Troubleshooting Twitter: Something Went Wrong, Try Reloading

Twitter’s “something went wrong, try reloading” error manifests intermittently. This error appears when there’s a transitory disruption in the intricate workings of Twitter’s servers or an impediment with your internet connectivity.

Twitter, one of the popular networking platforms, created in 2006, has millions of users globally. It’s a hub for breaking news, social media movements, activism, and awareness.

User tweet to express their opinions and share their thoughts. It also serves as a means of connection where users can follow and engage with each other by liking, commenting, and retweeting each other’s tweets.

Hashtags on Twitter are a secret sauce that turns chaos into trending topics and empowers voices to unite and harmonize in a digital revolution! Hashtags organize the voices and conversations of every specific topic by sorting them out using keywords and making it easier for users to participate in ongoing trends and keep track of the latest news.

Like any other networking platform, users on Twitter encounter certain errors too. If you experience an error that says “Something went wrong, try reloading” it indicates that the Twitter server is most likely having some glitches.

Such an error isn’t a catastrophe but annoying enough to contemplate launching your phone into space.

Let’s unravel the mysteries of this error and shed light on the possible practical solutions to fix it.

What Is Twitter’s “Something Went Wrong, Try Reloading” Error?

Error Something Went Wrong Under Construction Concept
Error Something Went Wrong Under Construction Concept

Twitter’s “Something went wrong, try reloading” error is a universal digital enigmatic error message that transcends specificity and baffles the users across the platform. The error indicates that there’s a problem in loading the app or in processing your specific request.

When you experience such an error, it usually means that there’s a problem with Twitter’s digital domain and you are requested to reload the page to see if the issue is resolved.

However, it’s not always guaranteed that the issue can be resolved just by reloading, there could be a more persistent issue that may require some other methods to fix the error.

This “something went wrong, try reloading” error can occur due to various reasons.

NETWORK CONNECTIVITY ISSUESA very common and major cause of this error is network issues. If your Internet connection is very slow or unstable, it can interfere with the proper loading of Twitter, leading to this error message. Network congestion while using public Wi-Fi or having many people connected to your Wi-Fi, and using mobile data can impede Internet connection speed and hence lead to such error messages.
BROWSER-RELATED SETBACKSAn alternate explanation for why you might not be able to access Twitter easily or face this error message is browser-related issues. If your browser is outdated or you have incompatible extensions or corrupted cache files, you are most likely to fall victim to this error message.
SERVER PROBLEMSA potential contributor to this error message is the very common server-related problems. Server problems are usually temporary hurdles that you may experience due to the server’s ongoing maintenance, high user traffic, software updates, or some other technical defaults at their end.
When users encounter the error message due to server issues, it’s often termed “Twitter is down.” This means that the Twitter service is currently experiencing an outage and is not functioning adequately.
THIRD-PARTY APPLICATIONSThird-party applications can increase the possibility of the occurrence of this error.
To have access to Twitter’s data, these applications make use of API (Application Programming Interface). Any API issues can cause disruption and lead to errors on Twitter.
If Twitter undergoes an update, the third-party application must be in sync with all the latest changes, otherwise, it can lead to inconsistencies and errors.
DEVICE GLITCHES AND CACHE ISSUESTechnical issues with your device either smartphone or computer can affect the functioning of Twitter. Software problems or outdated versions can lead to a communication gap between your device and Twitter.
Device cache stores your data from Twitter to help speed up browsing in the future. This cache data can become corrupted or the storage might be full due to which Twitter may display the “something went wrong, try reloading” error.
Roots of Twotter’s “something went wrong, try reloading” errors.

How To Fix “Something Went Wrong, Try Reloading” Error On Twitter?

Let’s fix this Twitter enigma!

While refreshing your Twitter page can be a go-to fix, relying solely on refreshing may not always suffice, thus prompting the need for alternate methods to resolve the error.

Here are some practical ways by which you can tackle these errors with ease:

Check Your Internet Connection

The instant thought that should come to your mind while experiencing this error is to ensure that you have a stable and fast Internet connection.

Check other apps to see if they are browsing fast and if the problem lies with your connection then restart your router or contact your Internet service provider.

page not found image
When your internet connection falters, Twitter turns into an error rollercoaster ride.

Disable Browser Extensions

Your browser extension or ad-blocker might likely interfere with Twitter’s functionality.

Disable the extension to see if the error persists and if it does then you can discontinue using that extension and find an alternative one.

Clear Cookies and Browser Data

Clearing Cookies and browser data can be a solution to eliminate the “something went wrong, try reloading” error.

To achieve this on Chrome, follow these instructions carefully:

  • Clear Cookies:
    • Open your Twitter account on your browser.
    • Click on the lock button on the left side of the website URL.
    • Go to the Cookies option.
    • Remove all the Cookies.
    • You can then try to use Twitter and see if the error is gone.
  • Clear Browser Data:
    • Open Chrome.
    • Click on the three-dotted icon.
    • Choose the “More Tools” option.
    • Go to “Clear Browsing Data.”
    • Choose the time range. Select “All Time” if you wish to remove everything.
    • Clear browsing data includes browser history, cookies and other site data, and cached images and files.
    • Tap on “Clear Data.”
    • You can now access your Twitter and most likely your issue will be fixed.

Clear App Cache

A man trying to fix a laptop
Sometimes, refreshing the bits and bytes is the ultimate error fix!

Just like clearing browser data and cached images and files, using Twitter on your smartphone also requires the same if an error pops up.

  • Open settings.
  • Go to the list of apps on your phone.
  • Click on Twitter.
  • Clear Cache and Data.

Update Browser

If you are using an outdated version of your browser, it’ll have compatibility issues with Twitter’s latest version and can be a possible culprit behind the “something went wrong, try reloading” error. Therefore, it’s very necessary to update your browser to avoid such errors.

  • Open Chrome.
  • Click on the three-dotted icon and tap on settings.
  • Go to “About Chrome.”
  • Here you will find out whether your Chrome is up-to-date or not.

Update System Software

To update your windows, you need to:

  • Go to settings on your computer/laptop.
  • Go to “Update and Security.”
  • You’ll see “Windows Update” on the left.
  • You can check for all the latest updates here.

To update your smartphone, you need to:

  • Go to settings.
  • To access the “Software Update” option, slide below.
  • If your Software is up-to-date and you want to know the version of the software, you can click on “About Phone” to find that out.

Usually, you don’t need to go the extra mile to update your PC because when you shut down your PC, it tells you about any new updates awaiting you. Similarly, if there’s a new update on your phone, you are notified about it in the notification bar above.

If the issue remains, you can consider employing an alternate browser or device for troubleshooting to see if the problem lies with your specific device or browser.

Use a VPN

A laptop wirelessly secure with a VPN
Breakthrough Twitter’s errors by using a VPN and experience flawless finesse!

Sometimes, the error could continue due to the specific area or region from where you’re accessing the app.

Try using a VPN and choose another location to access Twitter easily.

Contact Twitter Support

If you’ve ruled out all the possibilities that could’ve caused the error and it continues to disrupt the functionality of the app, you can contact Twitter support because it’s obvious that the issue is on their end.

Usually, Twitter itself notifies the users in case of any issues faced by their server. In such cases, users have to wait patiently for some time for the issue to be fixed.

People working together to fix errors
The efficient Twitter team battles errors like digital superheroes, ensuring a smooth experience for all!


  • Twitter is a networking platform where users can interact with one another through “Tweets.”
  • A digital equivalent of a shrug- you may sometimes experience the “something went wrong, try reloading”error on Twitter.
  • There are many reasons why this error may be encountered by users such as network issues, storage problems, outdated operating systems, third-party applications, etc.
  • When Twitter’s gone astray, hit reload and let the bird fly back in sync. However, this may not always work and users might have to opt for other fixes like:
    • Clearing browsing data, cookies, and app cache.
    • Update your operating system and browser.
    • Switch to another device or browser.
    • Improve Internet connection.
    • Use a VPN.
    • Contact Twitter Support.
  • Twitter errors may not be catastrophic but they sure know how to test your patience.

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