Funny Facebook Hacking Statuses (Facebook Fun)

What makes our long hectic days relaxing? Good food? Yes. Comfortable couch or bed? Sure. Social media? Hell ya!

Gone are the days when simply watching a movie was enough. Though it is one good option today too as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and platforms like these are used frequently however they are not the top priority every day. There are days when we do not want to open our TVs to watch a movie or series.

Sometimes, all we want to do is, grab a drink, lay down in our bed, and see the happenings on social media.

When it comes to random scrolling and watching, Facebook and Instagram top the list of users. It seems like the developers knew that a generation is coming, who will be so tired that their cell phones will be their only buddies at the end of the day.

In this busy life, Facebook is one important spot to meet friends and distant family and explore what is happening in our circle and around the world.

One thing that is becoming a hilarious trend among friends is hacking (as a prank) one’s friend’s account to put up a funny status. The intent is not harmful most of the time. I know this because, done that, been there! *Sorry, not sorry*

This article will room around Facebook and the funny statuses you can put up on your friend’s accounts when got a hold of their phone.

Facebook in light
Facebook for life

Facebook and Its Popularity

Facebook comes at the top of the ladder when the evaluation of social media and its popularity.

I had heard many people complaining about a bad habit of theirs. That habit is, that people are reluctant to sleep at night even when they know they have something important to do in the morning and the reason they have to tell is, that they cannot stop themselves from scrolling their Facebook feed or reels.

Reels were not introduced long ago but since their launch, it has captured their audience’s attention. This feature adopted by Facebook is almost like a time-eater but also it works as an anti-depressant. If not for everybody then me at least. However, I am pretty sure most of you could relate to me here.

Facebook was launched in 2004 and since then it has increased its followership and continues to do so even now.

Moreover, Facebook has become a source of generating income in different ways. Be it with marketing your brand on Facebook, selling out a commodity to someone, or creating content and getting paid through monetizing.

Given the inflation, I understand how people are seeking ways to earn a passive income. What if the source of income also gives entertainment? Well, that counts as the cherry on top.

Check out this video to learn just one way of earning out of so many other ways. See how simple it is to get some extra cash from Facebook only if you know how to make the right moves.

How to earn from Facebook

Cracking Up: Fun Facebook Status Pranks

Picture this: you’re scrolling through your Facebook feed, expecting the usual updates and cat videos, when suddenly, a status catches your eye. But wait – it’s not your friend’s typical post.

Instead, it’s a hilarious proclamation that leaves you in stitches. Welcome to the world of Facebook status pranks, where creativity knows no bounds and laughter is the ultimate goal.

Imagine the delight of your friends as they stumble upon your cleverly crafted status, wondering if you’ve suddenly decided to become a stand-up comedian or if your account has been hacked (again). Whether it’s a witty one-liner, a fake announcement, or a playful jab at pop culture, status pranks offer a refreshing break from the mundane updates that litter our newsfeeds.

Facebook and Its Audience

Facebook has a very general audience. By general I mean, almost everyone is on Facebook.

One of the reasons for its popularity and common usage is that the interface of Facebook is super user-friendly.

Also, this platform has become a hub of everything. Don’t watch the news? Check Facebook for the latest updates.

Don’t watch series and dramas? See Facebook as either there will be a meme that will give away the whole story or a review by some content creator. Bored? Post something funny or do a prank like hacking a friend’s account to post a funny status.

It would not be wrong if I said, F for Fun, and F for Facebook. Just be cautious when doing that fun. We often get in trouble by being too much visible on Facebook. Never go down the lane you regret going later.

Facebook vs Twitter

Just like Facebook, Twitter is a source of information and entertainment too. Where these two work alike on a few levels, they are so different in many ways.

Twitter logo on a phone and white bird icons around it.
Get rid of this stubborn Twitter notification

Check out the following table to learn how these two are similar and different from each other.

Similarities Between Facebook and TwitterDifferences Between Facebook and Twitter
Privacy settings are almost the same.The audience is quite different from each other.
Same password set-up.Just like the audience, the content creators are different too for each platform.
No one can tell if you have stalked them on either platform.Facebook is way more popular than Twitter.
Both are good sources of information about what’s happening around the world.Celebrities from showbiz, sports, and politics choose Twitter over Facebook.
Facebook is more user-friendly as compared to Twitter.
Similarities and Differences Between Facebook and Twitter

Funny Facebook Hacking Statuses

Hacking means getting unauthorized access to someone’s account by manipulating the network data. Though this is a very technical and difficult task to do, people refer to getting accidental access or an opportunity to get control of their friend’s account as hacking.

Both of these things are different from each other but are referred to as one thing. Hacking is a crime that can be reported and has serious consequences. Getting access to a friend’s profile and sharing a funny status is a different and funny experience, done in all innocence (mostly).

There are a few funny Facebook statuses that I’m going to discuss today so that you can update them next time to get your hands on a Facebook account.

I am Gay is one of the most used and engaging Facebook statuses of all time. I mean, who would not get a response back if a fella is coming out of a closet?

I am going to be a parent soon. Scary and exciting both at the same time but of course it depends on the situation.

*Person’s Name* is my true inspiration. Put your name in the beginning and put the status on your friend’s Facebook status and see his/her reaction.

*Day, Date, Time* Be on time, the party is at my place. After putting this funny Facebook status on your friend’s wall, pray that they do not see it.

You need to quit hacking my Facebook can be a status for you if you are a constant victim of such funny access and finally get a chance to update your friend’s status for once.

Two women laugh together as they scroll through Facebook
Sharing moments of connection and joy in the digital world.


  • Facebook is one of the most used social media channels that bring people together for different reasons.
  • It’s one good way to earn passive income.
  • Facebook is also popular due to its user-friendly interface. It’s easy to set and super easy to use.
  • The audience of this application is general. Almost everyone has an account on Facebook.
  • Facebook is like Twitter in many ways but it is also different from it.
  • If we get accidental access to our friend’s Facebook account, we often put up a funny status.

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