What Should Be The Frequency For 3600 MHz RAM? [Get To Know!]

For optimal performance with 3600MHz RAM, it’s advised to set the frequency at 1800MHz. To keep a balanced 1:1 ratio, the MCLK (memory clock) should also be set at 1800MHz.

AMD stands for Advanced Micro Devices and is a company that makes various products. They especially excel in the manufacturing of CPUs and GPUs. Thus, it is no surprise that they are a big competitor to Intel in the CPU market.

AMD introduced Infinity Fabric, a fast technology that connects different parts of a processor. This innovation has greatly improved the performance and capabilities of AMD processors. Not only this, but the introduction of this technology has given serious competition to others.

What’s The Recommended FCLK Frequency for 3600MHz RAM?

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When considering 3600MHz RAM, it’s important to determine the optimal frequency for smooth computer performance and enhanced user experience.

When we talk about memory, it’s DDR (Double Data Rate), meaning its effective speed is half of the mentioned rate. So, for this DDR memory, keep in mind that the FCLK (fabric clock) will be mentioned as half of the RAM frequency, maintaining an effective 1:1 ratio with MCLK (memory clock).

The Memory Clock and Fabric Clock work closely together and are very important for how the computer operates. Thus, it’s important to maintain a 1:1 ratio between them for the best system performance.

In the case of 3600MHz RAM, an ideal FCLK frequency would be 1800MHz, ensuring the system operates perfectly with added stability.

What Is The FCLK Frequency for 3000MHz, 3200MHz, 3600MHz, 4000MHz, 6000MHz RAM?


Now that we’ve covered the ideal frequency for 3600MHz RAM, let’s explore FCLK frequencies for different RAM speeds.

Remember, the key is maintaining a 1:1 ratio between MCLK and FCLK for optimal performance. Also, by the DDR concept you get to know that RAM is double of FCLK and MCLK.

  • Starting with 3000MHz RAM, both FCLK and MCLK frequencies would be 1500MHz.
  • For 3200MHz RAM, both FCLK and MCLK frequencies would be 1600MHz.
  • For 3600MHz RAM, both FCLK and MCLK frequencies would be 1800MHz.
  • For 4000MHz RAM, both FCLK and MCLK frequencies increase to 2000MHz.
  • Lastly, for 6000MHz RAM, both FCLK and MCLK frequencies reach 3000MHz.

It’s worth noting that for RAM speeds beyond 3600MHz, maintaining a 1:1 ratio might be challenging, depending on factors like CPU model, motherboard quality, and overall system configuration.

For extremely high speeds like 6000MHz or 4000MHz, significant overclocking is often required, and it may not be supported by all processors.

Below is a table summarizing the RAM and corresponding FCLK frequencies for quick reference:

RAM and FCLK frequencies
Are you maximizing your RAM speed?

What Does The Term FCLK Frequency Mean?

Fabric Clock Frequency.

The Fabric Clock (FCLK) is closely linked to Infinity Fabric and it provides the required frequency for sending signals and data. In the AMD processor world, FCLK is a vital part of the design. The FCLK is measured in megahertz (MHz).

In simpler terms, this frequency indirectly handles communication between different parts inside the processor. Since it impacts how quickly data moves, it’s crucial for how well a system performs.

Even when dealing with big files, the higher FCLK frequency means faster transfers. This not only makes users happier but also puts your system in a strong position against others. Also, if your RAM isn’t the best, FCLK makes sure data moves quickly to make your system work like a pro.

What Exactly Is The Infinity Fabric (IF)?

AMD introduced Infinity Fabric in 2017 as an advanced technology connecting different parts of a computer system. It’s like the director behind the scenes, arranging data movement among components such as the processor, cores, and RAM.

Infinity Fabric is very important for communication among these various parts and stands out for its ability to scale, efficiently managing connections whether there are a few or many CPU cores. Its importance includes managing the flow of data from CPU cores to memory to maintain effective communication.

The fabric clock controls Infinity Fabric and determines its data transmission capabilities. A higher clock speed means better data transmission which results in an improved user experience and overall system performance.

Infinity Fabric comprises two key components: SDF and SCF.

  • SDF manages data movement between components.
  • SCF manages the transmission of system control signals.

How Does FCLK Affect The Speed And Performance Of RAM?

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Improved performance

You might be aware of how RAM can influence FCLK frequency, right? Well, it goes both ways. FCLK frequency also affects the speed and performance of RAM.

To make it simple, FCLK frequency helps RAM work better. It does this by improving the performance of RAM and thus, enhancing what it can do. It also makes it easier to overclock RAM and adjust things like voltage and timing.

Ultimately, this greatly enhances the processor’s speed and performance.

What Are The Factors That Influence The Speed Of FCLK Frequency?

The speed of the FCLK frequency is actually determined by a variety of factors which I have listed in the table below:

CPU ModelBecause there are different kinds of CPUs, it’s expected that each type comes with its unique features, including things like FCLK and memory. Therefore, various CPU models will have different ranges for FCLK.
Motherboard QualityThe motherboard is a crucial part of your system. Its quality directly impacts the FCLK. A good-quality motherboard can handle and provide faster FCLK frequencies. Thus, it becomes compatible with high-frequency signals.
MemoryThe speed and type of memory (RAM) might also affect the FCLK frequency. When the RAM is swift, the FCLK frequency tends to increase.
BIOS/UEFIAs the FCLK frequency settings are governed by BIOS/UEFI configurations, any modifications made to these settings significantly affect the FCLK frequency.
Various factors which influence the speed of the FCLK frequency

What Advantages Does FCLK Offer in Gaming?


When your FCLK is higher, it can significantly impact your gaming experience, providing you with maximum satisfaction.

In gaming, precision is crucial, and everything matters. The higher FCLK comes with various advantages, which I’ve listed below for you:

Reduced Latency

The FCLK frequency plays a key role in reducing latency by enabling faster data transfer between CPU cores and memory.

This reduction in latency is particularly beneficial for fast-paced games and contributes to minimizing input lag, providing a smoother gaming experience.

Faster Loading

Since communication happens swiftly among various components, the game kicks off quickly, and loading times are reduced.

This overall improvement enhances the gaming experience significantly.


Maintaining a 1:1 ratio between FCLK and MCLK brings stability, ensuring a reliable and consistent gaming performance.

This also helps eliminate unexpected crashes and provides a more seamless gaming experience.

Frame Rates

Beyond just data transfer, FCLK also plays a role in communication between the CPU and GPU.

This contributes to improved frame rates which gives a visually enhanced gaming experience.

Final Thoughts

  • AMD is a semiconductor company known for manufacturing processors and graphics cards.
  • The recommended FCLK frequency for 3600MHz RAM is typically 1800MHz.
  • For different RAM speeds like 3000MHz, 3200MHz, 3600MHz, 4000MHz, and 6000MHz, the FCLK frequencies vary accordingly but in an ideal situation, it is half of the RAM.
  • Various Ryzen processors have different FCLK frequencies, and these frequencies influence the overall system performance.
  • Fabric Clock (FCLK) is a crucial element that affects the speed and performance of the processor.
  • Infinity Fabric (IF) is an advanced interconnect technology introduced by AMD that manages connections between components.
  • FCLK plays a significant role in enhancing the speed and performance of RAM
  • Several factors influence the speed of FCLK frequency, including CPU model, motherboard quality, memory, and BIOS/UEFI.
  • FCLK offers advantages in gaming by improving responsiveness, frame rates, reducing latency, etc.

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