How To Add A Friend On Facebook When There Is No Button? (Mystery Solved)

Facebook is common these days and everyone has an account. Well, the main point of this application is to increase your friend circle.

If you have sent a request to someone who has the same taste or interest will accept your request by mutual understanding and you will be friends on Facebook.

On Facebook, people share videos picture and their thoughts, and many other things. It depends on your choice of what you want to share on your Facebook wall.

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Adding Friends Issues

Sometimes when you are scrolling through your feeds and catch eyes on some profiles just like relatives, coworkers, or friends, you want to add them to your friend list.

However, the problem lies when even with desire, we cannot add them to our friend list.

Well, you can also face this issue if your internet connection is slow or dropping signal which is why you can not add or share friend requests at the time.

But when you check their profile you can’t see any add friend button.

It is frustrating when you want to add someone but you are unable to share a friend request at the moment.

We are going to check what are the major reasons behind it and how you can solve this mystery.

Why doesn’t the add friend button appear on Facebook?

If you are looking at someone’s profile and the add button is not available on the profile or it is slightly dimmed rather than the normal color it means that they have changed their privacy settings.

If you are adding some unknown person, which is not a friend of your friends, Facebook won’t give you a Add friend button.

Facebook Settings

Sometimes when you have already shared the request and the person hasn’t accepted it can cause this issue as well. In this case, you can always ask the person to accept your request or he or she can share the request. So that you can be friends.

There are many other reasons behind it why Add Friend button is not appearing on their profiles. If you want to learn more about what are the reasons so stick with the article. We will be talking deeply about this issue.

How do I change who can add me as a friend on Facebook?

You can easily check what are your settings. Below are some points which will help you to check the settings and rectify the main issue if it is occurring from settings.

  • Go to the top right side of your profile.
  • Open settings.
  • Tap on privacy and settings.
  • You can easily change your settings.
  • Select the desired option. (Public or Friends of Friends).

Restricting the added setting on Facebook can be both, helpful and unhelpful. See the table below to learn the pros and cons.

Pros of Restricted Add SettingCons of Restricted Add Setting
Your inner circle is limited.Important people can miss your profile.
You can ditch the stalkers.You can be left out of many conversations.
Best for introverts who do not like unnecessary conversations. You can be misunderstood by someone else if your own picture is not on display.
Pros and Cons of Restricted Add Settings

How do you add someone on Facebook who does not have an add button?

Well due to some profiles’ privacy settings, when you want to send a friend request to someone with whom you don’t have any mutual friends, you might not see Add As Friend button on their profile.

The simple way to add a friend who is having such privacy settings active on their profile, check if there is any mutual contact who is a friend of your friend.

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Privacy Issue faced by users

Check their profile if the add button is appearing on their profile.

Tap and send a friend request. When they accept the request, only then you can add the person who was having privacy settings.

The most common setting when creating an account on Facebook is friends of friends where only mutual friends can add you to their Facebook friend list. Sometimes people select the option where everyone can send them a friend request.

Why can’t I add someone on Facebook and they can’t add me?

Well, there are many reasons behind it and fortunately, these reasons are easily understood.

When anyone has blocked you from their profile, this non-adding issue can also be caused due to this. You can always check with your friends or if you are having another ID to see if the add button is appearing on their profile or not.

If the other account can send a request to the concerned profile while you cannot, know that you are blocked.

If you are trying to add someone who has deactivated their account, your request will not be entertained until the user reactivates their account. Once they will log in to their account and recognize your account, they will accept your request until then, sit and think about where the person is.

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Facebook Friends Limitation

Sometimes when you have blocked any profile on Facebook this issue can appear. You can easily check the blocked contacts by going into the settings. Go to the privacy setting and check the blocked section.

If you find your desired person’s profile, click on the unblocked button then you will easily add the person to your friend list if he or she accepts your request.

Moreover, do you know that we also have a friend limit on Facebook? Which means we can not add more than 5000 friends. If we do so our request will automatically be declined by Facebook with the pop-up notification that we can not add any more friends.

Let’s watch the below-shared video for more information.

How to add a friend on Facebook when there is no button


  • If you are blocked by someone or you have blocked someone can cause this issue. Check the blocked list and unblock the profile so that you can easily share requests.
  • Facebook has limits on adding friends which is why when your friend’s limits are crossing the borderline, you won’t be able to add anyone. Check your friend list and removes some friend then try to add any friend.
  • If you don’t have a mutual friend with someone, you might be unable to add them as your friend due to their privacy settings. As a solution, try adding one of their friends as your friend.
  • You can’t add someone as your friend if their account is deactivated.

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