The Aftermath of Blocking Someone on Messenger (Let’s Know)

Messenger among some apps
Messenger logo among other apps

What Happens When You Block Someone on Messenger:

  • Inability to send or receive messages.
  • Blocked person’s profile becomes invisible to you.
  • Blocked person can still see your profile and previous chats and associated features except for customization options.
  • No notifications are sent between both parties.
  • Blocked person’s reactions disappear on your end.
  • Both parties can still interact in mutual groups.

Messenger, a messaging and calling application associated with Facebook, serves as a powerful tool enabling people to connect and communicate effortlessly, surpassing geographical boundaries.

Moreover, it offers the flexibility to personalize individual chats according to your preferences, fostering a more enjoyable interaction and enhancing the overall messaging experience.

What Are The Reasons Behind People’s Urge to Block Someone?

Illustration of blocking someone
Illustration of blocking someone
ConflictBlocking someone may arise from being in a state of disagreement or anger with that person, often due to something they did or said. The decision to block them can serve as a way to create distance and establish personal space.
Setting BoundaryIf the person you are engaging with consistently causes you feelings of anxiety, and stress, or triggers negative emotions, it’s understandable that you may prioritize your emotional well-being and seek to protect your peace by blocking them.
Harassment Or AbuseHarassment and abuse, whether encountered online or in person, have unfortunately become increasingly common. If you find yourself facing such experiences, it’s natural to feel the urge to distance yourself from the perpetrators and block them.
Emotional Well-BeingIf the person you are engaging with consistently causes you feelings of anxiety, and stress, or triggers negative emotions, it’s understandable that you may prioritize your emotional well-being and seek to protect your peace by blocking them.
Moving OnIn the process of moving on from a relationship or even a friendship, you may choose to block the other person to prevent any further interactions. Blocking can help facilitate the process of moving on and make it easier for you to navigate the transition.
Safety And PrecautionIf you find yourself becoming a target of threats, cyberbullying, scams, or any situation where you feel unsafe or vulnerable in communicating with someone, it’s crucial to prioritize your safety and well-being. In such cases, blocking the person can be a necessary step to sever all ties and protect yourself from further harm.
Reasons why people feel the need to block someone

It’s important to understand that the choice to block someone can differ based on individual preferences and specific circumstances.

How To Block Someone On Messenger?

If you wish to block someone on Messenger for any reason, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

  1. First, open the Messenger app and log into your account.
  2. Then, locate the chat of the person you want to block and press and hold on to it.
  3. A menu will appear, and at the bottom of the menu, you’ll find the option “Block.”
  4. Tap on it, and a pop-up page will appear with two options: “Block Messages and Calls” and “Block on Facebook.”
  5. Select the first option to block them on Messenger.

Alternatively, there is another method that takes a bit longer:

  1. After logging into your Messenger account, go to the chat of the person you want to block.
  2. Tap on the “iicon located at the top right of the page.
  3. Scroll down, and under the “Privacy & Support” heading, you’ll find the “Block” option.
  4. Tap on it, and once again, you will be presented with the two options mentioned earlier.
  5. Choose the first option, “Block Messages and Calls,” to block them on Messenger.
"Block" written under "Privacy & Support"
“Block” written under “Privacy & Support”

What Happens When You Block A User On Messenger?

What happens when you block someone on Messenger?

Once you decide to block someone on Messenger, it serves as a barrier that imposes specific limitations for both you and the blocked person.

If you’re curious about the effects of blocking someone on Messenger, this article will provide you with comprehensive information. I even blocked my close family members, leaving no room for any potential misinformation!

You Won’t Be Able To Send Or Recieve Messages

Unable to send or receive messages
Unable to send or receive messages

Once you block someone on Messenger, you lose the ability to send or receive texts from them. Normally, when you haven’t blocked someone, sending and receiving messages is effortless.

However, blocking imposes restrictions that prevent texting altogether. Therefore, it’s important to exercise caution before blocking someone, as once you do, texting becomes impossible.

Calling Will No Longer Be An Option

Calls and video calls are features offered by Messenger to enable real-time interactions between users. However, it’s important to note that once you block someone, you’ll lose access to these features entirely.

You won’t be able to initiate or receive calls or video calls from the blocked user, effectively blocking all forms of interaction between the two of you.

Their Profile Will No Longer Be Visible

When you block someone, their profile becomes invisible to you, meaning you can no longer see their profile information. Even if you search for their name, it’ll not show up in the search results.

However, it’s important to note that the person you block can still see your profile, and they won’t receive any notification indicating that you’ve blocked them. Additionally, you may still appear in their search results if they search for your name or profile.

Your Previous Conversations Will Be Temporarily Disappeared

When you block a user, their account and the associated chats will vanish from your side of the chat interface.

However, it’s important to note that the chats are not permanently deleted. If you choose to unblock the user in the future, all the messages will be restored and reappear.

On the other hand, from the perspective of the person who is blocked, they can still see your account and access the previous chats. The blocked user retains visibility of the chat history, allowing them to review past conversations even after being blocked.

You Cannot React To Any Previous Messages

Illustration of not being able to react to messages
Illustration of not being able to react to messages

Again, due to the blocking action, you are unable to see any chats or associated information, including messages that were exchanged. Consequently, you have no ability to react to those messages. On the other hand, the person you blocked retains visibility of the previous chats.

However, if they attempt to react to any of the messages, you’ll neither receive a notification about it nor will the reaction remain visible. The reaction will disappear within seconds, effectively maintaining the separation between you and the blocked person.

You Won’t Recieve Any Notifications

When you block someone, you’ll not receive any notifications whatsoever from their side. On your end, since the chat will completely disappear, there is no opportunity for notifications to be sent in the first place. Similarly, the blocked person is also unable to take any actions that would generate notifications on your side.

It’s important to note that when you block someone, they will not receive any notification informing them of the block either.

You Can Still Interact On Mutual Groups

Illustration of a mutual group
Illustration of a mutual group

One advantage of blocking someone is that it allows you to avoid direct conversations while maintaining certain relationships with them, particularly in scenarios like work, diverse friend groups, or university settings. By blocking someone, you can still interact within shared groups that include both of you.

This way, you can participate in group discussions without the need for personal interaction, ensuring that others are unaware of the block and all communication can occur within the group context.

Chat Customization Options Won’t Be Available

Messenger offers intriguing and distinctive customization features that allow you to personalize your chats based on your preferences and relationships with individual users.

However, once you block someone, both you and the blocked person lose access to these customization options. In fact, the options will vanish completely, and you’ll be unable to customize the chat in any way.

All Media And Files Will Be Visible

Once you have blocked someone, the account and chats on your side will disappear, resulting in the inability to view any media or files shared within those conversations.

However, the person you blocked will still have access to all the media and files shared in the past. The data will remain with them unless they decide to delete it themselves.

You Can Still Utilize The “Search In Conversation”

Messenger offers a useful feature called “Search in Conversation,” which enables users to conveniently search for specific words within their messages. When you search for a word, Messenger displays a list of messages containing that word, allowing you to locate the desired message easily.

Interestingly, even if you have blocked someone, they still have access to the “Search in Conversation” option. The person you blocked can utilize it to search for anything they have in mind within the conversations you both shared previously.

Is Blocking Someone On Messenger The Same As Blocking Them On Facebook?

Block messages and calls

NO! Blocking someone on Messenger is not equivalent to blocking them on Facebook. When you block someone on Messenger, it only affects your communication within the Messenger app. You can still interact with the blocked person on Facebook, view their profile, access their information, and remain on their friends list.

To block someone on Facebook, you need to perform a separate blocking action specifically on the Facebook platform. Blocking someone on Messenger does not automatically block them on Facebook.

In fact, when you attempt to block someone on Messenger, you may be provided with the option to block them on Facebook as well, indicating the need for a separate blocking process on Facebook if desired.

Sum Up

  • Messenger is a messaging app that facilitates seamless communication across distances.
  • There are various reasons you may block someone, like:
    • Personal conflicts.
    • Establishing boundaries.
    • Harassment and abuse.
    • Emotional well-being.
    • Moving on.
    • Safety.
  • The easiest and most direct way to block someone on Messenger is to press and hold their chat and block them.
  • Blocking someone on Messenger does not automatically block them on Facebook; separate blocking actions are required for each platform.

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