Decision Ninjas: How Does Bumble Order Profiles?

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Bumble considers several factors for profile order, such as your pictures, profile details, how active you are on the app, if someone liked your profile, whether your profile is popular, and if it has been reported or flagged.

Bumble is a well-liked dating app that stands out from traditional ones because it empowers women. It’s considered pro-feminist.

It values user preferences and works hard to match you with people who fit your criteria. It’s easy to use and isn’t just for romantic relationships; it’s also great for making friends and casual connections.

How Bumble actually works

What’s The Algorithm Behind Bumble’s Profile Order?

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Multiple profiles

Typically, the algorithm on these apps aims to match users with what they’ve mentioned in their profile. Bumble takes care to arrange profiles in a way that shows you the ones you’re likely to be interested in, making your experience smoother.

However, this is just how the algorithm generally operates. Bumble keeps improving the algorithm to make sure you get the best profile order.

Let’s explore some factors that influence how profiles are ordered:

Profile Activity

While some say that your activity on the app doesn’t affect the order of profiles you see or how others see yours, it isn’t true.

Think about it this way: if you’re not using Bumble much, not talking to people, and not updating your profile for a long time, does it make sense for your profile order to stay the same? Probably not.

Your profile may still appear to others, but mostly toward the end of their list, not at the beginning. However, if someone has very specific preferences, and you happen to match them, you might appear near the top of their list since fewer people meet their criteria.


Your profile pictures are really important for where your profile shows up. If you have more than three pictures, Bumble already boosts your chances by at least 43%.

But the more pictures you have, the higher your profile is likely to appear. Besides your profile description, pictures are a major way people decide to swipe right on you.

Just make sure your pictures are clear and show the real you. Anything blurry, inappropriate, or overly edited can hurt your profile’s ranking.

Bumble is strict about this to prevent people from pretending to be someone they’re not and catfishing others.

Profile Information

The information you share on your profile plays a big role in how your profile is ranked. It’s important to provide detailed and accurate information.

For instance, if you have specific location preferences, be sure to mention them so that Bumble can suggest profiles that match your criteria.

Also, I recommend not skipping any additional questions Bumble asks during profile creation. Answering all of them helps ensure that you appear at the top of the list for people whose preferences align with yours. If you fill out your profile too generally, your ranking may drop.

You’re Right-Swiped

If someone swipes right on your profile, you’ll see them at the top of your list, and the same goes for them. This way, you won’t miss any potential mutual matches, and you can choose to swipe right back if you’re interested.

It’s valuable because Bumble has many profiles, and it’s hard to keep track of everyone who likes you. So, having their profile at the top makes it convenient.

Popular Profiles

In simple terms, if a profile is popular and many people have liked it by swiping right, Bumble recognizes it as highly liked.

As a result, Bumble places these popular profiles at the top so that more people can see them.

Flagged Profiles

If your profile is reported for any reason, especially if you swipe right or left on a lot of people in a short time, Bumble may consider it unusual behavior. It’ll be considered similar to spam or automated activity. In response, your profile order could be lowered, and you might be flagged by Bumble.

Is Profile Popularity Really A Factor In Bumble’s Display Order Or Is It Just A Myth?

A guy using a magnet to attract other users.
Illustration of a popular profile attracting others

Now I know many people wonder if Bumble really does give priority to popular profiles, or if it’s just a myth that everyone believes. Let me clarify this for you:

Popular profiles are those that regularly update their pictures, stay active on the app, and are liked by many other users. The Bumble algorithm recognizes these profiles as popular. Bumble actually uses popularity as one factor in determining profile order, so it places these popular profiles at the top for others to see.

However, this can have a downside because when these popular profiles dominate the top spots, other profiles may not get as much attention.

What Steps Are Involved In Setting Up A Bumble Profile?

The first move in creating bumble account is to sign in through phone number or Facebook
Make the first move

Creating a Bumble account is a breeze. You just answer some straightforward questions, provide basic information, follow their rules, and add pictures. Though being witty in your bio can help you attract more profiles.

Here’s how to create a Bumble profile:

  1. To begin, Bumble offers three options: “Continue with Facebook,” “Use Cell Phone Number,” or “Use Email Address.” Choose the one that suits you.
  2. Then Bumble asks for your location to suggest people nearby for potential matches.
  3. Accept Bumble’s privacy policy and terms and conditions.
  4. Provide your name.
  5. Initially, add at least two pictures. Bumble recommends having more than three pictures, as profiles with more images are 43% more likely to get matches.
  6. Enter your birthdate. Bumble will use this to determine your age (only shown to potential matches).
  7. Select your gender and specify further if needed. You can also choose whether or not to display your gender on your profile.
  8. Choose between “Date” and “BFF” modes to indicate your intentions behind using Bumble. You can switch modes later.
  9. Specify your dating preferences so Bumble can show you relevant matches.
  10. Indicate what you’re looking for, such as a “Relationship,” “Something Casual,” or “Not Sure Yet.”
  11. Click “Build My Profile” to continue.
  12. Answer a series of questions about your interests, workout habits, height, zodiac sign, education, drinking/smoking preferences, desire for children, religion, and political leanings. You can skip any questions you’re uncomfortable with.
  13. Add responses to Bumble’s provided half-sentences to further showcase your personality.
  14. Write a bio to let people know what you’re looking for or share more about yourself.
  15. Bumble provides guidance on making the first move, mentioning that matches expire after 24 hours without communication. Be kind and adhere to Bumble’s guidelines.
  16. Finally, click “Start Swiping” to begin finding matches.

You might have noticed that Bumble asks quite a few questions. This is to give users a better idea of who someone is before deciding to match or not. Plus, if you upgrade to the premium version, you get access to even more cool features.

What Are The Reasons Behind The Popularity Of Dating Apps Like Bumble?

The guy swiped right on this girl and they both matched.
Dating app

Many people choose to use these dating apps for different reasons, and some of these reasons are listed in the table below:

Exploring OptionsWhen you begin to understand your own values and set clear standards because you know what you deserve, it boosts your self-esteem and empowers you. Moreover, when you engage with others, you gain valuable experience in how to interact effectively while maintaining respect.
Multiple ChoicesUsing these dating apps gives you numerous options, and you’re not limited to chatting with just a few people. You can talk to as many people as you want, which allows you to have plenty of choices. This makes it easier to compare your options and identify any red flags. Eventually, you’ll find that special someone, whether it’s for a relationship or a great friendship, even if you’ve had some unsuccessful experiences along the way.
In Accordance To PreferenceThe great thing about these apps is that, unlike in real life, you won’t face judgment for having specific requirements or preferences for your potential matches. You can carefully review their profiles before deciding to connect. This ensures that they align with your preferences. Even after chatting, if you feel the person doesn’t meet your expectations or preferences, you’re not obligated to keep talking to them.
ConvenientThese platforms are incredibly convenient. You can be at home and still have the chance to chat with a potential partner. This ease of connecting with matches and reviewing their profiles on your phone makes dating a part of your everyday life.
Efficient Of course, these apps are far more efficient compared to the traditional process of getting to know someone before dating them in person. These apps make everything happen twice as fast, allowing you to connect with someone quickly.
Empowered Self-EsteemWhen you begin to understand your own value and set clear standards because you know what you deserve, it boosts your self-esteem and empowers you. Moreover, when you engage with others, you gain valuable experience in how to interact effectively while maintaining respect.
Like-Minded IndividualsWhether you’re dating or not, using these apps often leads to connecting with people who share your interests and values. This is highly advantageous because when you have someone like-minded in your life, you tend to be your authentic self around them. You can also relate to each other.
Some reasons why people use dating apps like Bumble

Final Thoughts

  • Bumble is a popular dating app known for empowering women and offering more control in the dating world.
  • Bumble’s algorithm determines how profiles are displayed, considering user preferences and profile details.
  • Bumble’s profile order takes into account various factors like your pictures, profile information, account activity, mutual likes, profile popularity, and any flags or reports.
  • Profile popularity does play a role in Bumble’s display order, with more popular profiles appearing higher.
  • Creating a Bumble profile involves providing basic information, selecting preferences, and adding photos.
  • Dating apps like Bumble are popular due to their convenience, wider dating pool, the ability to specify preferences, etc.

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