Instagram Only Allowing One Picture to Upload (Common Concern)

Developed and launched in 2010, Instagram was originally all about single images and short videos. It was way different from what we can see and use now.

The constant development, innovation, and easiness it brings to people’s lives have made it the list of those social media platforms that are being used by most and many.

Hashtags on Instagram make the content posted more visible to the human circle. Also, Reels, Stories, IGTV, and Carousel have added great value to this platform.

Some people use social media platforms to share their lives and thoughts. Whereas, some people use this platform to keep the record; the memories that those people are building are saved on Instagram.

Now it depends on individual preferences or post requirements where you need to just post one image or multiple images.

A carousel is the form of a post with up to 10 images and videos. This helps in getting more reach and engagement by telling a detailed story in one go. However, while uploading multiple images, people often find difficulties.

This article is written to address the problem. So, keep on reading to figure out the problems and fixes of Instagram Only Allowing One Picture To Upload.

Photo Selection on Instagram

Grids On Instagram
Instagram comes with multiple features

Instagram, for sure, is a photo-oriented social media channel when compared to others, and selecting a photo on Instagram requires more consideration than one can think of.

Before choosing to select an image on Instagram, know your audience. The age group that uses Instagram is under 25 years of age, mostly. However, people of all ages are using the platform for fashion, lifestyle, and cultural influence.

While selecting images on Instagram, be sure to consider the following points, no matter if you’re a commoner, a business, or an influencer.

  • Go for quality rather than quantity. It’s better to post high-definition, quality posts instead of just empty postings.
  • Built a presence by posting in a particular theme. Either use the same colors or similar filters to bring uniformity to your posts and pictures.
  • Do not post just one thing, mix your content up to gain more attention.
  • Keep it relevant. Your content must align with your brand and values.
  • Choose the best-captured images. An online presence is very crucial. To do so, make sure that the images you are capturing have good lighting and angles.
Several Images On Instagram
Share Your Best Moments In the Best Ways

Why Does Instagram Only Allow One Picture to Be Uploaded?

Social media channels are all about expressing ourselves, building communication, and establishing an online presence. Instagram engages people while communicating with them in a particularly carved visual way.

I’ve already mentioned the points that are to be considered before uploading an image. Furthermore, I’m going to let you know what else can be done on Instagram regarding photos.

Instagram has been upgraded to a level where one can post more than one image. There’s an option of choosing up to 10 images. However, sometimes the platform restricts its users from using the facility.

Following are some reasons why Instagram only allows one picture to upload to its portal:

Internet Problems

The internet is sure a blessing in some ways, but it makes life a living hell when it’s not working correctly.

I, myself, get too furious if my internet starts interrupting due to slowing down or stopping working altogether. The internet was designed to make life effortless, and glitches in the flow of the internet do the exact opposite to people.

Sometimes, when the internet is not working properly, multiple images that we select to upload on Instagram create problems.

Technical Problems Need Technical Solutions

In-App Bugs

In-application bugs can only, and mostly fixed by the Instagram server itself. All you have to do is either wait for the resolution or restart your device.

Sometimes, a third-party application can interfere with the data. This interference can cause some serious concerns too.

Despite the greatness of a third-party application and the easiness it brings to the downloader, these applications can make the actual application work crazy.

File Size

Bigger or smaller file sizes can also make Instagram stop uploading multiple images at once.

File size matters more than you can think of. If the required file is more than what a server accepts, it’ll not upload due to too much space required and if the file size is small then the image will not upload due to the lower quality of the image.

If you are unaware of how to upload multiple pictures on Instagram in one go, check out the following video.

How to Upload Multiple Pictures on Instagram in One Go

Ways to Fix the Issue

The problems that can stop Instagram from uploading multiple images at once are already discussed above. However, we can not just stop there, right?

Check out the following table to learn how to fix the issues that stop you from using the multiple photo uploading feature.

Instagram FixIf your Instagram isn’t updated then you should update it to its latest version to solve the problem.
Size of FileAs said before, the size of the file matters. If the size reaches the maximum limit, Instagram may stop you from uploading the image. There are websites and applications with which you can resize the images. Do that!
Disappeared OptionPeople think that the option has vanished. While they are unaware that all they have to do is long-press the image to enable multiple postings.
Internet ConnectivityInternet connectivity can cause serious frustration. Turn off and then on the Wi-Fi device or close and open the data connection to restart the service.
Abide PolicyMake sure to follow Instagram’s terms and conditions while posting anything.
Ways To Fix the Issue


Why Is Instagram Only Letting Me Post One Photo?

Get rid of Instagram’s cache. Cleaning Instagram caches is another way to fix the issue where Instagram won’t let you upload more than one photo.

Open the Settings app on an Android device, then select Applications > Instagram > Storage > Clear Cache.

Why Can’t I Add Multiple Pictures to My Instagram Story?

Press and hold the Sticker icon, which is a smiling square. Press the “Photo” sticker icon.

You may include numerous photographs in a single Instagram Story by using the “Photo” sticker. (Note: Please make sure your app is up to date if you haven’t yet gotten this functionality.)


  • Instagram has changed with time to meet people’s expectations. It’s a hub of photos and videos.
  • It has been upgraded to a level where one can post more than one image. There’s an option of choosing up to 10 images. However, sometimes the platform restricts its users from using the facility.
  • Internet problems, in-app bugs, and file size are some of the main culprits behind the scenario.
  • There are quick fixes that can make the problem go away. Such as resizing the file, updating Instagram to the latest version, long-pressing the image to enable multiple postings, and resetting your internet connection.

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