What is a Personal Blog on Instagram? (Detailed Answer)

The Instagram icon on a phone screen
Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps out there

A personal blog on Instagram is simply your personal page. If you post pictures on Instagram about yourself and constantly give updates about your life, that can be considered a personal blog.

Instagram is widely known to be a photo-sharing social media platform similar to Facebook. You can post pictures, share videos, and comment on other people’s posts. You can even add stories and create reels (which you couldn’t do before).

However, unlike Facebook, on Instagram, you don’t have to send a friend request to someone and add them to your friend list to see their content. Unless their account is set to private, you simply have to follow someone in order to see their posts.

It doesn’t even have to be mutual. A complete stranger could follow your Insta and you don’t have to follow back and they’ll still see your posts. This is what makes Instagram similar to a blog.

It’s almost as if people are “subscribing” to see your content, whatever that is you may post. But what you post determines what type of page you run on Instagram. If you only post yourself and what’s happening in your life then that makes your page a personal blog.

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What Exactly is Instagram Used For?

An Instagram feed on a phone
Instagram was built to share photos and videos with friends and families

Instagram is used for sharing photos, videos, stories, and reels. It’s a social media app where you can interact with friends, families, and strangers.

Most people use Instagram to share photos with friends and families but some use it for a specific reason, and that reason is usually to build a following.

It is a form of microblogging where instead of building a website from the ground up and getting people to visit the website, you only have to share posts on a platform that already has a huge audience looking for something to follow.

Instagram has a lot of users, making it the perfect place to start a blog or take a step toward “influencing”. Here’s a table of the number of users Instagram has had from 2018 to 2022:

20181 billion
20191.1 billion
20201.3 billion
20212 billion
20222.3 billion
The number of users Instagram has had from 2018 to 2022

It rises every year so it would make sense to build a platform there than do it from scratch. The type of content you share and what you plan to do with your page is up to you though.

Some people dedicate their Instagram page to their business or to their pet or to a specific niche, but most people generally only post about their life and their interests. The latter is what you call a personal blog on Instagram.

If people find it interesting, they’ll give you a follow, and eventually, if more and more people flock to your page, you’ll be able to monetize your content. Just like a blog.

What Other Types of Blogs Are There On Instagram?

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Instagram is home to all sorts of pages

There are many types of blogs on Instagram. Here are some of them:

  • Personal Blog
  • Corporate Blog
  • Fanpage
  • Niche Blog
  • Service Blogs
  • Affiliate Blog
  • Art Blog

A personal blog is when a person uses their Instagram page to share updates about their personal life or talk about things that interest them. It’s what most people have.

A corporate blog is centered around a business and marketing its products and services. Their goal is to take advantage of the built-in audience Instagram has and push traffic onto their own business website and generate sales.

A fan page is also quite popular on Instagram. It’s a page dedicated to a certain celebrity, movie franchise, fictional character, etc.

A niche blog is similar to a fan page, however, its purpose isn’t just to share updates on a certain celebrity and whatnot, but to actually create informative posts that can help their audience. For instance, a page about cooking where they share recipes and kitchen tips.

A 3D block of the Instagram icon
Instagram has a lot of popular blogs

A service blog is somewhat like a corporate blog where they use the platform to sell their service. But unlike a corporate blog, service blogs are often small and usually don’t require people to go to a different website.

An affiliate blog is made specifically to earn from Instagram by selling and promoting different products from different companies through an affiliate link. The content of these types of blogs is often tutorials and reviews, with the link to the product being in their bio.

From the name itself, an art blog is a page where its sole focus is just art. This could be art from one artist or multiple, depending on whoever is running the page.

Now, there’s no official label for pages on Instagram and a page could definitely have more than just one type of content. But generally speaking, people who want to build a following off of the platform like to stick to one thing in order to stay consistent.

Can You Have More Than One Blog On Instagram?

Yes, you can have more than one blog on Instagram. There’s no strict rule that says your page has to only be about one thing. It can be anything you want it to be.

In terms of accounts, you can have multiple Instagram accounts all focused on one type of thing, however, the Instagram app only allows you to add and switch up to 5 accounts.

To create a new account, you first gotta find your profile page then go to settings. Then you scroll down to add account and click create new account. From there, it’s pretty intuitive. You pick a username and password you like and then click complete sign-up and you’re good to go.

If you’re not really sure why you need more than one account, have a quick look at this video:

How Many Instagram Accounts Should You Have?

In summary, your page can be about more than one thing and you can have more than one account. As long as you can manage them and not overwhelm yourself with posting content, having more than one account about multiple things should be fine.

How Do I Monetize My Instagram?

Analytics on a phone
Many influencers make their living off of apps like Instagram

There are many ways to monetize your Instagram page. You can request monetization, enable ads, join an affiliate marketing program, or work with brands.

It’s important to note that although it sounds easy on paper, trying to earn money from Instagram can be difficult, especially if you’re new. While a lot of people have gotten rich off of the app, it’s unrealistic to expect to become a millionaire when you’ve only made three posts. It’s an uphill climb.

To earn from your page, you can start by trying to get a brand deal. Companies will pay you to promote their products or services, whether that be in the form of a reel or a post. There’s a misconception that only pages with a million followers can get a brand deal but that’s not true.

There are tons of relatively small pages getting brand deals and earning off of it. However, if you’re a really small page, you’re gonna have to reach out to a brand and pitch a reason why they should partner with you.

The next thing you could try to affiliate marketing. By promoting a product enough for a viewer to click your link and actually buy the product, you can get paid through commissions.

Affiliate marketing has been around for ages, however, Instagram recently introduced Instagram Affiliate which makes it easier for creators to earn money through affiliate links.

You can also enable ads on your Instagram Reel and earn money there. As long as you follow their guidelines and are eligible, you can enable ads for your reels.

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  • A personal blog on Instagram is just your personal page where you share things about your personal life and post about your interests.
  • Instagram is a photo and video-sharing app with a built-in audience, making it the perfect place to start a blog. Its number of users rises every year.
  • There are multiple types of blogs on Instagram, however, that doesn’t mean you can only stick to one. Your page can focus on more than one thing and you can also add and switch up to 5 accounts.
  • You can monetize your Instagram page by enabling ads on your reels, joining an affiliate marketing program, or getting a brand deal.

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