Google Drive-Download Quota Exceeded [Let’s Fix It]

Google Drive
Google Drive

Bypassing the “download quota is exceeded” error may be possible through methods like making a copy of the file or downloading it in zip format. However, it’s advisable to be patient and wait for the 24-hour restriction to lift instead of trying to bypass the error.

Google Drive, developed by Google, is a cloud-based storage and synchronization application that empowers users to store and access a wide range of file types, including documents, videos, and images. The service requires an internet connection for access.

Google Drive also offers a folder-based organization system, allowing users to efficiently manage their files. The search bar facilitates quick and easy retrieval of desired files by name. Moreover, this platform is compatible with all devices and boasts robust security measures to safeguard data from unauthorized access.

Google Drive FeaturesOverview of Google Drive’s cloud-based storage and synchronization capabilities.
Download Quota ErrorExplanation of the “Download Quota Is Exceeded” error on Google Drive.
Causes of the ErrorFactors leading to the error, with a focus on bandwidth and file-sharing settings.
Google Drive Download LimitDiscussion on the absence of an official statement and the presumed download limit policy.
Handling the ErrorMethods to address the error, include waiting for 24 hours, creating a copy, and using links.
Security MeasuresBrief mention of Google Drive’s security measures to protect files from unauthorized access.
Fair Usage ConsiderationsHighlighting the importance of fair usage policies and potential consequences for violations.
User Community InsightsInstances, where users experienced restrictions contribute to the public awareness of limits.
Explore key aspects of Google Drive, from download quota errors to fair usage policies, offering insights into causes, limits, and effective solutions.

What Is the “Download Quota Is Exceeded” Error?

The other day, a link to a Google Drive file was shared in my work group, which we needed to download to proceed with our work and gain access to its contents. Unfortunately, I had a prior commitment that day and couldn’t check the workgroup frequently.

Later, when I finally attempted to download the file, I was surprised to encounter an error notification stating that the “download quota is exceeded.” It puzzled me as I had downloaded numerous Google Drive files before without any issues.

I vaguely remembered one of my co-workers experiencing a similar problem in the past, so I reached out to her to gather more information about the nature of this error. If you continue reading, you’ll discover everything you need to know about this particular issue.

The “download quota is exceeded” error on Google Drive occurs when attempting to download a particular file or folder that has reached its download limit for a specific time period. When this limit is exceeded, Google Drive temporarily restricts any further downloads of that specific file or folder, resulting in an error message if additional download attempts are made.

It’s worth noting that this error frequently appears in public Google Drive files that are shared widely with many people. Conversely, it’s not a usual occurrence when files are shared with only specific individuals.

It is essential to recognize that the download limit is not exclusively determined by the quantity of downloads; instead, it’s influenced by the accessible bandwidth, which establishes the download capacity for that particular file.

While this limit can be frustrating, especially in urgent situations like the one I mentioned earlier, it plays a vital role in ensuring fair usage among users.

Does Google Drive Have A Download Limit?

Google Drive download limit
Google Drive download limit

As of now, Google Drive has not officially released any statements regarding their download policy or explicitly declared any limitations on the number of downloads a file can have within a specific timeframe. While no official disclosure has been made, Google’s policy does state that they reserve the right to restrict users’ access to their services if they believe there is a violation of their terms in any way.

Repeated downloads within a brief timeframe could be deemed a violation, as Google Drive may not discern the intent behind such downloads and could perceive them as possible unfair usage, abuse, or undue utilization of resources, potentially resulting in the imposition of restrictions.

The discovery of this limitation came to light when some users experienced restrictions due to excessive downloads, and this information gradually became known to the public. However, the precise number of downloads that prompt the imposition of limitations remains undisclosed, with only approximate estimates available.

How To Break Through Google Drive’s Download Quota?

How to bypass the Google Drive limit?

I acknowledge that dealing with the download limit can be frustrating, and you might be looking for methods to overcome it. In this segment of the article, I have delineated three effective methods that you can employ to address and overcome this limitation.

Wait For 24 Hours

Neon 24 hours signboard
Neon 24-hour signboard

Whenever you exceed the download limit and encounter this error, Google Drive will restrict your download access to that specific folder or file for a duration of 24 hours. If there is no urgency, I would recommend refraining from using the methods listed below and instead waiting for the matter to resolve on its own after the 24-hour period. After the error has persisted for 24 hours, you’ll regain the ability to download the specific file or folder once again.

It is generally advisable not to bypass the “Download quota exceeded” error because, no matter how frustrating it may be, it’s in place for a reason, and the platform must adhere to its policies and take action against violations. Therefore, it’s recommended to exercise patience and wait for the 24-hour restriction to lift.

Request For A Copy

Illustration of copying a file
Illustration of copying a file

If you encounter the “download quota exceeded” error on Google Drive, another method you can use to access the file without waiting for 24 hours is by making a copy of the file. While you are restricted from downloading the original file or folder for 24 hours, making a copy allows you to download it without any restrictions. Creating a copy is a simple process, and anyone can do it.

If you are the owner of the original file, you can directly make a copy and download it. Additionally, you can share the link to the copy with others.

If someone else has the rights to the file or folder, they can also create a copy and share it. Here’s how to make a copy of the file or folder:

  1. Open Google Drive and log into your account.
  2. Locate the document that you need to download.
  3. If you are using Google Drive on your PC, right-click on the file to access a menu with several options. If you are using the Google Drive app on your phone, click on the vertical three-dotted icon or press and hold the file/folder to get a menu with multiple options.
  4. Find the “Make a copy” option and click on it.
  5. A copy of the file or folder will be created and placed beside the original document.

You can now easily download the copy without any restrictions or limitations. To share the copy with others:

  1. Locate the copied file.
  2. Right-click if using Google Drive on a PC or click on the vertical three-dotted icon or press and hold if using the Google Drive app on your phone.
  3. Choose the “Copy link” option.
  4. Then send the link to the desired recipients.

By following these steps, you can create a copy of the file and download it or share it with others without waiting for the download quota restriction to expire.

Use Folder Link

Another method to bypass the “download quota exceeded” error is by using the file or folder link and downloading it in a zip format. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Open Google Drive and log in to your account.
  2. Locate the file that you need to download.
  3. Copy the URL from the address bar.
  4. In the URL, you’ll find “/drive/folders“; replace this part with “/file/d.”
  5. The document will be opened, but it’ll display “no preview available.”
  6. Now, click on the drive icon located at the top right of the page; it’ll change to a folder icon.
  7. Next, go to “My Drive.”
  8. Then click on “Add shortcut.”
  9. Once again, click on the folder icon.
  10. Then select “My Drive“; this will open the Google Drive for that file.
  11. Right-click on the file to access a menu with multiple options.
  12. Click on “Download,” and your file will start downloading in zip format.

By following these steps, you can easily download the restricted file by using the file or folder link and converting it into a zip format.

Final Thoughts

  • Google Drive is a storage and synchronization service provided by Google which allows users to store various types of files and access and share them when needed.
  • The “Download Quota Exceeded” error occurs when a user exceeds the download limit for a specific file or folder within a certain time period.
  • Google Drive does have a download limit to ensure fair usage among users, but the exact number of downloads triggering the limit is not disclosed.
  • Waiting for the 24-hour restriction to lift is the recommended approach. However, you can also explore alternative methods such as downloading the file in zip format or creating a copy of the original document to potentially bypass the restriction.

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