Quick Access To Friends: Facebook Friends Shortcut [All About It!]

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Facebook has created several shortcuts to make things easier for users. One of these shortcuts is the Facebook Friends shortcut, which allows you to quickly access your pending friend requests, get friend suggestions, and see your friend list. It’s a handy feature designed for your convenience.

Facebook is a popular online platform used by people of all ages. It has changed the way we communicate, allowing us to connect through likes, comments, stories, and posts on our feeds.

Facebook provides a secure and enjoyable community that lets users connect with each other in many different ways. It’s known for its user-friendly interface, making it a safe and fun experience for its users.

What Are Shortcuts And How Do They Work?

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Shortcuts, just like the name suggests, are ways to take a smarter and quicker route to get things done without the extra effort. They allow you to directly and swiftly access important features on platforms, making tasks easier and the user experience more convenient and enjoyable.

Shortcuts are used in many aspects of our lives and come in various forms. For example, on platforms like Facebook, they might appear as icons with links to commonly used and essential app features.

Shortcuts offer several advantages, as described in the table below:

Time-SavingThe primary advantage of shortcuts is their time-saving nature, as the name suggests. They enable users to avoid wasting time and easily access whatever they need.
EfficientShortcuts are truly efficient and offer users convenience. This, in turn, improves the overall user experience.
User FriendlyCertainly, who wouldn’t appreciate having shortcuts on social media apps like Facebook? Instead of taking the long route to access certain features, shortcuts make things much more user-friendly.
Less Cognitive LoadWith frequent updates, Facebook has introduced a multitude of new features. Shortcuts play a role in reducing the mental effort required when using the app. This makes your Facebook experience smoother and more effortless.
Some benefits of having shortcuts

What’s The Role Of The Facebook Friends Shortcut In My Profile?

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Facebook friends

We’re all familiar with Facebook, and a big part of it is adding friends. You send friend requests, or others send them to you, and when accepted, you become friends on Facebook, allowing for further communication.

But wouldn’t it be great to have a Facebook Friends shortcut that gathers everything related to friends, like friend requests and your friend list, all in one place, neatly organized for easy access? Well, this Facebook Friends shortcut exists, and it’s pretty cool!

By default, you’ll find this shortcut in the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen. However, you can customize it if you like.

Another way to access this shortcut is by clicking on the hamburger icon at the bottom right, and then, under “All Shortcuts,” you’ll find “Friends,” which you can click on.

Now, let’s see what this shortcut offers. When you enter this section, the first thing you’ll notice is all your friend requests neatly gathered along with the total number of friend requests you have.

For each person who has sent you a request, you’ll have two options: “Confirm” and “Delete,” so you can choose according to your preference.

At the very top of this section, you’ll find “Suggestions.” Clicking on it reveals a list of people that Facebook’s algorithm thinks you might know and may want to add to your account.

Once again, for each user’s name, you’ll see two options: “Add Friend” and “Remove.” In this section, you can also sync your phone contacts with the app to get more relevant suggestions.

Right next to “Suggestions,” you’ll also see “Your Friends.” Here, you’ll find the number of friends you have and a list of them.

Click on the “Sort” option, and a menu will appear with three sorting options: “default,” “newest friend first,” and “oldest friend first.” You can choose any of these to sort your friend list accordingly.

It’s a very convenient and efficient way to access the Friends feature on Facebook.

What’s The Fastest Method For Hiding The Facebook Friends Shortcut?

Turn off notification dots | Pin to navigation bar | Hide from navigation bar | Customize your navigation bar
Hide from the navigation bar

If you find the Facebook Friends shortcut bothersome or you’re not a fan of it for any reason and want to hide it quickly, here’s a shortcut for that.

  1. Open Facebook.
  2. Look at your navigation bar below. Press and hold the Friends shortcut. A menu will pop up.
  3. Click on “Hide from Navigation Bar.” It will disappear from the bar.
Facebook Friends Shortcut Bar Missing

What Are The Various Facebook Shortcuts?

There are several Facebook shortcuts designed for user convenience and ease. You can access them all by clicking on the hamburger icon at the bottom left of your screen. Some of these shortcuts are also by default located in the navigation bar for quick access.


Menu with shortcuts, settings, search icon, and account name.

The first shortcut we’re going to discuss is the “menu.” Now, what does this menu contain? Well, it’s pretty cool because it gives you access to many of Facebook’s features.

If you have more than one account or are part of pages or groups linked to your account, you’ll find them neatly listed under the “your shortcuts” section.

Scrolling down, you’ll also come across “all shortcuts” written. Here, you’ll find a list of all the shortcuts that Facebook offers, making it easy to find and access the features you need.


A blue and white post icon with a clock

We’re all familiar with the concept of the Facebook Newsfeed, right? So, what is it exactly? Well, it’s like a blend of posts from all your friends on Facebook, as well as from the pages and groups you follow.

Once you click on the shortcut, your Newsfeed gets organized for your convenience. This means that in the “all” category, you’ll find posts from all your friends, pages, and groups. However, there are separate categories for “friends,” “groups,” “pages,” and “favorites.”

The “favorites” category includes posts from people you’ve marked as favorites, so only their posts will be visible in this section of your feed.


Blue and green profile icons

I won’t dive into too many details about the friend shortcuts since we’ve already discussed them earlier in the article.

What’s important for you to know is that it’s represented by two profile icons. This shortcut includes your list of friends, any pending friend requests you might have, and suggestions for new friends.

You’ll also spot a search icon here, which allows you to search for anyone you’d like to connect with. It’s a handy way to manage your Facebook friendships.


A blue ombre playbutton icon

Now, let’s explore the world of videos. As the name suggests, this shortcut is designed to bring all videos together for users to enjoy. It’s also known as Facebook Watch and is represented by an icon that looks like a play button, much like YouTube.

Here, you’ll discover not only videos from people, pages, or groups you follow but also videos from across the entire Facebook platform. These videos are chosen based on what the algorithm believes would interest you the most.

You can also search for other videos and find all your saved videos, view your video history, check mobile data usage, and manage your notification settings.


A blue ombre shop icon

Facebook Marketplace is one of the most important shortcuts, and it’s just as the name implies – a convenient marketplace. It’s like a trading hub on Facebook, where people can both sell and buy various items.

You can decide to sell things like vehicles, homes for sale or rent, or just about anything else you have in mind.

Additionally, there’s a category section where you can find your saved items, check out any ongoing sale events, or explore buy-and-sell groups. In this section, you’ll discover all the local listings, the most popular categories, and a comprehensive list of all available categories.


A blue notification bell icon

Most of us use this shortcut every day because, as the name suggests, it’s where all our notifications are gathered.

When using social media platforms, notifications play a crucial role. They keep you informed about what’s happening in your account and provide other relevant updates that can be helpful.

Your newest and today’s notifications appear first, and as you scroll, you can access earlier ones too. These notifications include when someone mentions you in their comments, invites you to join a page or group, interactions on your posts, and sometimes, less relevant ones related to other accounts.


A red and white calendar icon with a black star

The Events shortcut is a great way to stay updated on all the interesting public events happening in your area. It ensures you don’t miss out on any exciting happenings.

In the “For You” section, you’ll find a list of top events curated just for you. These events are categorized into different sections like local, happening this week, events your friends are interested in, group-related events, online events, events you’re following, and film-related events.

You also have the option to create your own event and keep track of it. If you’re interested in attending any of the events listed, you can simply click the “Interested” button, and if you plan to go, you can change your status to “Going.”


A clock icon

This shortcut is quite considerate and useful, as it allows you to reminisce and feel nostalgic about past times. You can see memories from up to the last 5 years here.

As you scroll down in this section, you also have the option to create a new post and choose layouts for your memories.

In the settings of this section, you can select your preferred notification settings and decide if you want to hide memories related to specific dates or people.


Purple ombre bookmark icon

When we use Facebook, we come across various posts and videos that we connect with, find amusing, or want to revisit later for different reasons.

This is where the “Saved” section comes in. As the name suggests, it’s a place where you can gather all the posts and videos you’ve saved.

But it doesn’t stop there – you can even organize your saved content by creating folders like “Favorites” and then placing your absolute favorite ones in this collection.


A blue circle with 3 profile icons

We all know about Facebook groups, and many of us are members of several groups. This shortcut is designed for easy access to all your groups.

In the “For You” section, you’ll see a list of all the groups you’re part of at the top. You can scroll through to find recent posts from these groups.

You also have the option to create new groups, and if you already have some groups, there’s a category called “Your Groups” where you can easily access them.

This shortcut also includes information about group events and new group suggestions that match your interests.


An orange flag with a blue stick

Similar to groups, pages are something Facebook users are familiar with. You can create your own page, view the pages you’ve liked, and check for invitations to join other pages that fellow users have sent you.

Additionally, all the pages you’ve recently visited and suggested pages are readily available for you to access easily.


A purple emoji with only mouth and no eyes

Just like Bitmoji on Snapchat, Avatars work in a similar way. With this shortcut, you can easily create a personalized avatar for yourself.

You get to choose its facial features, outfit, and more. What’s great is that you can edit your avatar whenever you like.

This avatar can then be used as your profile picture, and you can even use it to make fun emojis and stickers. Many users enjoy creating colorful and entertaining posts with their avatars.

Device Requests

A black phone with a white key on the screen
Device requests

The “Device Login Request” shortcut is where you can check and give the green light to login requests from apps on other devices or your TV.

If you want to say “yes” to these requests, you’ll be prompted to enter a code that Facebook sends to you. This extra step helps ensure the security of your login access.


A blue controller icon

The “Gaming Shortcut” is a fun feature on Facebook that keeps users engaged. You’ve probably played a game on Facebook, whether it’s a quiz or an actual game. That’s what we’re talking about here.

All the games you’ve played are neatly categorized under “Your Games.” Additionally, you’ll find a list of games that are popular among users in the “Games We Love” section.

This shortcut also offers daily tournaments, top players, games your friends are playing, featured games, fantasy games, and lists of all the available games.

Messenger Kids

A blue and yellow messenger icon with blue dots
Messenger Kids

For all you parents out there, this Facebook shortcut is a welcome relief. It’s reassuring to know that you can allow your child to use social media without losing control over their experience.

Messenger Kids,” as the name suggests, is designed specifically for kids, and it gives parents full control over the settings and their child’s Messenger contacts. Kids using this app won’t have a regular Facebook account; they’ll only have a Messenger account.

This means they can connect with their friends, have lots of fun, use fun filters, stickers, and more—all within set boundaries that you, as a parent, have control over.

Recent Ad Activity

Sort of a white and blue gallery icon
Recent ad activity

“Recent Ad Activities” are the ads that Facebook recognizes you’ve engaged with. They put together a list of the most recent interactions, as well as the ones you’ve saved.

The idea is for you to provide feedback to advertisers. This can also help you keep a record of ads you found interesting and might want to revisit later. It’s a way to have a say in the ads you see and like.


orange and pinkish ombre reels icon

Lastly, we have another shortcut that enhances your user experience – the “Reels.” Through this, you can easily catch up on all the short videos on the platform in one place. You can also search for specific reels or create your own.

To explore, simply scroll down and watch all the reels. You can engage with them by liking, commenting, or sharing with others.

You can even send gifts to the creators of the reels. If you come across some great reels, you’ll also discover new people to follow.

Is It Possible To Customize My Facebook Navigation Bar?

Most of the shortcuts are under "available shortcuts". The friend request shortcut is pinned while the profile shortcut is hidden.
Customize your shortcut bar

Yes, you can easily personalize your navigation bar according to your preferences and the shortcuts you use the most. The only shortcut that you can’t replace is the home button, which provides access to the newsfeed.

Here’s how you can customize your navigation bar:

  1. Open Facebook.
  2. Click on the horizontal three-lined icon at the bottom right.
  3. Go to “Settings.”
  4. Under “Preferences,” you’ll find “Navigation Bar.” Click on it.
  5. Select “Customize the Bar.” You’ll see all the shortcuts listed with options next to them.
  6. You can choose from “Auto” (letting Facebook personalize the shortcut), “Pin” (keeping it in your navigation bar), or “Hide” (not showing it in your navigation bar).
  7. Once you customize, the shortcut you’ve personalized will move from “Available Shortcuts” to “Your Shortcuts.”

Final Thoughts

  • Facebook is a popular social media platform for connecting with others.
  • Shortcuts are quick ways to access specific features or functions on Facebook.
  • The Facebook Friends shortcut helps manage friend requests, suggestions, and your friend list.
  • You can quickly hide the Facebook Friends shortcut by pressing and holding it.
  • Facebook offers various shortcuts for different features like games, notifications, recent ad activity, groups, pages, etc.
  • Yes, you can customize your Facebook navigation bar to prioritize your preferred shortcuts through your Facebook settings.

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