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How to Increase The Size of The Eraser on MS Paint

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Microsoft Corporation was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen

Microsoft Paint, also known as MS Paint, is a basic image editing and designing software that has been a part of Microsoft Windows since its early versions.

It is widely recognized even by those who may not be familiar with today’s technology, as many have used it at least once in their lives. I even recall our initial computer lessons incorporating drawing exercises using MS Paint.

This software provides all the necessary tools for basic image editing and drawing tasks. Its user-friendly interface makes it easily accessible to people of all ages.

When you open MS Paint, you are presented with a blank page, acting as a personalized canvas to showcase your creativity.

MS Paint is a straightforward yet practical application that allows you to channel your creativity effectively. It is particularly convenient for beginners, as its user-friendly nature makes it easy to learn and use.

First Version Introduced InNovember 1985
Programmed ByDan McCabe
Stable ReleaseFebruary 2, 2023
Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows
Basic information about Microsoft Paint

However, first-time users may have some trouble finding certain tools. One common query beginners have is how to increase the eraser size. You can do it by following any one of the following instructions:

  1. In classic MS Paint: Use the eraser size chart to choose from preset options (limited to 4 sizes).
  2. In MS Paint 3D (Windows 10 and 11): Utilize the size slider for more precise control over the eraser size.
  3. Alternatively, use keyboard shortcuts “Ctrl” + “+” (numeric keypad) to increase the eraser size in both versions.

Keep reading the article to have a detailed guide.

What Is MS Paint’s Eraser Tool And How Is It Utilized?

MS Paint app
MS Paint is a fun app to unleash your artistic side

Within the MS Paint application, you will find a prominent pink-colored eraser-like icon located in the tools section.

This tool, known as the “Eraser,” holds significant importance as it allows you to rectify any errors made in your artwork by replacing the erased portions with the background color.

Similar to a traditional eraser used on paper, the Eraser Tool in MS Paint empowers you to selectively remove specific parts or erase the entire artwork if needed. The accessibility and usability of this tool make it a valuable asset for users.

To utilize the eraser tool in MS Paint, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open MS Paint by searching for it in the “Start” menu of your PC.
  2. Once launched, begin by drawing your desired content.
  3. In case of an error, locate the tools section within the application. It can be found as the third option among the categories in the home toolbar.
  4. Within the tools section, you will easily spot the pink eraser-like icon. Click on it to activate the “Eraser Tool.”
  5. To customize the eraser size, adjust the size using the eraser size slider. This feature is advantageous as it allows you to adapt the eraser size according to your editing needs and the size of the area you wish to erase.
  6. Once the desired size is determined, you can start using the Eraser Tool. A single click will erase a specific part while holding and dragging the tool will erase an extended area, which will be replaced by the background color.
  7. Mistakes happen, and if you accidentally erase something important, fear not. You can easily undo your action by clicking the undo button located in the top menu or by using the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl+Z.”

Whether you need to correct errors or make adjustments to your artwork, the “Eraser Tool” provides a user-friendly and helpful solution.

How To Increase The Size Of Eraser In MS Paint?

A big eraser
Use the eraser tool to fix any mistake you have made

You might question why there’s such an emphasis on changing the eraser size. Let me clarify that the default eraser size is indeed effective and serves its purpose.

However, having the option to modify the eraser size offers more control and enables you to edit your mistakes with precision according to your specific needs.

Consider this scenario: If you need to erase a substantial area of your drawing, doing so with the default size could be time-consuming. In such a situation, utilizing an increased eraser size directly saves time and allows you to cover more areas swiftly and efficiently.

Eraser Size Options

Eraser size options
Eraser size options

One common method to adjust the eraser size is by using the eraser size chart, a feature available in the older and simpler versions of MS Paint. This method has been in use for a long time and remains accessible to users.

However, it is essential to acknowledge that the size chart offers only four preset options, limiting customization according to individual needs.

To increase the eraser size using the size chart, follow these steps:

  1. Open MS Paint and begin drawing on the provided white canvas.
  2. Click on the eraser option in the tools section of the home bar. By default, the eraser is set to a specific size, typically the second option on the eraser size chart.
  3. Locate the eraser size chart adjacent to the shapes section in the home bar. It displays the four available size options.
  4. As the eraser is already set to the default size (usually the second option on the chart), to increase the size, you can only switch to the third or fourth option.

While the eraser size chart provides a straightforward way to adjust the eraser size, there is another method to further increase the size, which I will explain below.

Eraser Size Slider

Use the slider to change the eraser’s size

As you might be aware, the recent versions of Windows, specifically Windows 10 and 11, introduced a new and improved version of the MS Paint app known as MS Paint 3D.

This updated application offers more advanced features, unlocking new possibilities for editing and creating artwork.

Unlike the classic version of MS Paint which utilized a size chart for the eraser, MS Paint 3D utilizes a size slider for increased convenience and flexibility.

To increase the eraser size using the slider in MS Paint 3D, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the MS Paint 3D app and begin by drawing on the blank canvas.
  2. When you require the eraser, click on the eraser option located in the tools section of the home bar.
  3. Upon selecting the eraser, the size slider labeled “Size” will appear. Initially, the eraser will be set to a relatively smaller size.
  4. To increase the eraser size, hold and drag the slider toward the right. As you move the slider, the eraser’s size will change in real time, allowing you to stop precisely when you achieve your desired size.

By utilizing the size slider in MS Paint 3D, you can easily adjust the eraser’s size to fit your specific editing and artistic needs.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Another highly convenient and effortless method to increase the eraser size is by utilizing keyboard shortcuts.

Keyboard shortcuts provide a great way to adjust the eraser size beyond the options available in the size chart or size slider.

To employ these keyboard shortcuts, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Paint app, whether it’s the regular version or the enhanced MS Paint 3D.
  2. Proceed by drawing something on the blank canvas.
  3. Next, select the eraser from the tools section in the home bar.
  4. Once the eraser is selected, if you have a full-sized keyboard, you can directly press “Ctrl” and the “+” icon from the numeric keypad to increase the eraser size to your desired dimensions.
  5. In case you don’t have a full-sized keyboard with a dedicated numeric keypad, you can access the on-screen keyboard.
  6. To do this, go to the “Start” menu on your PC.
  7. Search for “On-Screen Keyboard,” and click on it to open the virtual keyboard.
  8. On the on-screen keyboard, click on “Options.”
  9. Then select “Turn on the numeric pad” and click on “OK.” This action will enable a numeric keypad on the on-screen keyboard.
  10. Now, click and hold “Ctrl” on your keyboard, and with your cursor, click on the “+” sign from the numeric pad of the on-screen keyboard repeatedly until you achieve your desired eraser size.

This method proves especially useful for users who need sizes beyond what the standard size chart or slider can provide, granting greater flexibility and convenience in your artistic endeavors.

How to increase eraser size in MS Paint?


  • MS Paint (Microsoft Paint) is an editing and designing software that has been included in Microsoft Windows since early versions.
  • The eraser tool in MS Paint is represented by a pink-colored icon in the tools section.
  • Using the eraser tool is extremely straightforward; you simply need to select it from the tools section and then click or drag as required to erase any mistakes.
  • The eraser size can be increased using different methods: the size chart in classic MS Paint, the size slider in MS Paint 3D, or the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl” + “+“.
  • Modifying the eraser size allows for quicker and more efficient erasing of larger areas in your artwork.

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