How Long Do Instagram Stories Last? (Find Out)

Instagram Stories last for how long? Can I keep mine for a while? Exactly how do I write a story? Do they resemble Snapchat Stories exactly? 

Instagram Story was created to compete with Snapchat Stories and provide a different way to communicate with your social network connections. Saying they have been favorably received would be an understatement. 

Stories on Instagram reside apart from your main feed and are perfect for sharing content that doesn’t quite merit a spot on your permanent record.

Although Instagram Stories has been available for a while, new users are constantly discovering the function. 

To ensure that everyone can get the most out of social networks, we are covering some of its fundamental features as part of TechJunkie’s back-to-basics campaign.

How long do Instagram stories last?

What are Instagram stories?

Users can share media material with their followers using the Instagram feature known as Stories. 

Users can submit links to other platforms as well as text, gifs, images, videos, and other stuff without sharing the post itself on their profile grid. 

In August 2016, Instagram stories were released, and since then, they have undergone various improvements. 

Users can publish content from their camera roll, their feed, or their profile for uploading and sharing. 

Instagram stories can be utilized to boost engagement because they are recognized to have a greater reach.

How do Instagram stories work?

According to Instagram statistics, there are 500 million daily active users of Instagram Stories. 

Additionally, Instagram revealed that Stories had inspired users to use the app more frequently and for longer periods. 

Instagram Stories have an immediacy that most other kinds of social sharing lack because they vanish after 24 hours. This offers a fantastic chance to grab people’s attention. 

“How much care is more essential than how many followers you have,” says Gary Vaynerchuk. It’s depth, not width.

How much attention you receive matters more than how many impressions you make. And in this regard, Instagram Stories really shine. 

The medium is ideal for content that is transparent, real-time, and honest, or content that has influence.

How long do Instagram stories last?

You now know that an Instagram story video can last for up to 15 seconds. However, how long are Instagram stories good for? Can they last a lifetime? 

After 24 hours, your Instagram tales (the pictures or videos you post to your story) will no longer be visible on your profile, feed, or direct messages. 

It is the primary distinction between Reels and Stories. Reels won’t vanish after a day. Instagram keeps a copy of it until you decide to delete it.

You can add a story to the Stories Highlights to keep it on your Instagram profile indefinitely. 

Click the Add icon in your profile, choose the tale or stories you wish to add to the highlights, and then press Next. After that, select a cover photo and press Add (on an iPhone) or Done (on Android).

Instagram stories last for 24 hours.

How long are Instagram stories?

Reels and Stories are two Instagram tools for making and finding films and photographs. The Instagram Reel can last up to 90 seconds at the moment. Users may now create Instagram Reel films that are 15, 30, 60, and 90 seconds long. 

You might then ask how long Instagram stories can last in 2022.  Each narrative may last up to 15 seconds, and up to four 15-second segments can be recorded at once. Thus, you can create a story that lasts a total of 60 seconds.

How to create longer Instagram stories?

Here are the procedures for creating longer Instagram Stories videos. 

  • Step 1: Launch the Instagram app for Android or iPhone.
  • Step 2: To access Instagram Story, tap the plus sign in the shape of a square and then click the Story link in the pop-up window. 
  • Step 3: To create a longer Instagram story video, you have two options: recording or uploading. Normally, holding down the Record button allows you to capture a 15-second video. You need to keep the button down for a lot longer if you want to record a lengthier Instagram story video. Hold down the Record button until it has completed its full circle. The second clip then starts to play.
  • Step 4: Holding down the Record button allows you to create a 60-second Instagram story by recording 4 x 15-second clips. Release your ginger once you’re through. You can also post a mobile video that is between 15 and 60 seconds long. Instagram will automatically shorten it into 15-second chunks after that. 
  • Step 5. Edit the videos as you see fit. Click Next to share it with Your Story after that.

Is Instagram story similar to other Instagram videos?

Instagram stories are not quite similar to other types of Instagram videos.

Here’s a table that shows the differences between Instagram stories and other types of Instagram videos: 

Instagram Story Videos:An IG Story video might be as long as 15 seconds. Instagram Stories photos only display for 7 seconds. 
Instagram Reels:Instagram’s response to TikTok is reels. Up to 60 seconds can be included in a reel video. 
Instagram Live Video:The length of a live stream video captured using the Instagram app is up to 4 hours. After they’ve ended, you can upload them in their entirety to your Story or Feed. 
Instagram Video:Instagram Video, which combines IGTV and Instagram Feed videos as of October 2021, is now the standard. The feed’s video previews can run up to 60 seconds. Regular users can submit videos that are between 15 and 10 minutes long. Up to 60-minute videos can be uploaded by verified users or those with substantial followings.
Instagram Video Ad:Story advertisements may run for 5 to 15 seconds. 30-second reels of advertisements. The length of a Feed video ad is up to 60 seconds.
Types of Instagram videos.

Are the Instagram story and Instagram post the same thing?

No, Instagram posts make up the majority of Instagram content. These are the standard square photos and videos that show up in the feeds of your followers. 

Despite the fact that Instagram posts should be between 138 and 150 characters long, captions can be up to 2,200 characters long. Instagram postings frequently contain multiple hashtags. 

Instagram updates are timeless. Since they remain on your profile forever, they frequently get more views over a longer period of time (until you delete them). 

Additionally, it means that you should research best practices before writing your post. Here is a really great guide to writing an Instagram post.

They must convey the tone, values, and caliber of material that your followers have come to anticipate from your brand. 

As a result, Instagram posts for well-known companies or accounts are carefully selected. 

Instagram Stories are funnier and more ephemeral. Only 15 seconds long, Instagram Stories vanish 24 hours after being shared. 

Also, you can display your greatest Instagram Stories at the top of your profile permanently.

Instagram Stories don’t show up on someone’s feed, but rather at the top of the Instagram app. Instagram Stories are vertical videos or photographs, not square ones.

They frequently contain facial filters or stickers, which you cannot use in Instagram posts. 

Instagram stories tend to be more relaxed because they are more transient. Instead of creating a flawless, polished Instagram post, they are employed as a real-time engagement technique.

How to Add Highlights on Instagram


  • Instagram stories are only available for a maximum of 24 hours before they vanish. 
  • An Instagram story’s lifespan can be reduced via deletion, or it can be preserved as an Instagram highlight. Even further, you can download the highlights from Instagram Stories. 
  • If you saved your old Instagram stories, you may also access them via the Archive-Story section in addition to the Highlights section.

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