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Explore The Latest Icons Appearing Next To People’s Names On Facebook Groups (And More)

3D square Facebook logo
3D square Facebook logo

The icons displayed next to usernames in Facebook groups are known as group badges. These badges provide information about the role and level of participation of each member.

They serve as a form of recognition and make members feel acknowledged within the group. There are various types of badges, each representing different meanings and achievements within the group community.

Facebook, a pioneering and prominent social networking platform, boasts a vast global user base in the billions. It offers individuals the ability to create personal profiles, connect with friends, join or establish groups and pages, and interact with fellow users in a multitude of ways. Facebook groups offer an intriguing feature worth exploring.

This article will take you into the fascinating world of Facebook groups, shedding light on their functionalities and the significance of group badges.

What Are Facebook Groups?

Users forming connections through Facebook likes and reacts

Facebook groups serve as virtual communities on the Facebook platform, bringing together users who share common interests, goals, or affiliations. These groups provide a dedicated space for individuals to connect with others who have similar passions, enabling them to discuss various topics, exchange ideas, ask questions, share content, and foster meaningful conversations.

Each Facebook group establishes its own set of rules that members are expected to adhere to. By following these guidelines, users can engage with one another on a wide range of topics.

Once a Facebook group is established and gathers dedicated members, individuals can rely on their virtual Facebook family for support and expect genuine responses to their queries or concerns.

Members also have the option to tag each other and utilize features such as polls, fostering greater connectivity and instilling a sense of community.

There are two types of Facebook groups: private and public. Public groups allow anyone to join and participate, while private groups require approval or an invitation for membership.

What Are Facebook Group Badges?

Facebook group badges are visual symbols displayed next to a member’s username within the group. These icons indicate the various roles and responsibilities held by individuals in the group and offer insights into their level of participation.

By earning these badges, active members gain recognition and establish their credibility within the group. Other users can easily identify these badge holders and approach them for assistance or inquiries.

Facebook Group Badges: What Do the Different Icons Signify?

There are a multitude of badges in Facebook groups, each symbolizing distinct meanings and accomplishments. Let’s learn about each one of them.

Admin And ModeratorThe presence of admin and moderator badges is consistently visible next to the usernames, signifying that these individuals are the group admins or creators, possessing the highest level of authority and control.

They oversee matters such as membership approval, content approval, and managing the group environment. Users can readily identify them and rely on them for all their inquiries and requests, as they serve as reliable figures within the group.
New MemberYou might have noticed the hand-wave-like badge displayed next to specific members within a group. This icon is assigned to new members, symbolizing their recent entry into the group.

Welcoming and creating a sense of belonging for new members is crucial, and Facebook facilitates this by introducing the badge.
It’s important to note that this badge remains active for a duration of two weeks, highlighting the initial period of a member’s presence in the group.
Founding MemberThis badge is exclusively found in recently created groups. It recognizes the members who were among the first to join the group within the initial three days and played an instrumental role in its growth.

These members actively contributed to the group by posting content, inviting others to join, and more. The badge serves as a token of appreciation for these founding members, acknowledging their valuable contributions in fostering the growth of the group.
Some of the most prominent badges

Conversation Starter

Obtaining a conversation starter badge is a simple process that involves initiating a meaningful conversation on a wide range of topics.

Whether it’s discussing current trends, recent controversies, or any captivating subject that sparks engagement, you have the opportunity to earn this badge. If your posts receive reactions and comments within a span of four weeks, you will be rewarded with this recognition.

Visual Storyteller

The visual storyteller badge, similar to the conversation starter badge, is designed to initiate discussions. However, this badge focuses specifically on engagement with visual content that has the power to spark conversations.

It is awarded to members who actively share photos and videos that capture attention and generate meaningful interactions within the group.

Valued Responder

Facebook’s question-and-answer feature enables users to engage and interact by providing responses.

The question responder badge is awarded to individuals who consistently offer insightful and intelligent answers to specific questions, thereby assisting other users in finding valuable information.

Group Expert

The group expert badge is bestowed upon members who consistently offer knowledgeable information and posts, not only within the Q&A section but also in other areas of the group.

These individuals are acknowledged by the administrators as experts in their respective fields and are thus rewarded with this prestigious badge.

Link Curator

The link curator badge is given to individuals who carefully evaluate the group’s atmosphere and dynamics, and subsequently share relevant external links that garner significant reach and engagement.

These members take on the role of assessing the group’s environment and curating valuable resources, enhancing the group’s overall experience.

Group Ambassador

The group ambassador badge is exclusively awarded to individuals who actively promote the group’s content and invite others to join, thereby contributing to the growth of the group’s membership.

These users are acknowledged and honored with this badge as a gesture of appreciation for their efforts in expanding the group’s member base.

How To Turn On Badges For Your Facebook Groups?

The decision to award badges to group members lies solely with the group admin. They have the authority to either enable or disable badges for all individuals within the group.

There is no middle ground, as the admin cannot selectively turn off badges for some members while keeping them active for others. It is an all-or-nothing setting controlled by the admin’s choice.

To turn on badges for your Facebook group:

Step 1:

Open the Facebook newsfeed and click on the three-lined icon located at the top right corner.

Three-lined icon
Three-lined icon

Step 2:

Select “Groups” from the menu.


Step 3:

Choose your group.

Groups you manage
Groups you manage

Step 4:

Access your group’s settings.

Group settings
Group settings

Step 5:

Scroll down and locate the “Badges” section. Click on it to open the badge settings.

Group badges
Group badges

Step 6:

Add all the badges you desire for your group.

Turn on group badges
Turn on group badges
How to add extra badges to your groups

To Sum Up

  • Facebook is a popular social networking platform with billions of users worldwide. Facebook groups are online communities within the Facebook platform where users with common interests, goals, or affiliations can connect, share, and interact.
  • Group badges are visual icons that appear next to a member’s username in a Facebook group, showcasing their roles, responsibilities, and level of participation.
  • Different types of badges in Facebook groups include admin, moderator, hand wave (for new members), conversation starter, conversation booster, rising star, visual storyteller, question responder, group expert, link curator, and group ambassador badges.
  • To turn on the group badges, you need to go to your group settings, and under the heading “Badges,” you can select and turn on the desired badges.

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