Unable To Save Pictures In Safari (How To Fix It)

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Apple developed the web browser Safari

Are there any issues that arise when you attempt to save an image in Safari? You’re not the only one, and therefore, you shouldn’t fret.

Apple’s main web browser, Safari, is renowned for its smooth appearance and intuitive layout. Nevertheless, occasionally problems can occur, including having no way to immediately save images from the browser.

This annoying issue could make it more difficult for you to save and distribute web-based visual information.

But don’t worry! In this article, we’ll walk you through various fixes for the problem so you can quickly resume storing those captivating photographs. We have detailed steps to get past this difficulty, whether you’re using Safari on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

But before all, let me reveal some functions of Safari to you:

Tabbed BrowsingThis feature of tabbed browsing by Safari enables individuals to open several tabs and work conveniently.
ExtensionsBy employing extensions like independent tools and applications, people may enhance their experience with Safari.
Auto FillingThe website is able to fill out the forms on its own by utilizing the information provided by users, which is already saved.
Power SavingEnsure energy optimization, due to which battery life is enhanced as it works for power saving.
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What Do I Do To Save Images In Safari?

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Safari was released on January 7, 2003

While saving an image in Safari, consider the following things:

  • Access the webpage with the picture you would like to store by opening Safari and browsing there.
  • To save a picture, right-click on it. With this, a secondary menu will appear.
  • Choose “Save Photo As” or “Save Image to Downloads” from the popup menu, and the accurate statement will vary depending on your particular version of Safari.
  • Wherever you wish to keep the photograph on your desktop or laptop, select that location.
  • If you’d like, you can choose to change the name of the image folder.
  • In order to save the photo to the chosen place, click “Save“.

What Is The Best Way To Change Safari Settings?

Extensions to customize Safari
Extensions to customize Safari

It is crucial to fix all the issues you are facing in the settings section of Safari and to do this, you may follow certain steps as described on your iPhone or iPad:

  • First of all, go to the Safari settings on your iPhone or iPad.
  • To access your device’s settings on an iPad or iPhone, click the “Settings” icon on the main display.
  • Find “Safari” in the list of programs by scrolling down.
  • To access Safari’s settings, tap on “Safari“.

On your Mac:

  • Select the “Safari” option by clicking on the Apple emblem in the upper-left portion of the display.
  • In order to open the Safari preferences window, choose “Preferences” from the drop-down selection.
  • There are several tabs or categories in the Safari settings or favorites box that let you change different elements of Safari’s behavior.

Choose the particular options you wish to change by navigating through the different categories or buttons.

In accordance with the alternatives available, update your preferred settings by flipping switches, choosing possibilities from the drop-down lists, or changing sliders. Minimize the options or settings window after making your preferred adjustments.

Why Can’t You Save Pictures in Safari?

Safari, Apple’s default web browser, is known for its privacy and security features, but these can sometimes interfere with web content.

One limitation is the ability to save images directly from web pages. Safari’s security measures, such as intelligent tracking prevention, pop-up blockers, and cross-site tracking, can sometimes conflict with legitimate web functions like saving images.

Additionally, Safari’s stringent cookie and permission management may require websites to explicitly request access to resources, such as your device’s camera roll or file system. Understanding these technical limitations is the first step in resolving the issue.

What Should I Do To Resolve the Issue Of Pictures Not Being Saved at Safari?

Sometimes, users may face trouble saving images in Safari. Following are some of the measures one may take in order to cope with the issue:

  • From the settings option in Safari, make sure that Downloads is enabled. If the option is not turned on, you will not be able to save any images.
  • Installing recent updates is also a crucial step in overcoming the issue. You should be aware if there are any updates available and install all these updates from the Settings section.
  • Also, you may try restarting your iPhone in case you are facing any issues saving the image from Safari. All you have to do is turn your device off for a few minutes. After some time, turn them on again, and it will most likely fix the issue.
  • Switching your browser might also be helpful in this kind of situation. You may download Google Chrome as a substitute from your App Store.
  • Content blockers can prevent websites from saving images and other content. It can be helpful to temporarily disable them in Safari’s settings.
  • Make sure that the website has the required authorizations for file access.

How To Find Stored Settings in Safari

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View private browsing history on Safari

If you want to change or fix something in the settings of Safari, first of all, from your iPhone, go to the settings option. From there, select the option Safari and open it. By opening this section, you will come across certain options that you may set as per your preferences.

Some of the options available here are:


Through this, you may benefit from saving all the data you enter on your iPhone, such as your passwords, emails, and other notable credentials.

Enabling it will let you get rid of manually entering these things every time you log in somewhere.

Search Engine

Safari’s settings offer you the option of choosing search engines. Among the options of Google or Bing, you may select whatever you want depending on your preferences.

History Clear

In case you do not want to reveal what you kept searching for previously, you may simply enable the option of clearing your previous history.

It will clear all your browsing data as well as your cookie history.

How do I fix pictures not showing up in Safari?

Final Verdict

In this article, we discussed:

  • Challenges with storing images with Safari are prevalent, despite its reputation for having an appealing look and a user-friendly interface; nonetheless, there are fixes accessible.
  • By taking particular steps, anyone may save pictures from Safari on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac. To store a picture in Safari, click right on it and choose “Save Photo As” or “Save Image to Downloads.”
  • Navigate to the Safari area in the “Settings” application on your smartphone to find saved Safari settings. In Safari, you can change a number of settings, including autofill, your preferred search engine, and history removal.
  • For a better browsing experience, don’t forget to save your photographs for later use and customize Safari settings to your tastes.

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