Why Are Random Games Downloading on My Phone? (Find Out!)

Games are essential to go through stressful days. They don’t just make us forget everything else around us, but games also help build mental ability.

Although gaming is fun and everything, though, if it keeps on downloading on its own, it gets quite annoying, to be honest. I mean, who likes to wake up on a bunch of new apps and games that they do not approve of?

I myself have been in a similar situation which lead me to a couple of questions that popped up in my head, and I’m sure you have some questions in your mind too.

I have gathered a few questions and their tried and tested answers to make the reader’s life easy. Keep on reading the article till the very end and choose what to do with your query and concerns.

Game on mobile
Gaming Is Fun, But On Mobile, It’s Conveniently Fun!

Why Is My Phone Installing Random Games?

Our cell phones are designed to be a source of easiness and relaxation. However, they sometimes act crazy and frustrated.

One of the things that makes cell phones annoying is when they download games by themselves. There’s no magic behind this. There are simply some reasons behind this undone and sudden move.

The following table is the true description of those reasons:

Reasons For Random DownloadingDetails
When a phone is rooted, or there is an app that is not trusted by the official store, a bug or virus can make its way through to the phone. That bug can install games on its own.When a phone is rooted, or there’s an app that is not trusted by the official store, a bug or virus can make its way through to the phone. That bug can install games on its own.
Auto UpdateIf auto-update is enabled on your device, the phone will update or install games on its own.
HackedIf you have ever signed in to your Google Play store from another device, there is a possibility that, that other device is installing the games, and you think it is happening on its own.
Granted App PermissionWe often absent-mindedly give access to applications and, in return, get unnecessary games and other application downloads.
Malicious AppThere are apps even on the Play Store that are malicious. These applications work behind the scene and download unauthorized games on your phone.
AdwareWith phone upgrading, the carrier or phone manufacturers often brings games with that upgrading too.
Why Is My Phone Installing Random Games
Google Play Store
Choose The App Wisely

How to Stop My Phone From Downloading Random Games?

With problems come solutions, too, fortunately. Phones can download games randomly and for several reasons. Thankfully there is a list of things that can be done to stop that from occurring in the future.

Guard Up

Be prepared in advance to deal with any malicious application by downloading an anti-virus, authentic one, beforehand.

Nonetheless, if you don’t have anti-virus software, download it now to overcome the problems created by any harmful applications.

Disable Auto-Store

In the settings on applications, you will find an option to restore and backup, keep it to off for sparing yourself some questions like how, when, and who?

If enabled, this option can install the application on its own once you have your id logged in to another device.

Disable Auto-Update

Keeping your phone’s settings to auto-update saves so much time and notifications, right? Why bother seeing a notification again and again until you decide to finally update your phone, while you know it is important to keep the phone up to date?

Users usually keep their phone’s settings to auto-update and forget about it. With an auto-update, the device downloads new applications. Disable the option to stop the wondering next time.

Restrict The Unknown

When you download third-party applications, it asks for permission to download from an unknown source. You have experienced that, right? Rooting, too, gives permission to unknown sources to download files.

Trusting unknown sources can be risky. These sources can open doors you never want to look at. Be careful with what you choose to give access to on your phone.

Looking From Binocular
Look out For The Permissions You Grant To Third-Party Applications

Change Credentials

Some frequent users and downloaders often download things without questioning the authenticity of the application.

If you have done this recently and now you are seeing games installed out of nowhere, trace your tracks.

Also, change your credentials immediately to overcome the situation before it is too late or gets worse.

How do I stop unknown sources from downloading?

Downloading from unknown sources may be a problem solver for some specific hurdles, but this isn’t the best way to go about it with your device and your personal space.

Look out for the following steps to stop unknown sources from downloading applications and games from the internet.

  • On your phone, go to Settings.
  • Upon searching, you will either find the option of Privacy or Security.
  • Tap on the respective option and go to Unknown Sources or Install from unknown sources and turn it off.

These simple steps can save your device from a lot of trouble. Check out this video to learn more.

How do I stop unknown sources from downloading?


  • We pull in our gaming sessions for a relaxing time after an eventful day. However, they may become a hassle sometimes.
  • Smartphones have made gaming super easy, but we have seen many times how there are games on our phones that download on their own.
  • There are multiple reasons for this sudden and own its own downloading.
  • There are bugs and viruses that make this happen. Also, a third-party malicious application might be the reason behind this sudden downloading.
  • Moreover, auto-downloading can be the culprit here too.
  • Fortunately, there are some ways that can ease this problem.
  • Change of credentials, restricting unknown sources from downloading, disabling auto-update and auto-store, and downloading anti-virus applications can work well to encounter this concern.
  • Whenever you download a new application or a game, make sure that you know what permissions are you granting to that application. This may seem like a small thing, but it can affect your privacy and security loads.

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