How To Deal With The Lingering Twitter Notification? [Find Out!]

Twitter is a secure platform for organizing movements and engaging in discussions. Its interface is simple and user-friendly, making it easy to use and a popular choice.

However, sometimes you might encounter technical issues.

If you’re dealing with persistent notifications on Twitter, you can wait for a bit, check all messages and notifications, read message requests, turn off notifications, address internet issues, restart and update the app and device, log out and log back in, uninstall and reinstall, clear the cache, or reach out to Twitter support.

Let us have a look at the problem and possible solutions in detail.

What Could Be Keeping My Twitter Notification from Going Away?

Many people have reported facing this persistent notification issue which can be very annoying.

Twitter icons
Twitter icons

I’ve compiled a list of potential reasons that may cause Twitter notifications to act stubborn:

Unseen Message Or Notifications

At times, we might miss a new message or notification because it’s hidden among others.

Whether it’s due to being in a hurry or having a lot of messages and notifications, it’s easy to overlook one.

So, you could be seeing that persistent notification and feeling frustrated or confused because you might not be aware that there’s an unseen message or notification hidden among the rest.

New Messages Or Notifications

Another reason for persistent notifications could be that your account is highly active, and you’re consistently receiving messages and notifications.

Even after checking and going back to your home screen, the notification may still appear on the app icon because there are more new messages and notifications coming your way.

This notification will linger until the flow of these new messages and notifications stops, and you’ve had a chance to read them all.

Unread Message Requests

Sometimes, we might miss the fact that there are pending message requests that we haven’t read.

This can lead to confusion when the notification persists, and we wonder why it doesn’t go away. It happens because, in our minds, we believe we’ve already seen all the messages and notifications, forgetting about those in the separate message requests section.

Internet Issues

For Twitter to function smoothly, having a stable internet connection is essential. If your connection is faulty, either slow or nonexistent, it can cause issues.

It might hinder the app from updating the notification status after you’ve checked all the unseen ones, or the internet might be sufficient only to display the red notification circle on the app icon without loading any new messages or notifications causing it.

These internet problems could arise from router issues, unintentional activation of airplane mode, problems with your Internet Service Provider (ISP), or interference from a VPN or third-party app affecting your connection.

Temporary Glitches

Glitches in apps, such as Twitter, are quite normal, and they can happen unexpectedly. It’s often challenging to figure out when or how a bug entered your app or device, causing disruptions in its functionality.

Typically, these bugs are not a cause for major concern because they’re temporary and often resolve on their own or with straightforward troubleshooting steps.

While these bugs might make the user experience a bit shaky, it’s essential to remember that they are unavoidable. So, it wouldn’t be fair to judge the entire app based solely on these occasional issues.

Outdated System Software

Updates play a crucial role in enhancing your experience and introducing new features and improvements.

So, if you haven’t updated and are using older versions, unfortunately, it’s likely the reason behind the persistent Twitter notification that won’t go away.

Cache Problems

Occasionally, bugs or corruption might affect the cache during the storing process. It’s also possible for the cache to become faulty, showing you old cache files.

In any of these situations, your app’s normal functioning can be disrupted, leading to issues like the persistent notification problem you’re experiencing.

Twitter Is Down

Issues with the app’s server or ongoing maintenance might be causing Twitter to be unavailable.

When Twitter is down, you can’t access the app as usual, and this downtime could be the reason for the persistent notification problem.

How To Remove This Persistent Twitter Notification?

How to clear a Twitter notification that will not go away

To tackle and resolve this problem, let’s explore some potential fixes:

Wait For A While

The best approach to avoid unnecessary efforts in resolving something that would fix itself if you wait.

In the case of a temporary glitch, waiting is often the initial and wise option, as these minor bugs typically resolve on their own.

Similarly, when the server is down, waiting is your only choice. The issue is on their end, and they are working on it. So, it’s best to relax and wait for them to make the app functional again.

Make Sure There Are No Unseen Messages And Notifications

An unread message
Unread Message

With the vast number of messages and notifications, it’s possible to overlook one.

So, when dealing with the red circle notification issue, always check your chat list carefully for any unseen messages. Similarly, go to the notifications section and give it a close look for any unseen notifications.

Check New Messages And Notifications

A girl checking out a new message.
New Message

If you’re encountering persistent notifications during a time when your account is highly active with continuous new notifications or messages, simply wait until the influx of new ones stops.

Take the time to read and go through all the new notifications, and you’ll likely find that the red circle notification disappears on its own.

Read Message Requests

A girl picking up a chat box.
Illustration of a message request

Always check your message requests to avoid notification issues.

Follow these steps:

  1. Open Twitter.
  2. Tap on the envelope icon located at the bottom right.
  3. Click on “Message Requests.”
  4. You’ll be taken to another section displaying all the message requests.

Turn Off Notifications

Filters and preferences section in notifications.

If it doesn’t bother you too much, you can turn off notifications for the app to avoid the persistent notification.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open Twitter.
  2. Click on the profile icon which can be seen at the top left.
  3. Click on “Settings & Support.”
  4. Go to “Settings and Privacy.”
  5. Click on “Notifications.”
  6. Checkmark all the boxes to turn off all notifications.

Fix Internet Issues

Now that you understand the importance of the Internet and the different factors that can lead to Internet issues, here are some solutions you can try:

Disable Airplane ModeBefore using the app, ensure that your Wi-Fi or data is turned on, you have good signals, and your airplane mode is turned off. Sometimes, airplane mode can be enabled unknowingly, so be sure to check and disable it.
Switch Connection ModesAt times, your Wi-Fi might not be working well, but your data could be offering a fantastic connection, or it could be the other way around. In these situations, consider switching from Wi-Fi to data or vice versa, depending on the circumstance.
Restart RouterTo fix any minor issues with the router, you can give it a fresh start by restarting it. Simply unplug the cable, wait for a while, and then plug it back in.
Disable VPNIf you’re using a VPN or any third-party app, try disabling the VPN and uninstalling the app. If the issue is resolved, you’ll know which one is causing the problem, and you can avoid using it next time.
Reset Network SettingsIf none of the previous suggestions work, you can consider this as a last resort. Go to your device settings, find “Backup and reset,” then select “Reset Network Settings” and you should be good to go.
Contact Your ISPFinally, it’s a good idea to reach out to your internet service provider regarding the issue. They are professionals and can assist you more effectively.
All the possible solutions to fix your internet issues

Restart Your App And Device

Restarting is a simple yet effective step to get rid of persistent notifications.

Follow these steps:

To Restart Your App

X, instagram, Whatsapp in-app preview.
X in-app preview
  1. Go back to your home screen.
  2. Swipe up, double-click the home button, or click the horizontal three-lined icon at the bottom of the screen (depending on your phone) to access app previews.
  3. Click on “Close All.”
  4. Wait for a while.
  5. Then, open Twitter again.

To Restart Your Device

Slider to power off and on.
Restart | Power off
  1. Press and hold the power button until your background becomes blurry, and you see a slider or some options on your screen.
  2. Toggle to restart your device or click on restart.
  3. Once your phone restarts, open Twitter again.

Log Out And Back In

All account information including the option to log out.
Log out

Sometimes, logging out and then logging back in can refresh your app and eliminate bugs causing issues like this one.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open Twitter.
  2. Tap on the profile icon located at the top left.
  3. Click on “Settings & Support.”
  4. Then, go to “Settings and Privacy.”
  5. Click on “Your Account.”
  6. In the “Account Information” section, find “Log out.”
  7. Click on it.
  8. Then, wait for a while.
  9. Re-enter your credentials to log back in.

Uninstall And Reinstall

A prompt telling that after uninstalling the app, all data will be cleared
Delete X

Uninstalling and reinstalling the app can likely help get rid of any bugs causing the persistent notification.

Follow these steps to do so:

  1. Go back to your home screen.
  2. Press and hold the Twitter icon until a menu appears.
  3. Click on “Uninstall.”
  4. Wait for a while.
  5. Then, go to the Play Store.
  6. Search for “Twitter.”
  7. Click on it.
  8. Click on “Install.”
  9. Once installed, open Twitter and log in to your account.

Update Your App And Device

By now, it should be a practice to prioritize and promptly update your device or app as soon as you see an update notification. Avoid delaying it to prevent potential issues.

Here’s how to do it:

To Update Your App

  1. Open Play Store.
  2. Search for “Twitter.”
  3. Click on it.
  4. Click on “Update.”
  5. Once updated, your app will be reinstalled.
  6. Open Twitter and now log back into your account.

To Update Your Device:

  1. Go to your device settings.
  2. Scroll to find “System Updates.”
  3. Click on it.
  4. Then, click on “Update.”

Clear Cache

Clear Cache.
Clear cache | Clear data

I strongly suggest making it a habit to clear your app’s cache from time to time to prevent potential issues.

Follow these steps to do so:

  1. Go to your device settings.
  2. Click on “Apps.”
  3. Find “Twitter.”
  4. Click on it.
  5. Finally, click on “Clear cache.”

Contact Twitter Support

If none of the methods mentioned above resolves the issue, and you still see the persistent red circle notification on your Twitter app icon, causing frustration, it’s advisable to contact Twitter’s customer support.

Explain the issue and detail all the fixes you’ve tried. Wait for their response, and hopefully, they’ll provide assistance to help you get rid of this notification.

Sum Up

  • Twitter is a popular social media app where people mostly communicate through short messages called tweets.
  • If you’re facing an issue with Twitter notifications not disappearing, it could be due to internet issues, cache problems, outdated software, etc.
  • To address this, you can try checking for unseen messages and notifications, ensuring a stable internet connection, updating the app and device, etc.

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