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Can you see who viewed your Facebook video? (For Better Reach)

Facebook has gained immense popularity over time. This app is one of those apps that is being used on a daily basis.

One of the core reasons for the popularity of Facebook is, it enables people to come together on one platform. You might have seen people sharing their thoughts and special events with people through this social media channel.

Facebook is not only good for personal use but also caters to the business fraternity for maximum profitability as it helps them reach commoners in the best way possible.

This is why Facebook now offers proper analytics that runs behind a page to see the progress and work accordingly.

Live streams, statuses, reels, and videos are some ways that are helpful for an online business. The business community can gather markets all around the world through this medium. Also, social media can give you leverage to deal with all around the world while sitting in one place.

For personal or business use, knowing who is seeing your posts and videos is kind of a big deal. You can know who is liking your stuff and who is not. Moreover, you can change the course of action with this evaluation for branding, no matter if it’s personal branding or product branding.

Checking the viewership of a public video on Facebook is not a problem but checking who viewed the video is. You can simply check that at the bottom of your Facebook video but if you wish to know who viewed it, well, it ain’t possible at the moment.

As Facebook has not come up with a setting that enables its user to know the exact details of every viewer.

Read out the article to learn more about Facebook videos and their viewership.

Forms of videos on Facebook

Gone are the days when videos were only those recorded or designed ones that we saw to entertain ourselves. With the passage of time and by keeping the audience and their busy schedule in consideration, the social media giant came up with a few other forms of videos for more and better reach and engagement.

Following are some types of videos that gained popularity over time among Facebook users and the business community, for personal and professional use.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is a popular mode of communication on social media and businesses on Facebook have gained much from it.

Moreover, artists and other public figures are also gaining the attention of people through this mode of communication. Whenever someone is up for a Live stream in the user’s following list a notification comes up as an invitation for the virtual meeting.

If you are having a live broadcast stream on Facebook you can easily check who has watched your videos until the stream is running online once you ended the stream you can not watch the viewers but you can see how many people were connected to your live stream.

Camera with Facebook live written on it
Facebook Live Giving More Reach

Facebook Videos

Facebook videos take much of our time no matter what genre are we watching. Businesses specifically hire people to shoot, edit, and design such videos to increase reach.

You can not check or have any access to check your video views by specific profiles and this is already mentioned in the official Facebook policy. When you are creating an account on Facebook, they have mentioned this policy of theirs in their terms and conditions.

If you go to the insights dashboard you can easily check how many people have joined your stream and shared it. But one thing to remember is that Facebook settings are not like Instagram so you can not view specific profiles in Facebook videos.

Though engagements on your video can help in knowing the viewership, of course, not everyone likes or comments on the posts even after viewing and having an opinion about it.

Facebook reel on a mobile
Facebook Reels For More Entertainment

Status and Reels

While status are introduced for quite some time now, reels are newer than statuses but have successfully helped gain more reach.

Facebook has several video modes to offer to its users. Stories and reels are one popular form of them as they consume less time. Given the busy lifestyle we have now, it is not possible to watch full 4 to 5 minutes videos at a time and the brains behind Facebook know this thing.

With statuses and reels, it is possible to watch more and different videos in less time. The planners and designers were sure right and successful in introducing this mode of videos to Facebook users.

Over the course of time, these reels became the favorite of other social media channels too.

The good part about the reels and statues/stories is, you can know who viewed them and you do not have to rely on the engagements to learn about the precise details of the viewer.

Check out the below table to know the statistics of traditional videos, live-streaming videos, and reels on Facebook.

Types of Videos on Social MediaEffectiveness
Live Stream<73%
Videos8 billion
Types of Videos on Social Media and Their Success Possibilities

Can you tell if the viewer is a follower or not?

If you are running a Facebook page and have mass traffic on your videos and want to know who viewed them, then you might get disappointed because this can not be done. Facebook does not give that feature just like Instagram or Snapchat

There are possibilities for people who are not following you or are not in your friend list to view the video due to sharing option. When the video is shared multiple times on different profiles, this allows more people to watch the videos which increases the video count.

You can easily track the total count of views on the right-hand side. Most of the time people use third-party apps to check who is viewing their videos but these applications are not reliable.

In the end, let’s see how can a business increase its reach with Facebook videos.

How to increase reach through Facebook videos.


In this article, we have discussed:

  • It is not possible to know who viewed your Facebook videos but the video count is visible to the publisher.
  • Even though you can not know the exact details of the viewers, some viewers can be identified through their comments and likes.
  • In live streaming, the viewers are visible until the streaming is on!
  • When you share the story on your Facebook profile you can easily check who has viewed your story, status, and reel.
  • The only person who can check who has viewed your story is you. When you open your story feed tap on the story you can see the eyes logo on your left side tap and see who has viewed it.
  • Once you uploaded the video or story you can not identify the viewer if he or she has repeatedly watched your video. But it will increase the views on your video not on stories.

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