How To Stop Receiving Duplicate Texts On My iPhone? (Annoyed Much?)

Texting is an important feature introduced to phone users since the invention of cell phones.

History dates back to when people used to send a message through pigeons. It may seem like an old wife’s tale now, but in war times, it was common and practical as a man transporting a message between war zones was nearly impossible.

It was a great idea until it became common and known to everyone. Soldiers at that time were focusing on the pigeons that were flying by like they were focusing on any potential man who could carry a message.

Nonetheless, time changes, and so do the tactics. Now, we have cellphones to text not just for the war alone but for daily life, too. I’m not saying that there’s no way to know what messages are being sent or there’s complete privacy now because it isn’t.

However, sending messages over long distances is way easier than it ever was. There are multiple ways in which you can end a text in an instant.

iPhone is one way of getting your job done, but even with the best minds behind the brand, some glitches need fixing. Duplication of text is one of them.

Read the article for reasons, fixes, and more about your iPhone texting concerns.

Medium of Texting

Texting isn’t only about sending a written message through one simple medium. It’s way more than that.

The following table is a clear clarification of the mediums of text; refer to it.

Medium of TextExplanation
Short Message Service (SMS)These are the most common kinds of messages that you do from your cell phones on a regular basis. Every cell phone has a feature for sending an SMS.
Multimedia Message Service (MMS)MMS are those messages that have an image, video, or document file attached to it that needs to be sent. These kinds of messages require more charges to provide the service by the telecom company.
Voice MessagesUnlike text messages, voice messages are those messages that contain a voice rather than text. It’s kind of given by the name.
Emoji MessagesSending friends emojis as a message to let them know what you want to say are emoji messages. It’s kind of a dumb charade but on the phone.
SMS GatewayThese kinds of messages are sent in bulk. Businesses use applications to send their subscribers messages in one go.
Instant Message (IM)These are becoming even more common than SMS as they charge nothing and send messages to people miles apart, even without costing any extra amount. WhatsApp text, Facebook Messenger messages, and Instagram DMs are all examples of IMs.
ChatbotEver messaged on a website and gotten instant assistance? Well, that’s a chatbot. Websites use this kind of communication to facilitate the users in a matter of minutes.
Medium of Text and Its Explanation
Two eagles and a moon.
Double Text Is Troublesome.

Duplicate Text

People experience receiving duplicate text, and frankly, that’s quite frustrating. Duplicate text is text that’s received more than once.

Chatting with an acquaintance and having a glitch of any kind is seriously annoying. Also, glitches in communication, whether in real life or by phone, can cause misunderstanding, too.

There can be many reasons for duplicate text. If you are having an issue where you are receiving duplicate text, move on to the next section and rule out the possibilities.

Reasons for Duplicate Messages

iPhone Fixes

SMS is an efficient way to communicate, especially when two people aren’t in the same room. However, sometimes, in some circumstances, people in the same room can also use messaging as a way of communication for multiple reasons.

Nonetheless, we are now going to talk about the reasons why someone can receive duplicate messages on the phone.

Poor connection or low signals can be the reason why the server sends a message twice while the sender just sends it once. Poor reception can cause such misinterpretations by the system.

Network outages can be another cause of concern. The cellular company might be going through some updates that require your patience.

Your phone might have lived to its full term, and now it’s acting crazy. That’s why you are getting duplicate messages.

Also, there might be a possibility of a software bug that’s making the system send the same message multiple times.

How to Stop Receiving Duplicate Texts on My iPhone?

Different type of emojis.
Emojis For Expressive Communication.

Where there are multiple problems, there are multiple solutions too.

Sometimes, the issues and solutions are specific. iPhones have specific fixes that will work well for any iPhone model.

Disable and Enable iMessage

Registering to iPhone’s free service to message others can make the phone send you duplicate messages. If you suspect that iMessage is sending duplicate messages, disable and enable your phone for a few minutes or at maximum, for some hours.

In your iOS device, go to Settings and tap Messages, click on the knob next to messages to disable, and click back to enable the service again.

Repeat Alert Off

Repeat alert helps in some cases, but it can be frustrating most of the time. Simply turn this option off.

  • Go to Settings, then to Notifications, and scroll to find the Message option.
  • In the notification label, scroll to every end to see the repeat alert option and Select Never next to it if there are several times the repetition is assigned.

Receive and Send Settings

This sending can be changed to stop duplicate messages from incoming.

  • Go to your iPhone’s Settings, then tap Messages and the Send and Recieve option.
  • For this kind of setting, your Apple ID must be selected as ‘you can be reached by iMessage at’.
  • The ‘Start new conversations from’ option must be set on your phone number, too.

Reset and Restart

If nothing works, use the oldest mantra of restarting your device or resetting it entirely.

To do that, all you have to do is turn off the phone and turn it on once again. Also, you can reset the device by going into the Settings.

Check out the following video to learn “How to stop receiving duplicate texts on my iPhone?

How to stop receiving duplicate texts on my iPhone?


  • There are multiple mediums of texting. IMs, SMS, MMS, and much more. Though messages are to make our lives easy, they frustrate us by duplicating messages.
  • Chatting with an acquaintance and having a glitch of any kind is seriously annoying. Also, glitches in communication, whether in real life or by phone, can cause misunderstanding, too.
  • Reasons like network outrage, poor connection, an old device, or a software bug can cause this duplication.
  • Disabling and enabling messaging, turning repeat alerts off, changing receive and send settings, and restarting the device can fix this issue in an iPhone.

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