Instagram Couldn’t Load Activity Log (Why?)

Instragam was introduced in 2007 By Facebook. It is one of the most popular applications which is used for sharing pictures and videos.

Nowadays everyone has an account on Instagram for personal and business use as well. Every social media platform has its own uniqueness and Instagram focuses on pictures and beauty.

No doubt, everything comes with advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes there are some technical issues or glitches which can cause problems in loading the feed.

The most common issue which is faced by users is “Couldn’t Load Activity”. Whenever this notification pops up in your feed you won’t be able to see anything except “Couldn’t Load Activity” and that is quite frustrating, to be honest.

In this article, we are going to answer some frequently asked questions by people. So stick with me to get all the solutions in one go.

Activity Feed

The activity feed on Instagram is like a newspaper, you get every important news there. It is a page that opens immediately when you open the app.

Sometimes that feed does not load and it happens for a certain reason. When there is a problem in loading your feed, a notification of an action block pops up.

When you receive an action block notification from Instagram it means that you are using your ID for multiple likings or your activity is usually more than normal activity.

This is why Instagram management blocks your account to rectify if you are using a third-party application. These errors are mostly caused by third-party applications. Which are used to increase the views or likes on your post.

These applications are not reliable, if you are using one of these avoid using it. Delete it from your phone. It will automatically enhance your experience in using Instagram.

Potential Problems in Your Instagram Account

Every good has bad and Instagram have its good share of bad in it. There are a few problems that keep occurring on Instagram.

Check out the table below to learn about the problems and their reasons. So that the next time when a problem occurs, you know what you have to do.

Log in problemDue to poor internet connection.
Error MessageThis notification is received when you are having any internal issues.
Activity feed not loadingThe server not responding at the time.
Not respondingNo internet connection or running out of data.
Potential problems on Instagram with their possible reasons

Potential Solutions to Those Problems

Problems come with solutions, for Instagram’s potential problems, potential solutions are as followed:

Upgrade The Application

When we have turned off the option of auto upgradation in our device it affects the productivity of loading feeds. Try to check if your application is updated as per the recent version of Instagram or not.

There are chances if you are using an old mobile phone with the upgraded version of Instagram, that can cause crashes and glitches too.

Fix Your Internet Connection

If you are having a poor internet connection while using the application there are many possibilities you can see “Couldn’t Load Activity” on your screen. In this situation, you should restart your router or connect with any other connection to resolve this issue.

If you are using mobile data for social media applications on daily bases there are slight chances that you can face data leakage. Which affects Instagram to load recent feeds on your screen.

Try Restarting The Application

Restarting the application might work sometimes but it is not a permanent solution.

If you are still facing the issues try to log out from your account and log in again it can help you to avoid the “Couldn’t Load Activity” from your screen.

Instagram Activity Feed
Instagram Activity Feed-Kind of a Modern Newspaper

Reset your phone’s settings or restart your phone.

Grant all permission to your Instagram. Sometimes when you haven’t shared all the access there are slight chances you can face glitches on your activity feed.

Refreshing your activity feed again and again and still not seeing anything can cause frustration. Restarting your phone might help in this situation too. When your background applications are running while using Instagram, it can slow down the application.

Uninstall Any Application That Is Causing A Glitch

Any third-party application for increasing followers or likes or any other application which is connected to your Instagram can cause glitches or leak your data.

In case your account is connected to any third-party application, urgently uninstall it because these applications are not reliable and are a major reason for glitches or crashes.

Professional Instagram account
For Personal and Professional Use

Clear Cache And Other Sorts of Data

When you install any application, it stores some cache in your storage to provide a smooth transition or reduce the time of loading the page while you are using Instagram. Sometimes when your storage is full with cache can cause “Couldn’t Load Activity” or if there is any bug stored in the cache.

In this scenario, you can refresh it or clear cache data from your device which will help you to run your application smoothly.

If you will clear the app’s cache your app will directly log out of your current ID. Re-enter all the credentials again to log in.

Uninstall and reinstall the application

If your application is not working properly and continuously having Couldn’t Load Your Activity then eventually works perfectly, there are slight chances that you are using an old version of the application which is why it is not working properly or the device is not upgraded as per the application.

Most of the time people uninstall and then reinstall the upgraded version of the application. It helps to run the transition smoothly without any glitches.

Switch to Another Account

There are two types of accounts on Instagram, one is for personal use which we are using on a daily bases and the other one is professional which is mostly used by professionals for business activities.

Instagram home page
Normal or professional accounts

If you want to change your account then you must follow below mentioned setups to convert your profile.

• Open Instagram settings.
• Tap on the “Switch to professional” account.
• Select which category you want. (Creator or Business)
• Fill required account details and proceed.

Let’s watch some more detailed information in the below video.

How To Fix Instagram Couldn’t Load Activity Error On iPhone or Android Solved


These are some major points that we discussed in the above article.

  • Upgrade the application if it is not updated on its recent update.
  • When you have a poor connection or other connectivity issues it can possibly cause feed-loading issues.
  • Restart your application when it is used for a more extended period, it may also be a reason for not loading the newsfeed.
  • Restart your phone because sometimes not refreshing your phone causes this.
  • Clearing the cache from your application management will also smooth your transition and loading time once fully updated.
  • Third-party applications are not reliable in personal accounts they can leak your personal information without any permission.
  • Action blocked by Instagram is caused because of third-party applications.

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