Can Google Form Detect Cheating? (How To Do?)

Internet has been kind to us in so many ways that we cannot count but it also has its drawbacks.

The information is overflowing in the digital world and we have all benefited from it. No matter if it’s an assignment that is due or an assessment that needs intense preparation.

Preparing for an assessment on the internet is one thing and giving the assessment online is another. While taking your student’s tests on the internet the teacher must keep in mind that there is a huge chance that the students are going to copy their answers from somewhere.

For teachers who go for Google Forms for assessment, know that there is no way that you can tell if the students have copied their answers from somewhere. You just have to be extra cautious while designing the questions or selecting the platform for assessment.

Google form is becoming more come by the day for several purposes. Test conducting is one of those purposes. But is assessment the only purpose of a Google form? What types of assessments are there? What are the ways of online assessment? And what are the alternatives of Google Forms for the assessment?

Know this all and more by sticking around and scrolling down till the end!

Purpose of Google Forms

Google Forms have gained popularity over time due to their easy-to-use and easy-to-understand nature.

Generating, evaluating, and accessing data from Google Forms is not much of a task. You can easily come to conclusions by going through simple graphs and charts and that too on your mobile phones.

There are several applications that are designed for collecting and analyzing data but if you ask me, Google Forms are the simplest way to get your work done.

Google Forms are not only designed to collect data or do simple surveys, but these forms are also used to take quizzes or feedback.

It is often considered that Google Forms are only used to conduct surveys whereas, Google Forms are popular in the business fraternity too for taking feedback from their customers. Also, these forms are also used as a screening process for hiring for an opening. Moreover, teachers also use Google Forms for assessments.

Google, one stop for all problems

Purpose of Assessment

The core purpose of assessment is to know if the information that has been shared over time has been well received or not.

The assessment determines many factors and milestones in a student’s life. Factors like placement in a committee in the student body or advancement in a new class.

Assessment is not limited to students in a classroom or an institution. Assessment is also an effective way to gather a selected pool of candidates for a particular job.

However, assessment is still the most popular way of evaluation among students. This part of learning not only evaluates students but also helps them make progress by improving their skills based on the results. And in order to do so, fair evaluation and assessment must be practiced by every instructor.

Types of Assessment

Assessment helps in determining where a student stands in a class and different types of assessment help in evaluating in different ways.

There are two popular ways of assessment and they are explained below.

Summative Assessment

The word summative gives away its meaning to an extent. Such assessments require proper submission in the form of an assignment, report, or case study.

The problem with summative assessment is that the chances of cheating are always there. In such cases, the teacher must make sure to design the test with open-end questions.

The answers to open-end questions are different for every student. This way it is easier for the student to detect if someone has cheated or not. Also, the plagiarism check makes things more visible in terms of copy and pasting.

Formative Assessment

Checking the students throughout the session makes them and the teacher prepared for the final assessment that decides their future for them.

Formative assessment is super quick. Quizzes, polls, group discussions, and projects are some good examples of formative assessment.

Formative assessment is the best way for not just evaluating what a student has gained but also what the teacher was able to deliver to their student.

Data evaluation
Data evaluation is a systematic process

Ways of Online Assessment

There is no one way to assess your students in a session, especially when it comes to online assessment. Every course, teacher, and student needs a different kind of assessment. Make sure that the mode of assessment you have selected is the right one.

Assessments can be boring and to spice things up, one must come up with different and interesting ways for evaluation. Check out the following ways for assessment to make the evaluation better and more accurate.

  • Interviews
  • Quizzes
  • Polls
  • Peer Check
  • Activity Based
  • Form Submission

A mix and match of all these online assessments can help the students and teachers to make better diagnoses of the study method conducted in a class.

Google Forms For Assessment

Among several methods for online assessment, Google Forms are the most used way to assess students or candidates.

Also, these forms are filled for gathering information for the purpose of the thesis and other essential data collection.

Just like other innovation of the modern world, Google Forms have its share of good and bad things.

Can the teacher tell if you cheated in Google Forms?

No, there is no way that a teacher can tell you whether the student has been cheating or not while doing the Google form assessment.

If you are a teacher, make the questions open-ended. This means, designing the assessment in a way, that every question has a different answer, depending on each individual.

This is the best possible way to identify if the students have copied their answers from each other or from the internet.

Check out the following video to learn how to create Google Forms.

How to create Google Forms?

Alternatives of Google Forms for Assessment

Though Google form is a very good option for assessment, it is not the only way to take the assessments.

It is hard to detect if the student has cheated during the online test through Google Forms. There are other ways to assess students too if you are not completely satisfied with Google Forms.

Check out the below table to know the alternatives you can use instead of Google Forms.

AlternativesWhat do they do?
QuibbloFun-filled quizzes are made easy with this method of assessment.
Zoho ChallengeFor customized competitive tests.
QuizizzAllows formative assessment with quizzes and group assessments.
POLLEverywhereGood for online meetings and feedback.
Alternatives and what they do.

Ending Note

  • Google Forms are one popular way of assessing both students and professionals on many levels.
  • Though these forms are popular, there is no way to tell if the person taking the assessment test has cheated or not.
  • To make your assessment personalized and difficult to cheat, formulate the form with open-ended questions.
  • Summative and formative assessment are two effective types of assessment that are commonly used.
  • There are several other sites and applications that assess individuals like Google Forms.

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