phone number and username of someone on Snapchat, but you have them in your phone’s contacts, you can easily sync your contacts to find them on Snapchat? It’s pretty cool, right?

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Open Snapchat.
  2. Log into your account.
  3. Click on the add friend icon located at the top right corner.
  4. Below the search bar, you’ll see an option that says “Invite your friends.” Click on that.
  5. A new screen will pop up. Click on “Continue.”
  6. A popup window will appear, asking for permission to access your contacts on Snapchat. Click on “Allow.”

By following these steps, you’ll get a list of people from your phone’s contacts, along with their phone numbers and names displayed. You can then invite them to connect on Snapchat. It’s a convenient way to find and connect with your contacts on the platform.

How to view phone contacts on Snapchat

Final Thoughts

  • Snapchat is a popular visual content platform, popular amongst many.
  • It’s not possible to directly obtain someone’s phone number on Snapchat.
  • However, you can ask them directly, seek help from a mutual contact, or explore alternative methods like reverse lookup on other platforms or using search engines.
  • Additionally, you can change your Snapchat privacy settings to enable phone number search.
  • You can even sync your contacts to help you find friends on the platform.

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