Friends Who Never Like Your Posts On Instagram (Reasons Unfolded)

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Social media is a hub where people meet, chat, and grow together. And while all of this is happening in a small space on our computer screen or in our cell phone. Things get a little tricky too.

How? Even the smallest details get noticed and unnoticed on social media and creates a kind of panic among people. Especially if they know each other.

Imagine a situation where you have posted something amazingly good and you expect a bunch of friends to come out in support by liking and commenting on that post. Instead, all you get are a few likes and nothing else. This can be quite disappointing, isn’t it?

Well, likes and comments can never be forced, not in person and not on social media. All you can do is either come up with better content, and better timings or else ignore those who ignore you.

Social media engagements are important especially if you are doing product branding or personal branding. While these engagements are better for your personal growth, it helps the other party too in some way.

Nonetheless, likes and comments are a good source of quick communication and more reach and one should do everything to increase them.

This article will be a detailed discussion of those friends who do not like your Instagram posts, the reasons behind it, and the solution to this problem.

Engagements Through Social Media

Social media engagements are a way to know who is interested in your content. Though people are still reluctant to show their genuine interest that is lined with your interest.

Engagement is a term used to measure the effectiveness of someone’s presence in the digital world. Likes and shares are one good way to know if you are heading the right way content-wise.

There are several ways in which you can increase your engagement on social media but the ways to do it may defer from situation to situation. To do the right thing, one must know their situation and strategy well.

Social media strategy is the core for better reach and lead generation. Businesses, no matter small or big are now turning to digital agencies to provide social media handling services.

However, handling your social media yourself is not a bad option at all. Especially when you are doing it for personal branding or on a very low scale.

Likes and comments that you get on posts are not only important for businesses but on personal levels too. I have seen people going and handling rivalry through their indirect communication by these likes on posts.

Somehow better friendships indicate frequent likes on Instagram and unwantedness for someone is displayed through not liking someone’s posts.

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How Important Is Getting a Like or Comment on Your Instagram Post?

To state the fact, for some people, getting more likes or comments on their Instagram posts is a matter of life and death. Social media is becoming more and more important with each passing day and social media presence is becoming everything for people.

Gone are the times when things were simple. Now the simplicity of social media has taken over the complicity of life.

Showing off your life achievements in public, taunting people that you know through quotes, and making others jealous of your friendships are what social media is becoming. I am not saying that everyone is doing the same thing but most of the time, we social animals are misusing social media in this manner.

More likes on the Instagram post of a business shows the success of a business and more likes on an individual’s account show the popularity of that individual in his friend circle.

Reasons for not Getting a Like

Likes and comments on Instagram can never be forced. You either get them or don’t. The only way to force someone to like your content is to make that content so compelling that the other person will be left with nothing but admiration.

In the race of this global village and the marathon of social media, likes on posts are liked more than liking people in person.

However, there are several reasons not to get a like on your post. If you are wondering where your posts or friendship has gone wrong and why you are not getting enough likes, be vigilant of the following reasons for not getting likes on your Instagram post.

Your content does not match the interest of your friends

We all have our own choice of content that we like to share on our social media accounts without giving much thought if our friends on social media are going to like that post too.

Sometimes, the content that we choose to post does not match the interest of our friends so they do not like them and we think that something wrong has happened with our friendship.

Choosing the right content for the right audience is very important if we wish to see some good numbers in the likes section of our Instagram posts.

The timing is not right

Maybe the content is right but the timings are not!

The timings that we choose to post our post may hide our post from maximum reach due to an overflow of posts at that moment or maybe there are fewer people online to see your post and like it.

Either way, choosing the proper timing by considering your audience can visibly affect the likes that you get on each post.

You Are Ignored

Even if you choose the best content to post and the rightest of time to upload it, there are a few people who are not going to like what you have got on your wall.

In this case, accept that you are being ignored. I understand that this medicine is hard to swallow but the truth is the truth.

For your own peace of mind, ignore those who ignore you for no apparent reason. there is nothing that you can do for them.

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Things that can be done for more engagements

Now that we know the reasons behind the disliking or ignorance of our Instagram posts, we can figure out the ways that can be effective in getting more engagements and better reach.

No matter if you are an individual looking for more likes or a business that needs more recognization, see the following methods to be more prominent on social media.

Recheck your content

Check before you post. See carefully what sort of content is going to the digital lane from your platform.

Be cautious about your audience and the content that is allowed to be posted. Also, make sure that the grammar is accurate too because the netizens do not let the simplest mistakes go away just like that.

Choose better time

Better time calls for better reach!

Do you want more people to see your post to like it? Know when your audience is using Instagram and just when you know they will be using their phones to explore what is on the internet, schedule a post for that time.

While doing so, make sure not all your content goes up at that specific time only, especially if that’s the peak time. Posts tend to go missing in peak hours due to paid posts by big businesses.

Check out the data table to identify better timings for Instagram posts.

Time of The DayTime Slot
Morning8 am to 11 am
Afternoon12 pm to 4 pm
Evening6 pm to 8 pm
Better timings for Insta post

Live your best life

Live and let live. Make this motto your only inspiration.

There are times when your content and its posting timing can not be more right yet you do not get more conversations and you wonder what has gone wrong.

Absolutely nothing has gone wrong. It is just there are a few people who like to ignore your posts so you should do the same. Ignore their not liking!

Check out this video to learn how to get more likes on Instagram.

How to get more likes on Instagram post


In this article, we have learned:

  • Instagram is one great platform to see who likes your posts and who does not.
  • For getting more likes, choose content that is liked by your friends and others.
  • Be careful about the timings that you choose for posting too.
  • No matter what you do, there are some people who are not going to like your posts. Do not worry about such people for your own peace of mind.
  • More likes call for more engagements and more engagements call for better reach.

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