How To Check If iPhone Is New Or Refurbished? (Find Out)

While buying an iPhone, it makes sense to want confirmation that you are getting a brand-new device or perhaps not and to know everything about the device’s history.

It can be beneficial to know whether an iPhone is brand new or refurbished so that you can make an educated choice regarding what to buy, warranty protection, and phone functionality.

Old or returned iPhones that underwent a comprehensive assessment, maintenance, and certification to guarantee they satisfied the manufacturer’s requirements for excellence are known as refurbished iPhones.

The following guide will give you the knowledge and resources you need to reliably confirm the condition of the iPhone you just bought or are thinking about getting.

Let’s get started and learn how to tell whether your iPhone is brand new or refurbished.

But before that, let’s consider the key differences between an iPhone and an Android device:

Runs on the iOS operating system by AppleRuns on the Android operating system of Google
Limited customization optionsMore customization
Software updates for longer durationSlower or inconsistent updates
More expensiveComparatively less expensive
Comparison Between iPhone and Android
Two phones are placed on a table, one has Apple's logo showing on its screen and the other has the "Android" logo showing up on its screen.
Android vs. Apple phone

What may be the clues to check if an iPhone is new or refurbished?

If you want to check whether an iPhone is new or refurbished, there are specific clues you can employ to serve the purpose. Some of them are described as follows:

1. Activation Lock Status

An iPhone’s safety function known as “Activation Lock” guards against unauthorized usage.

Click on the Settings app, choose “iCloud,” and verify to see if “Find My iPhone” is activated to confirm the state of the Activation Lock.

Whenever “Find My iPhone” is not active, it may have been reset or might even have been refurbished.

2. Serial Number

The serial number of an iPhone can be used to detect whether it is brand new or reconditioned.

You may locate the serial number by opening the Settings app on your iPhone, choosing “General,” then “About,” followed by scrolling below.

If you know the serial number, you may verify the position of the device on the official website of Apple or by contacting Apple Support.

Finding serial number of iPhone in settings
Finding the serial number of the iPhone

3. Apple Warranty Check

Utilizing Apple’s digital warranty check tool is an additional option.

Insert the serial number for the iPhone on the Apple website. Details on the device’s warranty terms and servicing requirements will be provided via this tool.

If the warranty’s beginning date is current, the iPhone is probably brand new.

4. Model Number

Go to Settings > General > About. Here, you’ll be able to see the model number of your iPhone. Check out the first letter:

  • If the first letter is M,” that means the device was brand new when you first opened it.
  • If the first letter is F,” that means the device is refurbished.
  • If the first letter is N,” that means the device is a replacement device.
How do I check if the iPhone is new or refurbished?

Is the replacement iPhone new or old?

According to the standards and procedures of the device’s maker or supplier of services, a replacement iPhone may be either fresh or reconditioned.

Customers who approach Apple or an authorized service center about a hardware problem with their iPhone occasionally get a replacement unit.

If the device that was originally purchased was still protected by warranty or AppleCare, the replacement device can be an entirely new iPhone. In these situations, Apple frequently offers a replacement iPhone. This could nevertheless be refurbished in some circumstances.

It’s vital to review the manufacturer’s or service provider’s policy because the particular terms and circumstances for replacement iPhones can change. You’ll be able to tell for sure if the replacement equipment is brand new or refurbished.

A person is holding an iPhone and we can see its back.
Fun fact: Samsung makes iPhone processors

Is it fine to get a refurbished iPhone?

Based on their requirements, tastes, and the quality of the refurbished device, purchasing an iPhone that has been refurbished may be a sensible choice for numerous individuals.

Following are some things to think about when buying a reconditioned iPhone:

  • A warranty is often included with refurbished iPhones, giving you some security in case any problems occur. Before buying, make sure to review the warranty’s terms and conditions.
  • Because refurbished iPhones are typically less expensive than brand-new models, you can save cash while maintaining a trustworthy device.
  • If you’re looking for a specific style or functionality set, buying refurbished iPhones may allow you to grab earlier versions that are not currently being sold as new iPhones.
  • By prolonging the life of something that might otherwise be thrown away, choosing a refurbished iPhone can help reduce the waste generated by electronics.
  • Since refurbished iPhones go through inspection and servicing, it’s crucial to remember that they could still have a few small visual flaws or usage marks. Nevertheless, they shouldn’t have an important effect on the device’s functionality or durability.

The choice to buy a refurbished iPhone eventually depends on your preferences, financial situation, and tolerance for a less-than-new product.

It’s critical to do your homework and only purchase from suppliers or retailers with a solid reputation for offering high-quality refurbished products and dependable customer service.

Tips for Buying a Secondhand iPhone

It’s imperative to conduct research on the seller before purchasing a used iPhone, using internet marketplaces or classified advertising to check ratings and reviews. Be open and honest with the seller when discussing the condition, history, and motivations for selling the iPhone.

For meetings, pick a place that is both secure and open, like one of the “Safe Exchange Zones” near police stations. Verify the validity of currency like banknotes or cashier’s checks, and use secure payment methods like cash or digital apps.

Request a bill of sale that includes the names, contact details, serial number, purchase price, and any warranties or agreements between the buyer and the seller. A copy of the bill should be signed by both parties and kept by them. Before making the purchase, check the status of the Activation Lock and ask the vendor to turn it off.

Use the Apple ID and password of the previous owner to continue if Activation Lock is on. Check the device carefully for any evidence of manipulation, wear, or damage, and test all buttons, cameras, and ports. If at all feasible, bring a reliable friend for a second opinion.

Identifying if an iPhone is refurbished or not by the help of serial number and model number.
Identifying if an iPhone is refurbished or not

Final Verdict

In this article, we discussed:

  • Making knowledgeable decisions and guaranteeing openness regarding what you buy depend on your ability to determine whether your iPhone is brand new, refurbished, or a replacement.
  • You can check if an iPhone is refurbished by looking at the serial number, model number, and activation lock status and using the warranty check tool.
  • You can tell whether or not an iPhone is fresh or not by looking at its overall condition, analyzing its outer packaging and accessories, and verifying the device’s activation and warranty condition.
  • Keep in mind that knowing the condition of your iPhone can help you make decisions about upcoming purchases as well as evaluate its worth and warranty protection.
  • To lessen the chance of getting a counterfeit device, give preference to buying from reliable sources and authorized dealers.

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