Google Docs Programming Languages

They're a bunch of languages, but Google Docs are coded with JavaScript and Java.
They’re a bunch of languages, but Google Docs are coded with JavaScript and Java.

It is now simpler than ever to produce and share material with others thanks to— Google Docs, which has altered the way we work and collaborate on projects.

Google Docs is a preferred tool for people, teams, and businesses all over the world because of its user-friendly interface, smooth cloud-based storage, and real-time collaboration features.

Google Docs includes all the tools you need to organize your workflow and create high-quality material, whether you’re a student working on a research paper, an independent author penning an article, or a corporate team working together on a project proposal.

Users can view the most recent edits made to their documents in Google Docs.
Users can view the most recent edits made to their documents in Google Docs.

It’s available as a web application that is supported on: 

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari web browser

You can access all the Docs and files by the means of Google Drive.

But did you know that you can also use programming languages within Google Docs?

While there’re a bunch of programming languages, Google Docs uses Java to create and develop applications.

As we know that Google Docs is created by using JavaScript and Java programming language, which are two of the most renowned coding languages. These two coding languages are considered powerful, versatile, and easy to learn, which is why they’re can be seen used by developers all over the world.

What Coding Language does Google Docs Use?

Google Docs is a free online word processor, it renders its users the ability to create as well as edit documents online while collaborating with other users. In addition, Google Docs tracks the edits the user makes with a revision history showing changes, and the position of the editor is highlighted with a color chosen by the editor.

Google Docs are made with JavaScript, however, its back end is made with PHP.
Google Docs are made with JavaScript, however, its back end is made with PHP.

Besides that, Google Docs includes opening and saving documents in the standard format of OpenDocument and in Rich text format, zipped HTML, and Plain Unicode, as well as in Microsoft Word, which all can be exported to PDF and EPUB formats.

While Google Docs are created with JavaScript, it also uses PHP for its back end. PHP is basically a scripting language that may help with the server side of the programming, meaning it makes the websites far more dynamic and interactive. In addition, PHP is also one of the known coding languages, so no one should be surprised that Google Docs uses it too.

Google Docs also uses NGINX on the back end, which is a web server that can make it easy for the content to deliver to the users. It’s mainly popular for being efficient, which makes it ideal for the management of large amounts of traffic.

What I like about Good Docs is that, it keeps developing and improving, in fact, it just developed a new feature, and now the editing surface and layout engine are in entirely JavaScript. This could be considered the biggest development in Google Docs as it means that the Docs will be powerful and flexible.

With this development, developers can create custom plugins and extensions that can be used by all the users and as the engine is in JavaScript, it’ll work much faster and be far more reliable.

Is Google coded in C++?

Google is mainly coded in with Java and Python, but there have been several changes and now Google is also using C and C++. In addition, Google also is known to use its own languages and frameworks.

C and C++ are two of the most used programming languages, so many successful apps and software have been created by using these languages.

Check out the table below to get some information about C and C++ languages:

Programming PatternIt’s a structural or procedural programming languageIt’s a structural and object-oriented programming language
HistoryIt was created by a scientist named Dennis Ritchie in 1972 at Bell LaboratoriesIt’s known to be created by Bjarne Stroustup in 1979
ApproachIt uses a top-down approach to resolve problemsIt’s using a bottom-up approach
KeywordsIt consists of about 32 keywordsIt’s consisted of 63 keywords
Data TypesIt’s supporting built-in types of dataIt’s supporting built-in as well as user-defined types of data
File Extension.c is the file extension that is used by C programming language.cpp is the file extension that is used by the C++ programming language
Header FileC uses <stdio.h> header fileC++ uses <iostream.h> header file
Allocation of MemoryYou are supposed to use calloc() and malloc() for dynamic allocation of memory You can use a new operator for the allocation of memory
Deallocation of MemoryYou can use free() for deallocation of memoryYou can use a delete operator for the deallocation of memory
Access ModifierAccess modifier isn’t supported by C programming languageC++ supports access modifier
SecurityYou can use free() for the deallocation of memoryC++ is a secure programming language, it provides security features like data hiding and encapsulation
Reference VariableReference variable isn’t supported by C programming languageReference variable are supported by C++
Function Overloading and Function OverridingC programming language doesn’t support function overloading and function overridingC++ programming language support function overloading as well as function overriding
Exception HandlingC doesn’t hold up exception handling, however it’s using a function which is supports exception handlingC++ programming language is directly holding up exception handling
Inline FunctionInline function isn’t supported by C programming languageInline function is supported in C++
Driven TypeC doesn’t provide any security features, which means it can be manipulated by an outsiderIt’s an object driven language
CompatibilityThe code written in this language can be run on C++ compiler because C is the foundational languageThe code written in this language can be used to run on C compiler because it’s consisted of OOP’s concept
Data and FunctionThe data and function are separated in C programming language because it’s a procedural programming languageIt’s a function-driven language
Input and Output Functionscanf() and printf() functions are used in C for the input and output respectivelycin and cout functions are used in C++ for the input and output respectively
Application DevelopmentNamespace is required to prevent the collision and organize the code, however, C doesn’t support itThe data and function are encapsulated in C++ programming language because it’s an object-oriented
NamespaceSuitable for high-level implementation which may include game development, smartwatches, embedded systems, and moreNamespace is supported in C++
List of differences between C and C++ programming languages

Both C and C++ are great programming languages, but you can just use one of them as they both follow the same code structure, compilation, and coding syntax.

In addition, both of them also have the same notation of stack, heap, and file scope variable, however all of the operators and keywords in C are in C++ along with many others, so you might as well use C++.

What Coding Language do Other Popular Google Apps Use?

There’re many coding languages and apps use several different ones to make the app work better, for instance, Google uses Java and Python as well as C and C++, along with that Google has also been using its own languages and frameworks.

Google Drive

Users can store and access files online using the cloud-based storage service Google Drive.
Users can store and access files online using the cloud-based storage service Google Drive.

If we talk about Google Drive, it uses Golang programming language. Google Drive was developed in 2009 by a team of three people named Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson.

Golang is compiled and statically typed, this way it becomes easy to write code, moreover, it’s also fast and efficient.

Google Sheets

Google Sheets on the other hand uses a proprietary programming language which is known as Google Apps Script.

This programming language is based on JavaScript, and it allows the developers to prolong the functionality of the app.

Furthermore, Google Apps Script coding language can also be used to include new features to Sheets, like custom menus and dialogs.

You can get a job at Google or Facebook if you have the knowledge about programming languages, so check out this video to know which languages you should learn:

Programming languages can help you get a job at Google


  • Google Docs uses JavaScript as well as Java programming languages, these two languages allow the apps to have extensive functionality.
  • Google Docs includes Word, spreadsheets, and presentation programs that you can use even on the browser version, which means you don’t have to download them.
  • Google Docs is developed using JavaScript, but it also uses PHP for its back end.
  • Google on the other is coded in by using Java and Python, it’s also known to use C and C++ as well as its own languages and frameworks.
  • There are many differences and similarities between C and C++, however, it’s better to just go with C++ as it provides all the things that C provides.

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