Why Isn’t My Instagram Loading Pictures? (Solved)

Few things are very annoying like tapping an Instagram image and getting the message “Couldn’t Load Image.” Error: “Tap to Retry.” 

There are numerous causes for this issue, the majority of them are connected to your network connection or the Instagram app. 

Fortunately, there are several solutions for you to fix this Instagram account difficulty. To solve the problem, you can check to see whether Instagram’s servers are down, test your internet connection, and erase the app’s cache.

Why isn’t my Instagram account loading pictures?

Why isn’t my Instagram loading pictures?

There Is No Internet Connection

Your internet connection should be your first point of blame, especially if you are unable to view any content in your feed. 

Your network may have been disrupted after you logged into your Instagram account, stopping you from loading images and videos into your account. 

These days, network interruptions are common and can be brought on by a variety of factors. Let’s examine the reasons why your Internet connection could be disrupted:

  • No signal; We’ve seen that network signals frequently fluctuate and occasionally even go dead. If so, you will need to wait until your internet service provider fixes the network. 
  • No data subscription is active; this applies if you are connecting to the internet using mobile data or a modem that calls for a data subscription. You could use up all of your data without even realizing it if you play huge, high-definition videos on Instagram. Make sure your subscription is active by checking.
  • Your router can be suffering technical issues, which would cause it to disconnect you from the internet. Even if there is a network signal, your router may still be having some technical issues. Restarting the router can usually assist you in resolving the issue.

These are a few of the factors that can cause your network while online to be disrupted. 

Try using your browser to access another website if Instagram isn’t loading properly so you can quickly determine whether the issue is with the network, Instagram, or another technical issue.

Some Issues with The Instagram App

When you can’t load photos on Instagram, this should be the second reason why.

The Instagram app can malfunction for a variety of reasons, so let’s briefly look at some of them as well:

Ensure that your Instagram app is updated.
  • Not installing updates; your app won’t operate correctly without the required updates. I said the proper updates because occasionally, including incorrect ones might also lead to issues. If you recently bought a used phone, you should update it. If you haven’t updated your phone in a while, you should. You should go back to the previous version if you start having issues with Instagram not loading photographs after installing updates.
  • Corrupt data and cache; To enhance user experience, the Instagram app stores cache, and data. They use this data to track your app usage history and then provide content based on your interests. If this data is faulty, the app will not work properly, which may be the cause of your inability to upload photos to Instagram. 
  • Changes are made to system files; Instagram setup files cannot operate as intended if they are altered. Installing updates might help fix the problem but the chances are slim. App data and cache may be the cause of this, and in most cases, you’ll need to reinstall Instagram to fix the issue.

The Instagram Server Isn’t Available

Every time you log in, data is fetched from the Instagram servers, where all content on the platform is kept. Since Instagram’s servers are always functioning properly, it rarely occurs. 

Instagram generally tackles the issue from its own side via its Twitter handle, although there are a few occasions during the year when the servers are down. 

If Instagram is down for several hours, there is nothing you can do but wait for Instagram to resolve the issue.

The issue should last a few minutes, or in the worst scenario, up to a few hours, but I can assure you that it won’t last all day. 

Additionally, you should be aware that even if Instagram’s servers are up and operating, there may still be other technical issues that prohibit you from loading images. 

Just wait until the issue is resolved on their end, whatever the circumstance. 

There may be additional secondary causes, but they can all be categorized under the causes mentioned above. 

These are the main causes of Instagram pictures not loading. Now let’s discuss potential fixes for the issue of Instagram pictures not loading.

Make sure your device is connected to the internet.

How to Fix the Instagram Pictures Not Showing up Issue?

Your Instagram photographs are not appearing, not by yourself?! To put it mildly, this is a really unpleasant condition! 

Let’s get down to business without further ado. How can I restore Instagram photos that don’t appear? You have a few sly tactics up your sleeve. 

Let’s look at them in this table one by one:

Is Instagram Server Up and Running?Although it may seem unimportant, that is a possibility. Go to the Google search page and type in “Instagram Server Status” as a short query. Verify whether or not other Instagram users have mentioned the same problem. You can fairly assume that the Instagram team is well aware of this issue and is working on it if several users are reporting the same issue. Wait an hour or possibly several hours, then check. Your issue might be fixed.
Update Your Instagram AppNew versions of apps with numerous bug patches and fresh features are frequently released by app developers. If the Instagram photographs you’ve uploaded aren’t appearing, return to the Google Play Store or the App Store and see if an update is available. Update the app as soon as possible if there is a new version available. This usually solves the problem.
Check Your Internet ConnectionInstagram can only be used if you have a reliable Internet connection. Check to see if you have enough data if you are using mobile data. Check to see whether other Wi-Fi-using apps are operating if you are connected to one. To rule out the possibility that your router has not gone into standby mode, you can go ahead and reset it if necessary. Frequently, slow or no Internet causes graphics to not load.
Is Your App a Beta Version?Any software that has a beta version is being tested in a real-world setting, so you should be aware of this when you see it. This indicates that the program is accessible for download and use, and the creators are awaiting user feedback. Any reported flaws are fixed by the developers in later Beta releases, leading to the creation of the release candidate or stable version. Remove Instagram Beta from your device and switch to the app’s stable version instead.
Close and Reopen the AppSometimes the problem can be fixed by completely closing the app (as opposed to just minimizing it) and then reopening it. The problem is solely the result of an app bug or conflicts with other apps. Continue to the next step in the troubleshooting process if this doesn’t solve the issue.
Uninstall and Reinstall the AppA fast uninstall followed by a reinstall can fix your issue if there is an app conflict issue or if the Instagram app was not installed correctly. You must ensure that the Instagram app has all the appropriate permissions when you reinstall. It will request authorization to use your microphone, camera, storage, phone, location, and contacts. As soon as the installation is complete, grant all the necessary permissions. Then, check by logging into the account. Your issue ought to get better.
Are Your Photos Deleted?Whether you like it or not, someone could hack into your account or just delete your images in an unsavory way. It’s possible that you won’t even be able to get into your Instagram account in the event of a total hack. Enter your Instagram login information at instagram.com to rule out the possibilities. There is an issue if you are unable to view your images on the web interface. To get assistance, you must contact Instagram and explain the situation.
Reset Your Phone – The Last ResortTake the final step if nothing else seems to be working, your account hasn’t been compromised, and nobody has deleted your images. RESET your phone, that’s all. Perform a factory reset, but make sure you have a complete backup of the contacts, pictures, documents, and other data on your phone. Everything is available for download on your computer, or you may utilize a cloud service like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. Once you have the backup, completely reset your phone and update it. Install Instagram first on your phone at this point. It ought to operate properly.
How to fix pictures on Instagram account.

Check out this video for more details:

Hope it helps!


  • We have now covered some of the typical issues that cause Instagram images to not load and how to resolve them. 
  • If it is due to a bad internet connection then the problem resolves on its own when the connection restored.
  • Other than that, there are some typical fixes for this issue, ranging from deleting the app’s cache to updating it. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and picked up some helpful information.

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