How to Lock Icons on Android (All About It)

When I first started using a smartphone, all of my applications kept in the places they came as default and I got habitual of those apps in those places.

Later, I realized that these applications could be placed where I desire. Making folders and naming them became an important thing as soon as I changed my phone to a newer one. However, changing the position of the icons was not the only thing I do to keep things my way. To double-check, I also lock the icons to reassure the placement.

There are so many things that you can do before locking the screen. Things like, changing the wallpaper and theme, arranging widgets and icons, deleting and adding the panels, and much much more.

The following article is about icons, locking them, and more on the topic of how to lock icons on Android. So, let’s start!

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Icons Help In More Recognition

Icons on Android

Icons are the visual representation of anything. In Android, these icons indicate the functions and features of the respective application.

There are some icons that go unnoticed, and there are icons that we even open unintentionally, out of habit, without the need for it. Some examples would be messaging and social media platforms that are a must for me to go by my day.

Each application has its own specific icon that helps the user to resonate with the feature of the app. Let’s use WhatsApp as an example. The icon for WhatsApp is of a phone, indicating communication.

Moreover, there are application-specific icons and non-application-specific applications. Both work the same way.

Widgets on Android

Widgets often go unnoticed or confused with icons on Android. However, widgets are completely different things.

Widgets give away more information than icons do. These are not just general representations of applications. Widgets allow easy accessibility to their users.

Widgets can be customized by choosing what they can show on the home screen while also enabling the user to choose the widget size.

Widgets are often pre-installed, but they can also be installed from Google Play Store or can be customized through a long press on the home screen.

They can also be counted as shortcuts that can be accessed without having to open the actual application.

Icons and Widgets
There Is A Huge Difference Between Icons and Widgets

Difference Between Icons And Widgets

Icons and widgets on Androids are often confused as one, but in reality, these are two very different things. Icons and widgets may have the same purpose somehow, but the way they serve that purpose is different.

These differences are explained in the below table:

ExplanationIcons are for quick access to the entire application or folder.Widgets are shortcuts to use basic features of the applications on the home screen.
PersonalizationThe pictorial representation of an application cannot be changed. However, the position of the icon can be changed as per user’s preference. Widgets can be customized according to individual needs and requirements. Along with the size of its appearance.
Level of InteractionIcons are there to open an application. That’s all!The widget works as a shortcut for operating simple tasks through the home screen.
FeatureIcons work as a shortcut that launches a file or application through one simple click.Icons are there to open an application. That is all!
Difference Between Icons And Widgets
Lock on Screen
Lock Icons for Personalized Display

Locking Icons on Android

It depends on how you want your icons to list down on your phone’s home screen. It can either be where they come as default, or you can change their position to where they suit you best.

Let me tell you one more thing. You can also make folders and name them while putting relevant applications inside of them.

Locking your settings of icons can ensure their place. So you can sit back and relax that they are not going anywhere. Otherwise, they can change their places on the slightest of long press.

There are three ways of locking the icons on your home screen. Follow these simple ways and their steps to lock the icons on your Android.

First Way

  • Go to Settings on your phone.
  • After reaching there, click the home screen option.
  • While reaching there, Lock the home screen for good.

Second Way

  • Long press the home screen on an empty spot and wait for it to give some options.
  • Through those options, go to the Home Screen.
  • By clicking that option, you can Lock the home screen.

Third Way

There’s another method of getting your task done. There are some applications that can be downloaded from the app store to customize and lock the home screen.

These applications come by the name of Android Launcher.

Here is a video to reinforce the method of Locking Icons on Android:

How to Lock Icons on Android


  • Icons are a visual representation of applications and the features they are offering.
  • Similar to icons, widgets are also like a visual representation giving access to the users to use the application. However, both of them are very different from each other.
  • The difference is not only in their definitions but in their features, level of interaction, and personalization too.
  • There are three ways in which you can lock icons on your Android.
  • Locking icons on your phone helps to keep the display as it pleases you.
  • You can go to the settings, long press on the home screen or download a launcher to do your job.

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