Why Can’t I See Who Viewed My Instagram Story? (Query Answered!)

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Everything about social media attracts people. No matter if it’s the news that we are getting from across the globe, the ability that enables people to keep their connections alive with their loved ones and everything else.

Though, this never-ending debate is becoming concern of many parents that Instagram is harmful to teens. Yet this concern has not made teens stop using Instagram.

Social media, which includes Instagram as well, is more like an addiction these days. You wake up, you see your phone and your favorite social media platform the first thing in the morning. You go to bed, you check the notification of your favorite social media channel, the last thing in a day.

One thing that has grabbed people’s attention and got immense attention is stories. Snapchat initially introduced stories but the hype it got is from Instagram.

Maybe because of the boomerangs this platform got recognition. I remember how people were going crazy with that added value. Those stories were being downloaded and added as Whatsapp statuses.

This article is going to talk about Instagram stories and a problem related to them. The problem is the invisibility of people who have viewed a story on Instagram. So, keep the reading going.

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Instagram Stories

Instagram stories make the platform stand out from other competitors

The trend might have been set by Snapchat but the hype got real from Instagram. I am not sure if the boomerangs were the reason behind this or the excessive use of Instagram as people were not so familiar with Snapchat back then.

One question that was the hot topic after putting up an Insta story was, who viewed it and who ignored it. I even know people who used to see who viewed their story first.

People used to wait for that special person they put up the story for. The stories were either direct or indirect conversations.

Now that Facebook has that feature too, the audience is again, to an extent divided. Also, the reels have changed the game too.

Instagram Problems

Instagram is great, without a doubt, but great things come with a package too. Following are the problems that one faces while using Instagram.

Cannot Post Instagram Stories

Having amazing content and being unable to post it in your story might be super frustrating. No matter if it’s your account or a business account, stories help you keep better track of your viewership while reaching more people at one time.

If you are a victim of this issue, check your internet connection, if it’s working fine, or see if your Instagram or device is fully updated, or else check the file size, maybe that is the problem.

Unable To See Who Viewed My Instagram Story

Putting up a story of the latest and hottest picture is a way to get people’s immediate attention but what if you are unable to see who viewed your story?

There are multiple reasons behind this issue. while a poor internet connection is a constant for every error, the other person may have enabled their story archive so that you cannot see that person’s activity on your story.

Also, if you cannot see who viewed your Instagram story then it is the cause of a technical issue.

Cannot Load Instagram Feed

Instagram often shows an error that tells that the feed cannot be loaded. Why does that happen? Well, there are quite a few reasons behind this error.

Firstly, there are chances that your internet connection is compromised. Meaning, the internet connection you are using is not working to its best capability.

Secondly, there is a possibility that Instagram’s server is down for your region. This is a rare case scenario but this has happened in the past and it can happen in the future.

Moreover, it can be just Instagram doing what it does often. Many complaints have been reported that Instagram is starting to send errors for no apparent reason.

The fixes are not much of a hassle. You can do a few simple things to get your application to work fine like before.

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Decoding privacy: Understand the concept of private Instagram accounts.

Profile Unavailable

When searching for a certain profile, you often do not find it and you keep on wondering what has just happened.

Well, let me tell you one thing, pal. You are either blocked by that particular individual or else they have deactivated their account.

You can always ask that person what happened but if that bothers you or you do not find it suitable, do your investigation from another account and you’ll have your answers.

Check out this video to see common Instagram problems.

How to fix common Instagram Issues

Why Can’t I See Who Viewed My Story On Instagram?

Updating an Instagram story is not enough if you cannot see who viewed it. Engagement in the story can tell who viewed them. However, not everyone engages in a post or story openly.

For posts, you have to check the insights and for stories, you have to see the viewers list.

There are a couple of reasons why one can not see who viewed their story and they are elaborated on below:

  • You may be viewing your story too soon after uploading, take some time and give some time to Instagram too.
  • The network might be compromised. A poor connection sometimes makes such an issue occur.
  • Maybe the story archive is enabled and the only person who knows about who viewed your story is that person or Instagram.
  • It can be a bug that might be coming between you and your Instagram story.
  • Instagram not being fully updated can also be a reason for this error.

Things I Can Do To Resolve The Issue

No problem Instagram does not have a solution. You just have to know what the problem is and then can you only do the right thing to resolve that problem.

Check out the table below to see the solutions to story-related problems.

Too SoonGive your Instagram some time to load the views. It sometimes takes 24 hours to give proper data.
Poor InternetCheck your internet connection if it’s working properly or not. Ask the server provider to make things right.
Enabled Story ArchiveThere is nothing much you can do here. If the person has enabled their story archive, only they can disable it.
Technical IssueA bug can interfere and cause problems. Restart the phone if necessary.
Incomplete UpdateUpdate your account to use the application properly.
Issues and solutions to see who viewed your stories


In this article, we have learned:

  • Instagram stories are famous and liked for their beauty and glamour.
  • More people can be reached through Instagram stories but sometimes we cannot see who has viewed our stories.
  • Some other issues cause problems for Instagram users.
  • The reason for almost every problem is a poor internet connection, technical error, or Instagram outrage.
  • Sometimes it becomes a problem to see who has viewed your Insta story but this issue has some genuine reasons.
  • Too early checking, story archive enabled, internet problem, or bug interference can be the culprit here.

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