Instagram Follow Limit: How Many Profiles Can You Follow Daily? (Discover)

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For both manual and automation methods, the following limit is consistent, with 200 being the limit for older accounts and 100 for new accounts. However, it is essential to note that these limits may vary depending on individual account circumstances and factors.

Instagram stands at the forefront as one of the most utilized and popular social networking platforms, captivating millions of users worldwide. Functioning as a vibrant virtual art gallery, it serves as a hub for individuals to share captivating visual content.

Acting as a central hub, Instagram fosters connections and encourages engagement among users, creating a strong sense of community.

Instagram adheres to specific limitations and takes them seriously. Let’s delve into what and why the restrictions are imposed by Instagram.

What Are Instagram’s Limitations?

We limit how often you can do certain things on Instagram.”

Have you ever encountered the message “We limit how often you can do certain things on Instagram“? If so, rest assured that you are not alone, and you have arrived at the perfect destination to clarify any confusion surrounding this notification.

Instagram imposes limitations to prevent and deter spam activities or actions that violate its terms of service.

Instagram previously operated without these limits; however, as Instagram evolved, it introduced an AI system capable of detecting bot-like behavior and spam effectively, taking a zero-tolerance stance on users exceeding specified limits.

These limitations are crucial for the safety and security of your account, ensuring that only genuine activities can occur and maintaining a space for engagement with authentic content rather than spam.

If Instagram detects activities that breach its limitations, it may temporarily suspend your account. During this period, it is advised to remain patient and refrain from engaging in any activities for 48 hours, even if the suspension is lifted early.

However, if you persistently engage in spamming or violate the limitations repeatedly, Instagram may impose a much longer ban on your account.

What Is The Maximum Instagram Following Limit Per Day?

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The maximum limit for the number of accounts you can follow on Instagram is set at 7,500. Going beyond this limit can lead to difficulties and potential issues.

One of the commonly employed strategies for account growth on Instagram, widely adopted by many users, is known as the follow/unfollow method. This approach involves following other users, often by browsing through the follower and following lists of popular accounts, with the intention of gaining follow-backs.

Once these users follow you back, the next step is to unfollow them, resulting in significant account growth. The follow/unfollow method can be executed either manually or through automation tools.

However, it is crucial to consider both the overall limit and the daily limit when utilizing the follow/unfollow method. Now, let’s explore the specific daily limit for following accounts on Instagram.

Daily Limits: Manual Follow/Unfollow Method

The manual daily limits for the follow/unfollow method vary depending on whether the account is new or old.

100 on a white brick wall
  • For a new account:

For newly created accounts, the daily limit for the following does not exceed 100 accounts per day.

When making a new Instagram account with a focus on growth, it is crucial to consider that your account is under heightened scrutiny. As you are not yet fully trusted by Instagram, even minor suspicious activities can lead to complications. Therefore, it is advisable to adopt a gradual approach when increasing the number of followers per day.

  1. During the first week, it is recommended to keep your daily following count around 10–25 accounts.
  2. In the second week, you can moderately raise the number to approximately 30-45 daily accounts.
  3. Moving into the third week, you can further increase the daily following count to approximately 50–65 accounts.
  4. Finally, by the fourth week, you can comfortably increase the number of accounts you follow to around 100 per day.

By implementing this gradual progression, you demonstrate organic growth patterns and build credibility with Instagram, reducing the likelihood of encountering any issues or restrictions.

200, with the number "2" written on paper and the number "0" symbolized by donuts.
200, with the number “2” written on paper and the number “0” symbolized by donuts
  • For Old Accounts

In contrast to a new account, older accounts have a higher daily limit of approximately 200 accounts per day. It is important to note that the limits for both following and followers are the same.

Daily Limits: Automated Follow/Unfollow Method

Illustration of automated use
Illustration of automated use

The automated follow/unfollow method is quite prevalent, and you may have come across third-party applications or individuals in your direct messages promising increased followers for account growth. In this method, an application or tool takes care of the follow/unfollow process on your behalf.

These applications can also be helpful if you have an additional account specifically for data collection or other purposes. In such cases, the automation system can utilize your secondary account to browse through the followers of a popular celebrity, for example, and gather a list of users you may want to follow.

This way, your main account can directly follow these users without having to conduct the research itself. By doing so, you can alleviate the workload on your primary account and decrease the likelihood of Instagram detecting any spam or bot-like activities. The secondary account can also be referred to as the “slave” account.

When using automation tools to increase Instagram followers, it is crucial to select tools that prioritize compliance with Instagram’s rules. The daily following limit remains similar when using automation but can be adjusted based on the specific account’s circumstances.

It is important to be mindful of Instagram’s guidelines and not exceed the recommended limits to maintain a safe and compliant approach to automation.

However, it is important to exercise caution and choose an application or tool that mimics human behavior to avoid detection by Instagram’s AI system. Engaging in bot-like activities can lead to the suspension of your account.

Please keep in mind that Instagram has not provided explicit details regarding the exact limitations. The information shared here is derived from research and personal user experiences.

Likely, Instagram has not disclosed specific numbers because, in addition to fixed limitations, certain factors can influence the limits imposed on an account. These factors may vary depending on the specific characteristics and circumstances of each account.

Let’s explore the factors that can cause variations in these limits.

Account ActivityInstagram has the ability to adjust its limitations based on various factors related to your account activity, such as your engagement with other users through comments, likes, and direct messages. Additionally, the level of engagement you receive on your posts and stories relative to the number of followers you have played a crucial role in determining your account’s activity. These factors are taken into consideration by Instagram when determining the specific limitations that apply to your account.
Account AgeThe age of your account is also taken into consideration when determining the limitations because the longer your account has been active, and if your activities are not flagged as suspicious, there is a higher likelihood of gaining trust from Instagram. As a result, the limitations imposed on your account may be extended, indicating that you are not engaged in spamming activities.
Account ReputationThe extent of trust Instagram places in your account’s limitations depends entirely on whether or not you have violated Instagram’s rules in the past. If you have maintained a clean record, Instagram will have greater confidence in you and may grant more lenient limitations. However, if you have a history of rule violations, Instagram will closely scrutinize even the slightest activities you engage in, leading to increased suspicion.
Verification StatusVerified public accounts often have distinct limitations compared to regular user accounts. Typically, verified accounts enjoy higher limits owing to their extensive presence on Instagram, increased engagement levels, and larger following.
Factors that affect Instagram limits


  • Instagram is a widely used social networking platform where users share visual content.
  • Instagram has certain limitations in place to combat spam and maintain user safety.
  • The daily limits for the following accounts vary depending on whether the account is new or old. For new accounts, the limit is around 100 per day, while for older accounts, it is approximately 200 per day.
  • Factors such as account age, activity, follower-to-following ratio, engagement rate, previous violations, and verification status can influence the limits imposed by Instagram.

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