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Does The Phone Still Ring If You’re Blocked? [Revealed!]

Phone call
Phone call

No, if someone has blocked you, their phone won’t ring when you attempt to call them. Blocking serves as a blockade between the two individuals, preventing any incoming calls or notifications on the recipient’s phone.

After a previous fight with my friend, she blocked me on her phone. Despite this, I wanted to reconcile and talk things out. I attempted to call her multiple times, but each time, I only heard one or two beeps before the call was either redirected to voicemail, received a busy signal, or abruptly ended after the beep. As time passed, I grew confused and wondered why she was not responding.

Eventually, we managed to talk things through, and I asked her about not receiving my calls. Surprisingly, she mentioned that her phone never even rang once. This revelation shocked me because I distinctly heard one or two beeps during my attempts.

The fact that you have searched about this topic and found yourself here indicates that you might be going through a similar experience or simply have a curious interest in it. Whatever the reason, rest assured that you have landed in the right place, as I’ll provide you with a detailed explanation of what happens and why their phone doesn’t ring. Keep reading this article to gain valuable insights into this topic.

Will The Phone Ring When Calling Someone Who Has Blocked You? If Not, Why?

Wondering why
Wondering why

What does it mean when someone blocks you, and what does blocking do? Essentially, blocking creates a barrier that prevents any form of interaction between you and the person who blocked you. It serves as a way for them to avoid any communication with you, making it impossible for you to send texts or call them.

As a result, when you attempt to call someone who has blocked you, their phone won’t ring. This act of blocking is akin to putting their phone in a “Do Not Disturb” mode, as your calls or texts won’t reach them, and they won’t be notified of your attempts.

This situation can be brutal, especially if you have a strong desire to resolve issues and communicate with the person who blocked you. Being blocked leaves you in a difficult position, where you have to find alternative ways to reach out to them.

It’s important to note that this non-ringing effect when blocked isn’t specific to any particular device; it applies to both iPhones and Android phones, regardless of their models. Whether you get a beep or not might depend on your service provider, but in most cases, the calls won’t trigger any ringing on the recipient’s phone.

While being blocked by someone is unpleasant, the uncertainty of whether they have blocked you can be even more frustrating. How can you determine if someone has blocked you, and what are the various reasons why someone might block you? Continue reading this article to find out the answers to these questions.

How To Know If Someone Blocked Your Number?


Through my observations and discussions with others who faced similar situations, I’ve identified several signs that serve as strong indicators that you may have been blocked by someone. Here are the key points to watch out for:

  1. Beep and Voicemail: When you attempt to call them, you’ll hear one or two beeps, and the call will be instantly redirected to voicemail. If this consistently happens, it strongly suggests that you are blocked.
  2. Constant “Busy” Status: Whenever you try to call them, their phone indicates that they are busy. However, there might be instances where you are certain they are not genuinely occupied but have, in fact, blocked you.
  3. Immediate Call Decline: In many cases, after a beep or two, the call is instantly declined without reaching voicemail. This is a compelling indication that you have been blocked.
  4. Blocked Texts: Not only calls, but your text messages may also not reach them. While your texts might technically be sent, you won’t see any delivery or activity indicators, which further points to being blocked.

Although there might be additional indicators, such as being blocked on social media, for the purpose of focusing on number blocking, these signs should be more than sufficient to recognize that you have been blocked.

How to know if someone blocked you on your iPhone?

What are the reasons why someone might block your number?

Illustration of blocking
Illustration of blocking

There could be several reasons why someone decided to block you, and some common ones are listed in the table below:

Personal ChoiceIt’s crucial to understand that while you may desire to communicate with someone, not everyone shares the same inclination. The person who blocked you might have chosen to limit their interactions to only certain individuals, based on their comfort level and preferences.
Arguments Or ConflictsIt’s possible that during a conflict or argument with that person, in a moment of anger or frustration, they blocked your number to prevent any further unwanted communication with you.
MisunderstandingsAnother possibility is that the person who blocked you may have misunderstood something, leading to hurt or offense. This misunderstanding could be the reason why they chose to block you as a way to cope with their emotions.
Avoiding Or IgnoringIt’s also plausible that you may have been perceived as too clingy by the other person, and as a result, they chose to block you to avoid communication. Alternatively, they might intentionally want to ignore you, leading them to block your number as a means to achieve that.
Setting BoundariesIf someone perceives that you have crossed a line, or the conversations with you have become overwhelming or invasive in some manner, they might choose to set a boundary and block you to establish distance.
Moving OnFollowing a breakup, many people opt to block their former partner as a way to prevent further interaction. Blocking serves as a means for them to heal peacefully and avoid being constantly reminded of the past.
Bullying Or HarassmentAnother possibility is that you were engaging in bullying, harassment, or spamming toward someone, and as a result, they felt the need to block you for their own security and peace of mind.
Privacy concernsIt is also possible that you once broke their trust, leading them to block you in order to prevent further communication and protect their privacy. They might have chosen to keep their personal information and matters confidential, avoiding potential sabotage from you.
Reasons why someone may block your number

It’s essential to recognize that these reasons are general and may vary significantly from one person to another. Respect their decision and avoid pressuring them to reconsider.

Sum Up

  • When someone blocks you, your calls won’t ring on their phone due to the blocking mechanism acting as a barrier.
  • The blocking feature stops all forms of interactions, including calls and texts, to maintain the individual’s desired level of privacy and avoid unwanted communication.
  • If someone blocked your number:
    • Your calls may be redirected straight to voicemail.
    • The person’s phone might indicate that they are busy every time you call.
    • The call could be instantly declined after a beep or two, without going to voicemail.
    • Your text messages may not be delivered or show any activity, indicating that they have been blocked.
  • People choose to block others for a range of reasons, such as avoiding conflicts, setting boundaries, coping with emotions, maintaining distance, healing after a breakup, protecting against harassment or privacy invasion, etc.

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