Google Meet Waiting Room [Informative]

Google Meet is a video conference platform. Meeting over audio and video chats is a great option for both individuals and businesses. 

Although Google Hangouts served as its inspiration, it includes a number of unique features.

In this post, we examine Google Meet and describe what it is as well as how Google Hangouts gave rise to it. 

The best Google Meet features are also covered, along with instructions on how to start or attend a Google Meet meeting.

What Is Google Meet?

How to enable the waiting room feature on Google meets?
Google Meet is available on the web

Google Meet is one of most popular video conference platforms. Previously only accessible to commercial customers, Google Meet is now freely accessible to everyone. 

Google Meet is available on the web, tablets, and mobile phones running Android and iOS. 

Google Meet is primarily used to facilitate video meetings. However, you may use the gadget just for audio calls if you’d prefer by turning on the camera and microphone independently.

Ad hoc calls can be set up, and friends and family can be invited. They can join by entering the meeting code or by clicking on a link you shared with them. 

The lack of a desktop program installation need is one of Google Meet’s strongest features. Simply, a web browser is required for everyone on the call, both the host and the participants.

Is Google Meet the Same as Google Hangout and Google Chat?

Google is renowned for offering a variety of chat services that all appear to perform the same function. It frequently retires services or changes their names, which causes even more uncertainty. 

A platform for video and texting is called Google Hangouts. Google Hangouts was divided into Google Meet and Google Chat, which were later rebranded as separate services. 

Google Chat, Google Meet, and Google Hangouts are all independent services that are still available. 

Moreover, as Google Duo exists, Google Hangouts will most certainly be discontinued at some point, however, the precise time is unknown.

Use Google Meet to host a video conference with numerous participants. Use Google Hangouts or Google Chat if you want to speak to someone one-on-one, either through a video call or a text message.

On Google’s FAQ page, you may read more about the variations between the chat apps.

How to Use Google Meet?

Google Meet is renowned for being user-friendly. In a matter of minutes, you can become familiar with using Google Meet. 

It’s not too difficult to start a meeting, join one, and change the settings. All you need to know is how to utilize it and which setting to use.

  • Visit to access Google Meet using a web browser. Click “Start a meeting” or “Join a meeting” in the top right corner to begin or join a meeting, respectively. 
  • You can access Google Meet from your Gmail account by logging into Gmail through a web browser and selecting the “Start a meeting” option from the left menu. 
  • Download the Google Meet app (available for iOS and Android) and press “New meeting” to launch Google Meet on your phone.

You also receive a link after the meeting has begun. This link can be used to invite people to the meeting. 

A meeting code can be used to enter the meeting if you know it. If necessary, you can modify the display options for meetings.

What Features Does Google Meet Offer?

Google meet offers tons of different features.
Google Meet offers tons of different features.

You might want to utilize a few crucial elements to get the most out of Google Meet meetings. These functionalities are unfamiliar to the majority of users. 

You can start using Google Meet like a pro, though, by becoming familiar with these features.

  • Control feature: Prior to attending any Google Meet meeting, you can control audio and video. Click the meeting link, sign in, and then select “Audio and video control” from the menu that appears. 
  • Layout option: You can alter the meeting view if too many people will be attending a Google Meet meeting that you’ve created. While the meeting is running, select “Change layout” by clicking the “three dots” symbol at the bottom. 
  • Pinning feature: It may be difficult to concentrate on the main speaker in meetings with too many attendees. Click the “pin” button after pointing at the tile of the primary speaker.
  • Recording feature: If you wish to use your Google Meet meeting elsewhere or view it again later, you can record it. When the meeting is open, select “Save meeting” by clicking the “three dots” button at the bottom. 
  • Change of background: In Google Meet sessions, you’ve got the option to alter the background. You also get the option of blurring or adding an image to the background. So, wherever you are, you can ensure that the camera image solely captures your face.
  • Screen sharing: In meetings, screen sharing is a great tool. A browser window, tab, or your entire computer screen can be shared with other meeting participants. Making this choice only requires that you click on the “up arrow” symbol at the bottom.

How to Enable Waiting Room in Google Meet?

Step 1Log in to Google Meet using your Google account
Step 2In the top right corner of the screen, click the three vertical dots
Step 3Select Advanced Settings
Step 4The box next to “Enable waiting room” should be checked
Step 5The box next to “Enable waiting room” should be checked
Step 6Click save
How to enable waiting room on Google Meet.

You must follow a few procedures in order to make the waiting room function in Google Meet available. 

  • Enter your Google account credentials to access the Settings menu first. Select the “Meet video calls” option from there. 
  • There’s an option to “require a meeting password” under the “General” page. After checking that option, scroll down and turn on the “Enable wait room” setting. 
  • After taking these actions, everyone attempting to attend your meeting will be held in a waiting area until you admit them. 

This is an excellent approach to guarantee that only attendees of your meeting are permitted to enter.

Enable A Waiting Room in Google Meet

Does Google Meet Require a Google Account? 

Google account is necessary to use google meet. If you already own a Google account, you don’t need to worry and can start right away.

Google needs end-to-end encryption while using accounts in order to protect user security. 

You can quickly and gratis create a Google account if you don’t already have one. If necessary, meetings via Google Meet can be saved to Google Drive. 

All meeting recordings are encrypted, and only your specific Google account can access them.

You do need a Google account for Google Meet.
You do need a Google account for Google Meet.


  • With Google Meet, formerly known as Google Hangouts Meet, many individuals may participate in a single virtual meeting and communicate verbally or visually from any location with an internet connection. 
  • It’s designed for use by businesses and other groups, and it’s a terrific method for coworkers who don’t share a workplace to interact. 
  • A Google Meet organizer can share whatever is on their screen with everyone on the call, and any participant can switch off their own audio and/or video stream whenever they want to, engaging however they like.
  • For a Google Meet account, which starts at $6 per person per month, you must pay, unlike many of Google’s other products. 
  • With a Google Meet Basic account, you can hold a conference call with up to 25 people at once, and with higher membership tiers, you may make calls with up to 100 people simultaneously.

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