How to Stop SMS Converting to MMS on Samsung? (Technical Error)

Error is a part of human existence. No matter if that’s human error or machine error, you’ll be caught up in one of these errors once in your life.

Imagine buying top-notch, excellent-quality cellphone devices to make your life fun and relaxing. And upon using that phone, you find out that it is causing errors in basic things like SMS sending or converting them into MMS. That’s kind of a deal breaker.

Even the best of the cellphones sometimes causes glitches either due to out to dated devices or corruption in data. Even makers like Samsung sometimes make some human error which is not acceptable to the users. However, small glitches come with solutions on the consumer’s side too.

A concern about SMS converting to MMS has been reported on Samsung by multiple users. This complaint has been troubling the users of the S series, especially the S22 and S22 ultra.

This article will all be about Samsung’s glitch of Sms, seeing as MMS. Read out the article to know everything on the topic. From the reasons for SMS converting to MMS to How to stop SMS converting to MMS on Samsung?

When SMS Converts Into MMS on Its Own, It Does No Good To Anybody

Samsung sending MMS instead of SMS

SMS is a short message service that includes plain text. While MMS is a multimedia message service that includes content that’s more than just plain text. The content of MMS consists of things like:

  • Contact files
  • Documents
  • Images
  • Videos

Often Samsung detects files that may make a message multimedia message and change the messaging format that instant. The user can always manually change the settings back to normal or change the content type if needed.

For instance, rather than including a contact file that converts a normal SMS to an MMS, copy and paste the number as text to keep the format simple.

Moreover, it’s found that an outdated device and application, along with manipulated data, can be a cause of concern.

Be Vigilant With What And How You Text

Reasons For SMS Converting to MMS

There are a few reasons why SMS converts into MMS, and these reasons are so basic that one might not even think of the possibility of this happening.

The first and foremost reason is the character limitation. The character limit set by the cellphone provider automatically converts the SMS to MMS. Also, the emojis that you use vigorously to emphasize your point plays a huge role in exceeding this limit.

When talking about limitations, let’s not forget about the limit set by the network provider. There are some network providers that convert the SMS to MMS automatically when their capacity reaches a certain limit.

Multimedia-specific content converts these SMS to MMS on its own, of course. Content like images, videos, and contact files are included in this list.

Sometimes, users prefer sending group messages rather than sending messages to multiple people individually. While group messages can be sent as SMS, there are some users that restrict SMS and prefer MMS over them. In such a case, SMS converts into MMS, and there’s nothing that a sender can do about it.

Sending SMS and MMS is not the same. Ask someone who accidentally sends MMS rather than an SMS, and that costs the sender a fortune. Be vigilant of the accidental changes your phone is making.

Taking Notes
Reasons and Solutions for SMS Converting to MMS

Stop SMS from Converting to MMS on Samsung

When SMS converts into MMS on its own, it’s not just frustrating but also costly. The cost per MMS is more than the cost of an SMS.

The following table is to let the readers know the ways how to stop SMS from converting into an MMS.

Call-to-ActionStop SMS from Converting Into MMS
Update DeviceUpdate the Samsung phone, no matter which one you are using, by going to the settings.
Update ApplicationUpdating the applications is very important for optimized use. Go to the play store and look out for My Apps in the Menu. Once spotted, update the application in concern.
Disable Auto-ConvertThrough your message settings, go to the MMS section. Once there, disable it from enabling to stop the conversion from happening on its own.
Limit CharactersKeep an eye on the word limit that is shown at the bottom of the screen where you type your text. Know that crossing that limit will make the conversion happen.
Double Check Network SettingsWhen the problem persists after making all the required changes, call your network provider to inquire about the network settings. Ask for changes if you must.
Ask The Other PersonIf you are sending a text in a group and it is constantly changing to MMS despite the fact that you have put in every effort to stop it. Ask the potential receivers of the text if have enabled MMS rather than SMS. This will let you know where the problem actually is.
Clear CacheIn your settings, find your default messaging app and clear your cache to spare yourself and your phone from any bug that might have entered the system.
How To Stop SMS Converting To MMS on Samsung

Hopefully, one of these calls to action will turn out effective, depending on your circumstances. If nothing works, consult a professional.

Check out this video if you’re still confused about how to stop SMS from converting to MMS on Samsung:

How to Stop SMS from Converting to MMS on Samsung?


  • Giants like Samsung also tend to get glitches due to machine or human error.
  • One of that glitches is when a user sends an SMS. The system converts it into MMS.
  • There are multiple reasons for this problem. From exceeding the character limit to network limitations, from the presence of multimedia content to the receiver’s settings, there are so many possibilities.
  • At the system’s end, updating the device and application can prove to be vital, while keeping an eye on the characters and disabling auto-conversing can work well too.
  • Always consult a professional when the problem seems to persist.

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