How Can You Track Location Using Phone Number on Google Maps?

Google Maps had a busy year in 2017. In addition to real-time traffic information, recommendations from the neighbourhood for nearby eateries, and the option to place a pin to locate where you parked your car, Google added a number of new capabilities to its renowned Maps. 

The majority of parents are familiar with these Google Maps features. You undoubtedly use them every day, whether you’re looking for a weekend treat for the family at a nearby restaurant or driving the kids to extracurricular sporting events.

But you might not be aware that in 2017, Google Maps also unveiled a special feature called location sharing that can help countless parents of teenagers. 

The software enables users to share their location with pre-selected and reliable contacts instantly. 

The location-sharing tool could greatly simplify your life if you are a parent who frequently worries about where your child is in the city. 

There is no need to download any new software to your phone because the function has been a part of Google Maps since its initial introduction in 2017. Here is a quick tutorial on finding a phone number on Google Maps.

Google Maps
How can you track a location using a phone number on Google Maps?

How does Google Maps work?

Google Maps uses satellite and aerial information to produce precise globe maps. After that, users can access these maps via a web interface or a mobile app. 

You can use Google Maps to search for a specific place or to browse the map and learn more about a region. 

The app also lets you identify areas of interest including shops, landmarks, and other places of interest as well as receive directions to a certain location. 

For the most precise and recent information on locations and routes, Google Maps combines GPS data, human input, and real-time traffic data. 

To offer more details and features, the app also connects with other Google services like Google Earth and Google Street View.

All things considered, Google Maps is an effective application that makes it simple to locate and explore sites all over the world. It is accessible on desktop computers and as an iOS and Android mobile app. 

For Google Maps to give accurate and current information about places and directions, several algorithms are used in the backend. Google Maps employs several key algorithms, including:

Image recognition:To extract meaningful data from the satellite and street view photographs used to produce the map, Google Maps employs image recognition algorithms. These algorithms are capable of identifying certain objects and characteristics in the photos, such as streets, buildings, and landmarks, and they may make use of this data to produce a detailed map of the area.
Machine learning:Google Maps analyses and interprets data from a range of sources, including satellite photography, street view pictures, and user data, using machine learning algorithms. As a result of these algorithms’ ability to spot patterns and trends in the data, Google Maps can now offer more precise and recent position and navigational data.
Geospatial data analysis:Data about the surface and features of the planet are analyzed and interpreted by Google Maps using geospatial data analysis techniques. This covers methods like geospatial data mining and geographic information systems (GIS), which are employed to glean relevant information from big geospatial data sets.
This is how Google Maps work.

All things considered, these algorithms are a crucial component of Google Maps’ backend, enabling the service to give users all over the world accurate and current information.

Can you track a phone number using Google Maps?

Yes. There are several approaches you can take if you want to utilise Google Maps to track someone’s phone. 

First, you can utilize the “Find my device” function incorporated into Google Maps if you know their phone number and they have an Android phone. 

This will enable you to see both their present location and any previous areas they may have visited. 

Use Google’s “Location History” feature as an alternative. If a person is signed into their Google account, you can see all of their whereabouts by using this feature. Visit to use this function.

In the end, a few third-party apps can be useful if you’re attempting to track a phone that doesn’t belong to you. 

These applications track the phone’s location using its occasionally unreliable GPS signal. However, they can provide you with a broad sense of the location of the phone.

Google Map
There are built-in functions in Google Maps that you can use to track location using phone numbers.

How to Track A Cell Phone Number on Google Map

Tracking a phone’s position is possible with the use of Google Maps’ built-in capability. You can provide a Google Contact access to the phone’s location if the owner agrees. 

Knowing where your partner is and how they spend their leisure time is made possible by doing this.

Location Sharing with A Google Contact 

Google Maps allows you to share your location with others. Only Android users can access this feature. 

To utilize this function, you must be logged into Google or have access to the contact’s Gmail account. You can share the location of a friend’s or family member’s phone with Google Maps to track it.

On the target device, first, launch Google Maps. An icon for your profile can be found on the map. “Location Sharing” can be chosen by clicking it. 

Select the contact with whom you wish to share your location next. Additionally, you have the option of removing location sharing at any moment. 

The next action is to tell a Google Contact where you are. This is a fantastic technique to monitor a friend’s smartphone. 

Your location is used to deliver a link that will be active for 24 hours. As an alternative, you may also message the individual via email or Google Hangout. Android phones can use this technique, but iPhones cannot.

You may follow someone’s whereabouts in real time using Google’s location-sharing feature. It is important to keep in mind, though, that the person you wish to track must have permitted you to access their whereabouts. If not, you won’t be able to find them.

Track A Person’s Location Without Their Consent 

There are a few techniques you might employ if you wish to secretly monitor someone’s whereabouts. 

These techniques include utilizing location-tracking software or smartphone surveillance apps. Without them realizing it, you can use these apps to track someone’s whereabouts on Google Maps. 

Sharing the location connected with the target person’s phone is the first method. To obtain the location link, you must gain access to the target’s phone and copy it to your clipboard. 

This may be done on either iOS or Android, and the recipient will receive it through their messaging app.

Making use of the Spylix application is an additional choice. In comparison to Google Maps, this software is a lot more feature-rich and trustworthy. On the target’s phone, this program is also absolutely undetected. 

Utilizing a person’s cell phone to determine their precise position is yet another approach to finding out where they are. 

Using Google Maps’ location-sharing menu, you may accomplish this. Make sure the person you’re tracking has location sharing turned on in their phone settings. 

Otherwise, asking them to enable the feature might be helpful. This will enable you to track their location in real time.

You can still follow someone’s whereabouts without consent while using a PC and Google Maps. 

You must first obtain the person’s location-sharing link. You can also get this information from them by email or another messaging service.

Google Maps
There’s an application called spylix that can also help you in tracking someone’s location.

Can you use third-party software to track a phone number?

There are various reasons why you might wish to follow someone’s phone using Google Maps. Maybe you want to know where they are at all times because you’re concerned about their safety. 

Maybe you want to know where a teenager has been going after school because you’re trying to keep an eye on them. Or perhaps you simply want to know where your partner goes when they aren’t with you. 

Whatever your motivations, there are a few things you should be aware of before using Google Maps to locate someone’s phone. 

There is no direct way to do this through the Google Maps app or website, which should be noted as this is not an official Google function. You must instead use third-party software or an app that can connect to Google Maps.

There are several choices, but Cell Tracker Pro is our top pick. You may see real-time location information with this dependable and user-friendly app. 

Additionally, it provides a 7-day free trial to test it out before committing to the monthly subscription. 

Once the app is set up, you’ll be able to view the person’s real-time location. Additionally, you can view their velocity, height, and time of day. 

If you’re concerned about someone driving while intoxicated or want to check on your child while they’re out at a party, it’s a terrific method to monitor them.

How To Track The Exact Location By Using Google Maps


  • A useful built-in function of Google Maps allows you to share your location with other users. Similarly, you can utilize this option to find out where someone is by their phone number. 
  • Permission is the most important factor in location sharing and tracking in Google Maps. To find out where someone is, you must have their consent.

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