How to View Hidden Facebook Posts? (Revealed!)

Facebook is the center of attention of many social media enthusiasts. The reasons for Facebook’s popularity are not limited to a few numbers.

Facebook almost acts like a modern-day newspaper that not just includes happenings of the globe, national and international. However, this digital newspaper includes details and adventures of our circle too.

The communication medium on Facebook is through Messages and content visible through a post. A post can be any picture, video, postcard, and much more.

These posts have various privacy settings like public, friends only, or even custom settings. These settings are chosen by each individual’s needs and requirements from social media, as influencers and laypersons don’t have the same kind of privacy requirements.

Moreover, some posts are done for self reassurances and reminders for later that are hidden from the world. Also, some posts are done for a few people to see.

The following article is on the topic of Hidden Facebook Posts. Read it for all that you could know.

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Hidden Facebook Posts

Facebook posts have many viewers. These viewers and the posters have their privacy preferences. These privacy preferences include public, friends only, custom settings, only me, and hide from my timeline.

On Facebook, the power lies in the hands of the users. You can hide the post from anyone or show it to whoever you want to. This all depends on your will.

With a little adjustment to the settings, you can hide your Facebook post. The following are some settings you can adjust to.

  • Hide from my Timeline: When we see a post that triggers our mind in a way it should not, we often just scroll down very quickly to get it out of our sight. However, if you check for the options through the arrow, you can hide that post from your timeline.
  • Only Me: Only me is an option we keep when we do not want anyone else to see the post, yet we post it for future reminders.
  • Friends Only: This setting restricts anyone outside of the friend list to peek at what you have to share on your wall.
  • Custom Preference: The user can also customize who can view their posts on Facebook. Either you can choose to view only or view except. Whatever you choose, you choose your specific audience for each post.
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Reasons For Hiding Posts On Facebook

There are two kinds of Facebook post hiding. One is when you hide someone else’s post from your timeline, and the other is when you choose the privacy settings to restrict some people from viewership.

There are multiple reasons for hiding posts on Facebook. For example, when a user finds content that’s inappropriate due to any reason. In this case, they hide that particular content from their timeline. The content may be political, religious, or unwanted extra promotion.

Also, if the content is irrelevant to what a user believes, it’s highly likely that appearing on a timeline will bother the viewer.

Moreover, overly shared, repetitive content is nothing but too much the user could care for. When a user catches content coming up repetitively, it starts bothering them.

Privacy is another cause for hiding the content, but this is done by the poster instead of the user. The poster can choose its audience to be friends only, only me, or a specific group.

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Pros and Cons of Hiding Posts on Facebook

Everything has got its good and bad. While hiding posts on Facebook can be helpful, it can also be problematic at times. See the table below to learn everything in-depth:

Pros of Hiding Posts on FacebookCons of Hiding Posts on Facebook
You are your own boss when you choose what you can see. Hiding away anything that bothers you give you the peace of mind you deserve. Hiding content from the timeline can make exposure to the digital world somewhat limited.
Choosing what people can see on your profile gives you the benefits of seeing your image just for yourself. Hiding your content from your circle may keep them in the dark about your journey. It can also seem senseless to those who are lacking in your activities.
Hiding irrelevant content from your feed can make it look appropriate and cluster-free. Hiding content may help with your privacy, but it can surely affect your relationships with others once they know that you have hidden certain posts from them.
Pros and Cons of Hiding Posts on Facebook

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Social media encourages curiosity, and this curiosity leads to questioning. Here are some frequently asked questions that will help you get the topic deeply:

How do I unhide posts on Facebook?

When you go to your Activity Log on to your Profile, click on Filter, and choose Categories. Reach the option of Logged Actions and Other Activity and select Hidden from Timeline. From there, you can access all the hidden posts.

Can I still see a post I hide on Facebook?

You can still see a post that you have hidden from Facebook.

All you have to do is, go to your profile and Tap on your Name. After that, go to your Activity Log and click on the Filter. Upon reaching, click on Hidden from your profile, and voila, you are there!

For further explanation, watch this video to learn how to hide and unhide the hidden Facebook posts:

Hide and Unhide Facebook Posts


  • Facebook posts have so many stories to tell. However, people sometimes don’t like to share their side of the story with everyone or are reluctant to see everything that is coming to their feed.
  • Irrevelant, repetitive, inappropriate content can make people refuse to indulge in certain curated content.
  • Also, privacy concern is one of the main cause of choosing the audience and hiding the post on Facebook from the rest of the circle.
  • While there are several benefits to hiding posts on Facebook, there are also drawbacks to it.
  • The engagement level, uneven event details, disturbed relationships, and difficulty in finding the hidden posts are one of the concerns people have while hiding the posts.

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