I Forgot My Twitter Username And Password (Solved)

There are actions you can take if you forget your Twitter username or password. Check your email accounts and browsing history first for any Twitter notifications or indications. Also, get in touch with friends or followers who could have saved your username or have useful information. Click “Forgot password?” to change your password.

Then, follow the on-screen instructions and select a recovery option, like an email, phone number, or username. To reset your password and reclaim access to your account, adhere to the offered instructions. Don’t be afraid to contact Twitter’s support staff if you need help.

It might be annoying to forget your Twitter username and password, especially if you use the service frequently for professional or social networking. 

But there’s no need to freak out! There are various ways to get your account back and access again on Twitter. 

We will walk you through the procedures in this article so that you can reset your password and regain your username. Additionally, to make the procedure more straightforward for you, we’ll offer a table summarising the required steps.

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How to Recover Your Twitter Username?

Here’s how you can recover your username on Twitter:

  1. Look through email accounts: Start by looking through your email accounts to see if there are any emails from Twitter. Your username might be mentioned in emails or notifications that you’ve received about your account.
  2. Check your browser history: To get your account’s URL if you have previously logged into Twitter from a personal computer or other device, check your browser history. It’s possible to see your username there.
  3. Consult your friends and followers: Don’t be afraid to contact any of your Twitter followers or friends who may have interacted with you. They could know your login or have useful information to provide.
Recovering UsernameThe password can be reset & the username will be sent to you on the mentioned Email. To retrieve the Username / Password, your Email ID is imperative.
Check emailCheck your email accounts for tweet-related notifications or emails.
Check browserOn the devices you’ve previously used to access Twitter, look through the browser history.
Ask friendsAsk your friends or followers who may have engaged with you on Twitter if they have any ideas.
How to reset your username on Twitter?

Here’s a YouTube video that shows how can you change your Twitter account username:

Hope it helps!

How to Reset Your Twitter Password?

You are free to change your Twitter account password as frequently as you like, subject to no specified constraints or restrictions. 

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Visit the Twitter log-in page in your favorite web browser to get started.
  2. Click the “Forgot password?” link that is located below the login forms. To begin the restoration procedure, click on it.
  3. Pick a technique for recovery: To change your password on Twitter, you have numerous options:
    • Email: The option to obtain a password reset link through email is available if your account is connected to an email address.
    • Phone number: Twitter may send a verification code for a password reset if you’ve linked your account to a phone number.
    • Username: A different option is to input your Twitter username to get a link to reset your password by email.
  4. Follow the instructions: Twitter will provide you with precise instructions on how to log back into your account based on the recovery method you select. To successfully reset your password, carefully follow the instructions.

Here’s a table that shows how to change your password on Twitter.

Resetting PasswordThe password can be reset & the username will be sent to you on the mentioned Email. To retrieve the Username / Password, your Email ID is imperative.
Access login pageYour preferred web browser should be used to access the Twitter login page.
Click “Forgot Password”The “Forgot password?” link is located below the login boxes.
Select recovery methodA recovery method can be an email, a phone number, or a username.
Follow instructionsFollow the directions given to reset your password, based on the method you choose.
Steps to Recover Your Twitter Password.
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You can select forget your password on Twitter and can choose your desired recovery method.

How Many Times Can You Change Your Username on Twitter? 

You have the freedom to alter your username and password on Twitter as necessary. Here are the specifics on how often these account credentials are changed:

  • Initial username selection: A username, commonly referred to as a Twitter handle, is selected when you first open a Twitter account. Using this username, which is particular to your account, other users can mention or look you up on the platform.
  • Username change limit: You can change your username on Twitter, but you can only do it a certain number of times per day. Twitter enforces a 30-day cooling period for username changes, with a cutoff date of September 2021. This implies that you must wait 30 days after changing your username before doing so again.

It’s vital to remember that a username’s availability relies on whether or not another Twitter user is already using it.

You might have to select an alternate username or significantly tweak your chosen username if the username you want isn’t accessible.

How Often Can You Alter Your Twitter Password?

As long as you adhere to the password requirements Twitter sets during the password change procedure (such as the minimum length, complexity, etc.), you are free to change your password whenever you choose.

As a solid security practice, it is typically advised to routinely replace your passwords on different internet networks, including Twitter.

If you suspect any security breaches or are concerned about the confidentiality of your password, changing your password frequently can help safeguard your account from unauthorized access.

To keep your accounts as secure as possible, choose strong, one-time-use passwords and refrain from using the same one across many accounts.

Please be aware that Twitter’s policies and features are subject to change at any time, so it is best to refer to Twitter’s official documentation or support resources for the most recent details on username and password changes on the network.

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You can change the password as many times as you like.


  • It might be frustrating to lose access to your Twitter account after forgetting your username and password, but with the appropriate methods, you can get it back. You can find your username by looking through your email correspondence, browsing history, and contacting your contacts. Twitter offers several recovery options, including email, phone number, or username, if you need to reset your password. To successfully get back into your account, keep in mind to closely adhere to Twitter’s instructions.
  • For each of your online accounts, including Twitter, use a password manager application to create and store passwords securely. This increases overall account security and makes it harder to forget passwords. 
  • Your Twitter account should have 2FA enabled. This increases security by requiring a verification code in addition to your password when logging in. It makes sure that even if your password is stolen, an attacker still needs access to the secondary verification mechanism.
  • Review and keep current any of the contact information you might need to retrieve your account, including phone numbers and email addresses. By doing this, you can be sure that you will have the most recent alternatives at your disposal if you ever need to restore your account.
  • A frequent password change for Twitter is advised. This procedure lowers the possibility of unauthorized access to your account, particularly if you have ever disclosed your password or have reason to believe that there may be suspicious activity.
  • By putting these precautions into place, you may improve the security and usability of your Twitter account and lower the possibility of future login errors or password-related problems.
  • Remember that you can always contact Twitter’s support staff for tailored advice and support if you continue to have issues or need more help. Keep an eye out for potential threats, safeguard your account information, and take advantage of Twitter’s seamless connection to the rest of the world.

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