Most Commented Instagram Posts (Find Out)

With over a billion monthly users, Instagram is one of the most widely used social networking sites. Users may upload photographs and videos to convey their thoughts, hobbies, and daily activities.

The amount of comments a post receives on Instagram is a strong indication of its popularity. Feedback, a feeling of camaraderie, and increased exposure are just a few of the many benefits you’ll receive by commenting on content.

This article will discuss the relevance of comments on Instagram and analyze the most commented posts of all time.

An egg has received more than 55 million comments on Instagram. It’s an intriguing phenomenon that a photo of an egg received so many likes that it became Instagram’s most-liked post of all time.

But the egg’s success story demonstrates the potential of social media to spark widespread interest.

In this piece, we’ll examine the relevance of comments on Instagram and how they may affect engagement, develop community, and give useful feedback, as well as the backstory of the famous egg and its meteoric ascent to popularity.

The drawbacks of high comment interaction, such as trolling, spam comments, and exhaustion, will also be discussed. This post will provide readers with a deep dive into the significance of Instagram comments and how they might influence engagement and community building on the site.

What to KnowBrief Information
The Most Commented Instagram PostAnalysis of the most commented Instagram post of all time
The Power of Instagram CommentsInstagram comments can be used to foster community, build relationships, and increase brand awareness.
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Top 5 Most Commented Instagram Posts

Instagram Logo On An Iphone
Instagram Logo

Alexandros Kopsialis Giveaway Post

Greek social media star Alexandros Kopsialis has amassed a massive following on platforms like Instagram.

The giveaway post he shared has received over 43.2 million comments and is one of his most popular and is now the most discussed post on Instagram.

Kopsialis, in conjunction with European luxury company Ammaroses, announced a giveaway in the post. Participants needed to like the post, follow Kopsialis and tag a friend to be entered into the contest.

Kopsialis has hosted several giveaways on his Instagram account, including a 24-hour giveaway, a giveaway of tickets to the Waterboom Festival 2023, and a giveaway of property worth more than 100,000€ in partnership with Antetokounbros.

Kopsialis, on the other hand, has taken some heat for his freebie-oriented social media posts.

In January 2022, he and Antetokounbros were condemned on Twitter for a post in which they offered to give away a house, several users demanded that the giveaway be canceled and that the property be given to a rape victim instead.

Bizarrap and Paulolondra

With the hashtag #session23, an Argentine record producer and DJ revealed a partnership with Paulo Londra.

The DJ even gave a challenge to his fans, writing in the image’s title that if the post got 23 million likes, the new song would be released.

The Instagram photo has been liked 7 million times and commented on 23.2 million times, as shown by the inquiry.

The return of Paulo Londra in 2019 from his legal dispute has piqued fans’ interest in the pair’s next cooperation. Fans of both musicians have gone wild over the photo of them reuniting, in which they are shown wearing Chicago Bulls gear.

After the legal battle over the cancellation of his contract with Big Ligas, Paulo Londra almost gave up on music forever. Fans of both acts are overjoyed by his comeback and joint effort with Bizarrap.

XXXTentacion – Final Post Before His Death

Tributes to the slain rapper XXXTentacion, who passed away in June 2018, have made an Instagram post about him the third most commented on of all time.

His mother made the post with a sonogram of their newborn kid and an inspiring message of love and hope.

Fans expressed their sorrow and shared memories of the rapper’s effect on their lives in more than 10 million comments. The popularity of the post is an indication of the respect and admiration in which the rapper was held.

Andrea Stramaccioni

Andrea Stramaccioni, a former player and current manager for the Italian national football team, welcomed his followers to his own Instagram profile, which has now amassed more than 9 million comments.

The fact that this is the sole post on his Instagram profile, which has 388 thousand followers, is what makes it so entertaining.

Gorgeous Armenia

The Instagram account gorgeous_armenia, which has only 58.5k followers, is relatively obscure, yet is home to one of the most commented-on posts on the platform.

Regardless, the initial post from the account received over 6.5 million comments, which is a massive success. The article is a magnificent video compilation depicting Armenia.

The Importance of Comments on Instagram

User's Live Video Playing On Instagram
Live Video On Instagram

Getting people to interact with one another on Instagram is quite difficult without comments. They let users interact with one another, voice their ideas, and discuss their own experiences.

Commenting on a post demonstrates interest in and participation in the discussion surrounding that item. This interaction boosts the post’s exposure, increasing the likelihood that it’ll be viewed by other users.

Creators can also benefit much from comments. They can tell you what your target demographic loves, hates, and wants more of. Creators may use this criticism to refine their work and publish more interesting articles.

Instagram’s comment section is also a major factor in the app’s ranking system. The algorithm of the site gives more weight to postings that receive a lot of interaction, such as comments. Instagram’s algorithm determines that a post is popular when it receives many comments and displays it to a larger audience.

How to Increase Comment Engagement on Instagram

Post High-Quality Content

If you want people to comment on your posts, you need to provide material that speaks to them. Make sure your photographs are well-lit, interesting to look at, and consistent with your brand’s style. Make use of pertinent and interesting titles to get readers to remark.

Engage With Your Audience

Respond quickly to comments and DMs to interact with your audience. Asking questions or soliciting comments might help stimulate discussion. Build a sense of belonging by thanking your supporters for their participation.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Using hashtags is an excellent strategy for gaining exposure and new followers. Make use of hashtags that are appropriate for your audience, product, or message. Avoid using hashtags that are too broad, as they are more likely to be misused as spam.

Host Giveaways or Contests

One strategy to get more people to leave comments is to host a giveaway or contest. Asking users to tag friends or respond to a topic is one way to get them to comment. Keep the regulations simple and the award aligned with the brand’s values.

Collaborate With Other Creators

The best approach to becoming noticed and getting new fans is to work with other creators. Collaborate with other producers or leaders in your field to produce material that readers will want to discuss.

Potential Downsides of High Comment Engagement

User Showing Instagram Profile
User Showing Instagram Profile

Users should be aware of the possible drawbacks of high comment engagement, even though it might be advantageous for companies and influencers.

Trolling and Negative Comments

The more active a comment section is, the more likely it is that trolls and unpleasant remarks will appear. The mental health and reputation of a person might be negatively impacted by the harsh and insulting comments made by trolls.

Users may be discouraged from interacting with your material and your brand’s reputation may suffer if negative feedback is allowed to accumulate.

Spam Comments

Users who want more comments from others may resort to spamming their posts with irrelevant or irrelevant remarks. Spam comments may degrade the quality of engagement on your content since they might be irrelevant, generic, or meaningless.

Burnout and Overwhelm

Particularly for users with a huge following, managing high comment interaction may be time-consuming and overwhelming. Spending time replying to comments, blocking abusive users, and otherwise interacting with followers may be draining.

Inauthentic Engagement

Users may be tempted to artificially inflate their interaction rates by purchasing phony comments or employing the usage of automated bots. Fake interaction is bad for your brand and might get you banned from Instagram altogether.

Learn More About Increasing Comment Engagement on Instagram


  • Instagram is one of the most widely used social networking sites, with over a billion monthly users.
  • It’s important to post high-quality content, engage with your audience, use relevant hashtags, host giveaways, and build a sense of belonging to increase comment engagement.
  • This article examines the relevance of comments on Instagram and the most commented post of all time, the Alexandros Kopsialis Giveaway Post, and the psychological reasons behind commenting on Instagram.
  • It also discusses the drawbacks of high comment interaction, such as trolling, spam comments, and exhaustion.
  • To become noticed and get new fans, it is important to collaborate with other creators and produce material that readers will want to discuss.

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