Youtubers With 500K Subscribers: How Much Do They Earn In YouTube? (Discover)

From learning the art of DIY repairs to glimpsing into extravagant living, YouTube has become an unparalleled hub of knowledge. With its vast array of tutorials, vlogs, and documentaries, the platform has transformed into a modern-day encyclopedia of information.

Whether you’re a novice seeking guidance on basic tasks or an enthusiast eager to explore the finer things in life, YouTube has something for everyone.

Why YouTube is Important for Content Creators?

YouTube plays a key role in making many content creators into self-made celebrities due to the content and influence they boast on the platform.

YouTube has its unique model that encourages content creators to earn a certain amount via advertisements, views, and subscriptions. 

Due to the material and influence they flaunt on the site, YouTube plays a significant part in the self-made celebrity status of many content providers.
Due to the material and influence they flaunt on the site, YouTube plays a significant part in the self-made celebrity status of many content providers.

YouTube is a rich encyclopedia of knowledge that has everything you need from history to tech to everything else. You name it YT has it!

As a content creator, YouTube is the perfect place to build your audience and make a passive income as well. YouTube opens the doors for multiple income streams if you get a hunch of how it works. 

As a beginner with hundreds of subscribers, you may not be able to make an income out of it but if you have 500K active subscribers then the income prospects are endless.

Although it is difficult to put a finger on the exact amount of salary a YouTuber gets from YouTube but we will round off the figures to give you a rough estimate. 

How Much does a YouTuber with 500K Subscribers Make Per Month?

It varies!

The views on your videos are more important than the number of likes or comments you receive—even if they are bogus!

The amount of money a YouTuber with 500,000 subscribers will make per month is determined by a variety of factors that’s why it’s tough to predict the exact value.

According to some estimations, a YouTuber with 500,000 followers can earn between $1,000 and $10,000 per month, depending on many conditions.

Remember that these are only estimates and that real earnings might vary greatly.

It would be helpful to know additional details about a certain YouTuber’s channel and company to estimate their earnings more accurately.

500k Subscribers YouTuber’s Salary

How can YouTubers make Money?

Initially making money on YouTube requires you to upload videos on YouTube, get subscriptions and views, and finally monetization of your channel.

However, as the channel gets more recognition content creators can find multiple income streams like sponsorships, ambassadorships, PR, and whatnot. 

Elements affecting a YouTuber’s income are:

  • The amount and length of advertisements displayed throughout their videos
  • The traffic they are receiving
  • Number of clicks
  • Viewer’s country
  • Sponsorship agreements and brand collaborations
  • Merchandise or product sales
  • Monetization strategies
  • Public speaking and other chances resulting from their YouTube channel

The projected income per view ranges from $0.001 to $0.03. According to this estimate:

50,000 views$50 – $1500
100,000 views$100 – $3000
500,000 views$500 – $15,000
1 million views$1000 – $30,000
1.5 million views$1500 – $45,000
Views and revenue generated with them

If there are more than 1.5 million views, the expected revenues will rise correspondingly. It should be noted that these are only rough estimations; real profits may vary substantially.

What are some Factors that are Essential for YouTubers to Generate Income?

Content producers might find numerous revenue streams, such as sponsorships, ambassadorships, PR, as the channel gains more popularity.
Content producers might find numerous revenue streams, such as sponsorships, ambassadorships, and PR, as the channel gains more popularity.

Given these factors, some YouTubers with 500K subscribers can earn much more or significantly less than others, depending on the variables outlined below:

The Number Of Views A Video Receives

The number of views a YouTuber’s videos receive, as well as the number of adverts that appear during those views, determines their revenue significantly.

In general, the more people watch a YouTuber’s videos, the more money they make.


The more marketers are interested in placing advertisements on a YouTuber’s videos, the more money they will generate.

Different categories of Ads pay different amounts, so the types of ads shown during a video significantly affect a YouTuber’s income.

For instance, advertisements that encourage viewers to buy their product or interact with the user in any other way like by clicking on a link, tend to offer more money than advertisements that are just played. 


The location where a YouTuber’s videos are seen might also affect how much money they make.

Ads generally pay more in countries with higher advertising rates, such as the United States.

Can I make 20k USD Per Month on YouTube?

Yes! Let me show you how.

Pre-roll advertisements earn $5 per 1,000 views, whereas banner ads earn $0.80 per 1,000 views. For this example, we’ll use an average of $2 per 1,000 views.

$20k * 500 = 10 million views

You now understand that all of your videos must have at least 10 million views each month. If you upload three videos every week (12 videos per month), each one must have at least 833k views to earn 20k USD

It’s a lot for an unknown, but it’s not impossible. Over time, you may easily create this number of views per month as you produce more and grow your following.

The nice thing is that the more material you have online, the more money you make, especially if you create evergreen content.

The good news is that the more content you have online, especially if you produce evergreen content, the more money you generate.
The good news is that the more content you have online, especially if you produce evergreen content, the more money you generate.

How Can a YouTuber with 500K Subscribers Earn?

It’s necessary to realize that just because a YouTuber has 500k subscribers doesn’t imply they’ll get that many views for every video.

The number of views and interactions directly influence income and varies substantially between videos and channels.

If you achieve 500k members, you may earn $1500 – $2500 per month only from AdSense. Affiliate marketing, sponsorship, and selling merchandise online are all ways to supplement your income.

It’s also critical that AdSense profits correspond to when YouTube receives its cut – generally 45%. When all things are considered, the income per 500k viewers would be roughly $3800. (approx).

Furthermore, A YouTuber’s primary source of income should not be advertisements. There is an enormous impact with 500k views or subscribers.

A YouTuber should utilize their “influence” to attract sponsors or to create their stuff.

A YouTuber’s most valuable resource is influence. Many social media celebrities, including YouTubers, make the majority of their money in this manner.

They will pay social influencers to provide a review, shout-out, or link to their website, for example.

So, in addition to YouTube commercials, there are additional ways to generate money by leveraging your influence.


  • The salary of a YouTuber with 500k subscribers can vary greatly depending on multiple factors such as ad revenue, sponsorships, merchandise sales, and other monetization methods. 
  • While some YouTubers may earn a substantial income, others may not. Ultimately, the amount of money a YouTuber with 500k subscribers can make will depend on its niche, content quality, engagement with its audience, and overall business strategy.

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