Zoom Spotlight: How To Tell If You’re Pinned By Someone?

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Unfortunately, there isn’t a direct method to determine if you’ve been pinned by someone. However, there are a few potential indicators that might offer a clue. These include instances where the person directly informs you, if you manage to catch a glimpse of their screen through their glasses, situations where your webcam coverage alters lighting for others due to dim lighting, or if you spot your video being showcased during their screen-sharing.

Zoom is a video conferencing platform that empowers users to arrange meetings, presentations, classes, and various other interactive sessions. It caters to a diverse user base and offers a wide array of features to ensure a smooth and user-friendly experience, streamlining communication processes. It facilitates dynamic interactions in real-time, connecting participants across different geographical locations.

What Exactly Does It Mean To Be Pinned On Zoom?

Hey guys, guess what? I’ve stumbled upon a fascinating Zoom feature that has completely captivated me. Lately, a significant portion of my work involves Zoom meetings, especially given the surge in its usage post-COVID. Surprisingly, I recently came across a feature I had been unaware of until now, and I can’t stress how much it has proven to be a valuable asset.

This particular feature involves the ability to “pin” someone during a Zoom call. You might be familiar with similar functionality on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and even WhatsApp, where you can pin chats or posts to your profile. The purpose of pinning in these apps is to upgrade the selected content to the forefront of your chat list or profile page, making it more prominent and focused.

Zoom offers a comparable feature known as pinning. When you pin someone in a Zoom call, their video feed takes center stage on your screen, irrespective of who else is speaking. Their video becomes the primary focus and essentially steps into the spotlight.

This pinning feature allows you to prioritize a particular participant’s video as the primary view on your screen. This is particularly helpful for directing attention to the person who matters most while filtering out other voices.

It’s important to note that pinning doesn’t influence what other participants see on their screens. Each participant can independently choose their spotlighted video and pin anyone they wish. Nevertheless, there are limitations to the number of participants you can simultaneously pin on Zoom.

As per Zoom’s guidelines, pinning is allowed for a maximum of 9 participants. However, the ability to pin multiple participants is restricted to the host and co-host roles exclusively. These designated hosts can then decide whether to extend the capability of multi-pinning to the remaining participants. Without the host or co-host’s authorization, the other participants are limited to pinning just one participant.

Signs You Might Be Pinned on Zoom:

1. Direct CommunicationIf someone informs you directly that they have pinned you during a Zoom call, this is a clear indicator.
2. Glasses ReflectionObserving their view through glasses might reveal your video occupying the screen, especially when others are speaking.
3. Lighting ChangesChanges in lighting conditions, such as dimming or reflection, could indicate that your video is being highlighted on their screen.
4. Screen-Sharing MomentsDuring screen-sharing, if your video takes center stage on their screen, it suggests that you have been pinned for their focused view.
Discover How to Spot if You’re Pinned During Virtual Meetings!

What Sets Zoom Spotlight Apart From Being Pinned?


You might be familiar with the spotlight feature as well, and this could have led to some confusion, given how spotlighting and pinning share similarities. I too was perplexed initially when I discovered that these were entirely different options. So, what sets these two apart? Continue reading to uncover the differences.

The spotlight feature is exclusively available to the host and co-hosts of the Zoom meeting, empowering them to decide whose video takes center stage. Once a participant’s video is spotlighted, not only can the host or co-host see it prominently, but all other users can also witness the same highlighted participant on their own screens.

This functionality grants the host and co-hosts the authority to prioritize which video holds the utmost significance at any given moment, directing participants’ attention to that specific video and minimizing other audio inputs.

The spotlight feature shares similarities with pinning, as both options concentrate attention on a particular video and bring it to the forefront of the screen.

However, the distinction lies in how they are managed. With pinning, each participant retains the freedom to select the video they wish to pin, and their choice doesn’t affect what other participants see. Conversely, the spotlight feature is solely accessible to the host and co-hosts, ensuring that the highlighted video becomes a focal point for all participants, offering a same visual experience across screens.

Does Zoom Send Notifications When You Pin Someone?

Have you ever considered the possibility of recipients being notified when you pin them during a Zoom call, regardless of your reasons for doing so? Although pinning participants during a Zoom call is a common practice and the feature is naturally available for participants to utilize lol, the idea of notifications for pinning might seem a bit unusual, right? Personally, I would find myself very hesitant to pin someone if I thought that they might interpret it in a strange way.

Your search for this article strongly suggests that you, like many others, have pondered this question and are seeking clarity and assurance regarding the notification aspect of pinning.

Well, to put it briefly, the answer is a simple “no.” Zoom does not generate notifications when someone pins you or when you pin someone else. Unlike the spotlight feature, where a highlighted video is prominently visible to all participants, pinning is a personal choice that doesn’t deserve separate notifications.

It’s worth noting that the only instance where pinning becomes evident is during live streaming, recording, or screen sharing initiated by the person who has applied the pin. In these cases, the pinned participant takes center stage, becoming the main focus of the live stream or recording.

Anyways, you can confidently pin participants without the worry of them being notified or thinking otherwise – they will remain unaware.

Can someone tell if they’ve been pinned on Zoom?

Are There Other Methods To Determine If You’ve Been Pinned on Zoom?

Find out!
Find out!

Although Zoom itself doesn’t offer a definitive method to determine if someone has pinned you, you might be interested in exploring alternative ways to satisfy your curiosity. Here’s a list of potential approaches that could shed some light on the matter:

  • One potential way is direct communication. In cases where you share a close relationship or possess a strong connection, the person may candidly disclose that they’ve pinned you for their own reasons during a casual conversation.
  • Another clue might arise if the person wears glasses. If, by chance, you can observe their view through their glasses and notice your video occupying the screen while someone else is speaking, it becomes quite apparent that you are being pinned.
  • Alternatively, consider the lighting conditions of the Zoom participants’ surroundings. If the call takes place in dimly lit settings to the extent that their screen brightness reflects on their faces, you can cover your webcam to observe any changes in their facial illumination.
  • Furthermore, keep an eye out for moments when they share their screen during the Zoom call. If they open the Zoom interface while screen sharing, and you find yourself in the foreground, this action could potentially reveal their use of the pinning feature.

When using any of these methods, it’s crucial to remain still and refrain from speaking, ensuring that your suspicions aren’t compromised.

How Do You Pin A Participant on Zoom?

If you want to pin a participant during a Zoom call, follow these steps:

  1. Open Zoom.
  2. Joining the ongoing call.
  3. Choose the specific participant you wish to pin.
  4. Next, click on the three-dotted icon located near their video feed, which prompts a menu.
  5. Within this menu, you’ll encounter the pinning option—proceed to select it.
  6. It’s worth noting that if you have dual monitor functionality enabled, you’ll also be presented with the choice of pinning to either your first or second screen.

If you decide to unpin a participant, simply navigate to the upper right corner of the pinned participant’s screen, where you’ll find the option to “Remove Pin.”

To Conclude

  • Zoom is a video conferencing platform used for meetings, presentations, and classes.
  • Being pinned on Zoom means your video becomes the main focus for the person who pinned you.
  • Unlike spotlighting, pinning focuses attention only on the person who pins.
  • Zoom doesn’t send notifications when someone pins you.
  • Detecting if you’re pinned isn’t straightforward but may involve direct communication, glasses’ reflection, dim light effects, or screen sharing.
  • To pin a participant:
    1. Join the call.
    2. Select the person.
    3. Click three dots by their video.
    4. Choose “Pin Video.”
    5. Dual monitor users can choose which screen to pin on.

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