See Deleted Instagram Posts (See the Unseen)

Instagram is a world of beauty, lifestyle, traveling, celebrities, and fashion. Everything that’s appealing to the eyes is there on this platform.

Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms that’s used by 500 million active daily users. Though Instagram still comes after Facebook, both these platforms are linked together for a genuine reason.

We talk about different addictions, yet we forget about social media. I have seen people use social media applications religiously before going to bed. If this isn’t addiction then what it is?

The audience on Instagram is very specific. People of all ages and genders indeed love Instagram, but youth are into this platform more than anyone else.

When it comes to youth, I understand that it becomes difficult for them to let go of things. The curiosity for such an age is natural. Even for us adults, seeing the unseen becomes so important that we try to find ways to accomplish our tasks.

We often post something and delete it. The same goes for others. There’s a post one time and in the next moment, it’s gone.

What to do then? Well, this article will take care of your queries. Keep on reading for insights.

Instagram Post

Instagram settings
Set As Per Your Requirements

Instagram posts are very similar to the posts that are on other websites but with a tiny bit of change.

Posts on Instagram are theme-oriented if done right. Instagram is designed with such consideration that people look at the pictures more rather than going through anything else.

Also, infographics have become a thing. Usually, people prefer images to understand a situation rather than going through descriptive text as it’s all just there, in front, loud and clear.

Following are the posts that are used to express oneself on Instagram:

Images or Videos

Images and videos are shared to express the thoughts, values, and happenings of persons like. These posts help people to connect without even actually contacting.

These images and videos can be shared individually or as a carousel. A carousel is often used to tell a whole story. It helps reach more people and enables better engagements.

For better-looking images and videos, make sure that you use trendy filters and designs to stand out from the crowd.


Stories are another great way to increase and reach the maximum number of people who are following you on Instagram but don’t go through your things often.

Have you seen a circle at the top of the Instagram page? That is the status of

Instagram also sends notifications to people when people update their status. If an account shares its status after a long time or if you follow that account’s status, you’ll get an update the instant they share a status.


It’s not a long time ago that this feature on Instagram has been introduced. It was only in 2020 that reels became a thing for Instagram users.

These short videos are so addictive that Instagram fans can’t stop themselves from swiping the video up to see the next one.

These reels aren’t just engaging but bring more traffic to a certain page. Developers were surely right when bringing reels to Instagram. The reels that we see on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube are an inspiration from TikTok.

Delete Button
Deleted Instagram Posts Can Be Recovered


Launched in 2018, IGTV is a stand-alone application that can be used along with Instagram as well.

IGTV was developed to facilitate Instagram users to upload and enjoy long videos that can last up to 60 minutes. Normally, videos on Instagram are short for keeping the content concise and engaging.

However, sometimes it’s important to give out more information or to release a video with in-depth knowledge.

The developers of the application are surely thinking of catering to every individual possible. This is one of the reasons for a successful application.

Get back
Recover Deleted Post

See Your Deleted Posts on Instagram

Posting content takes time and energy, deleting it can be easy of course, but if you wish not to regret it later. Think before making the deleting decision.

The process of restoring data or deleting data permanently has the same procedure. Though it seems like a violation of privacy, it’s a window to remove regret.

  • To see your deleted posts on Instagram, go to your Profile, and click on the three horizontal lines to see Your Activity.
  • Once you are in there, click on the Recently Deleted option to see what type of content you wish to see, and Select it.

Keep one thing in mind, if your Instagram isn’t updated, or you haven’t deleted anything recently, you may not be able to see these options.

Check out the video to learn how to get your post back on Instagram.

How to get your post back on Instagram?

See Other’s Deleted Posts on Instagram

If you think you can see what others have posted and deleted, bear in mind that YOU CAN’T!

There’s no way of seeing what the other person has deleted after posting. However, you can be extra smart and check the following table to get some ideas for later use.

To DoSee Other’s Deleted Posts
Ask a FriendIf a friend of yours has access to that certain post, ask for help.
Take a ScreenshotTake a screenshot if you must. Screenshots have been doing wonders for people for so long, right?
Use Third-Party AppMany third-party applications can let you in on other’s Instagram world. However, such an act is unethical and risky.
Download the PostIf it’s a video that you might think will be erased later, and you want a hold of it, copy its link and go to Google to download it online.
See Other’s Deleted Posts

However, it’s always better to respect the other person’s decision and not invade their privacy.


  • Instagram’s posters, post different photos, videos, IGTV, reels, and statuses to keep their Instagram happening and active.
  • The time content creators take to develop content is so much that if they have to delete their posts, it’s almost like a heartbreak they never wanted to experience.
  • Even if the post is deleted on Instagram, there’s a genuine and ethical way to that data. The solution is provided by Instagram itself.
  • To see your deleted posts on Instagram, go to your Profile, and click on the three horizontal lines to see Your Activity.
  • Once you are in there, click on the Recently Deleted option to see what type of content you wish to see, and Select it.
  • However, it’s nearly impossible to see other people’s deleted posts, if you act general and normal.

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