Why Can’t I Follow This Person On Facebook? (Explained)

Facebook is a social media platform to make and add new friends and to share what’s happening in your life while getting to know what they’re up to.

But, have you ever wanted to follow someone on Facebook only to see that you can’t? It can be frustrating and confusing to not find the “follow” button on someone’s Facebook profile but that’s not uncommon.

There are two main reasons why you cannot follow some accounts, and what alternatives you have to still stay connected. Understanding the “why” of this situation can help us foster better relationships online so that everyone stays connected without compromising their safety.

In this blog post, we’ll explore why the “follow” option disappears on some profiles and what you can do about it. So keep reading to learn more!

Reasons Why You Can’t Follow Someone?

Not being able to follow someone on Facebook can sometimes leave you scratching your head and wondering what the heck is going on. So, what does it mean when you can’t follow someone on Facebook?

There are a few reasons why this may be the case:

Blocked or privateThe user has blocked you or set their account to private, preventing you from viewing their posts or sending requests.
Blocked by FacebookFacebook has blocked the account due to inappropriate content or security breaches, preventing them from following.
Deleted accountThe account has been permanently deleted by its owner, removing all associated activities and making it un-followable.
Facebook GlitchIt’s not uncommon for Facebook to encounter a glitch. It could be that the person you’re trying to follow has disabled the “follow” feature, or it could simply be a glitch with the platform itself.
Reasons you can’t follow someone on Facebook.

Their Privacy Settings May Be Restricting Follows

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Facebook privacy settings may restrict followers.

Have you ever seen someone on Facebook, but noticed that you can’t follow them? This may be because the user has certain privacy settings enabled, preventing strangers or certain people from being able to follow their profile.

To check their privacy settings and make sure you are eligible to follow the user, go to their profile page and hover over the “follow” button. If it says “requested” instead of “follow,” this means that the user has enabled privacy settings that require them to approve who is following them.

If you want to follow this person, you should send a message introducing yourself and/or explain why you are interested in following them. Some users may allow all incoming follow requests, which is why sending a personalized message may give them a better impression of your intentions.

If they do not approve your follow request after a few days, it may be best to take the hint and try following different people instead – after all, not everyone wants to share their content with the world!

They May Have Blocked You

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Facebook on Phone

If you can’t follow someone on Facebook, the person may likely have blocked you from their account. Blocking someone on Facebook means that a person will not be able to see your profile, posts, messages, or any other activity you take part in.

When a user blocks another user they will disappear from that user’s friends list and any threads they are both in will no longer show messages from the blocked user. There will be no notification sent to the user who has been blocked so it’s important to keep in mind that blocking happens without warning and with no direct indication of it having occurred.

Facebook’s Algorithms Have Temporarily Restricted Their Profile

Have you ever been blocked from following someone on Facebook? It can be confusing, and it may leave you wondering if you’ve done something to violate the rules of Facebook.

The truth is, Facebook has algorithms in place to prevent people from “spamming” each other with too many posts or requests or engaging in other prohibited behaviour. As a result, they may temporarily restrict an account so that you can’t follow them – but this doesn’t always mean that you did something wrong.

Social Media Apps on phone
Social Media Apps

In most cases, the account holder must take action before the restriction is lifted – for example, by verifying their identity or changing their password. Once they have taken the necessary steps, you will usually be able to follow them again.

However, at times it is possible that the restriction is due to suspicious activity on the user’s part. In this case, they won’t be able to lift the restriction until they take additional steps such as contacting customer service and addressing the issue.

Ultimately, if you’re blocked from following someone on Facebook it likely means that their account is temporarily restricted due to automated security measures or suspicious activity – but either way, they should be able to resolve the issue and allow you to follow them again soon!

They Deactivated Their Facebook Account

A youtube video on how to find someone blocked or deactivate their account.

You may not be able to follow someone on Facebook if they have deactivated their account. When someone deactivates their account, all of their posts, photos, and information are no longer visible on Facebook. The person is still able to reactivate their account, but until then they won’t be able to be followed on the platform.

When a user deactivates their account, it will not appear in the search or in any notifications or conversations that you are part of. Additionally, any outstanding friend requests will remain unaccepted until the user reactivates their account and can accept them.

If a friend has deactivated their Facebook account, you can always reach out to them directly through another form of communication.

What To Do If You Can’t Follow Them On Facebook?

It’s not uncommon for Facebook to encounter a glitch. It could be that the person you’re trying to follow has disabled the “follow” feature, or it could simply be a glitch with the platform itself.

Facebook may have also determined that the person you’re trying to follow has too many followers already and is preventing additional ones from joining. It could also be that they made their profile more private, meaning only their friends (or a certain group of people) can follow them.

If you encounter this problem, there are several things you can do:

  1. Check if their profile is set to public by clicking on their profile picture and heading over to their “about” page. If it says “followers” on top of the page, then they have allowed anyone to follow them, and it may just be a Facebook glitch.
  2. Wait for a few days and try again; sometimes Facebook’s temporary glitches clear up on their own due to periodic maintenance of the social network site.
  3. Reach out directly via a message or post; if all else fails, you can always send them a message asking politely why you can’t follow them anymore – or if they’d like to give you special access!


  • If you can’t follow someone on Facebook, It could be because the person has changed their privacy settings that restrict who can follow them.
  • There can be some restrictions on your account that prevent you from adding that person as a following.
  • Sometimes it may also be due to a Facebook glitch. If that’s the case then it may resolve on its own within a few hours or contact support.
  • Ultimately, respecting someone’s choice to set boundaries in terms of who can have access to their profile is the most important factor.

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