Blendjet Blender Not Working? [Troubleshoot]

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If your BlendJet blender isn’t working, there can be several reasons behind it. To resolve the issue, ensure it’s charged, check that the seals (both the base and lid) are tightly closed, consider fixing or replacing the battery or motor, address any internal problems or burnt fuses, reduce the amount of food inside, add more liquid, let it rest, clean or repair the blades, and if all else fails, contact customer service.

BlendJet is the pioneering portable blender designed to simplify people’s lives and provide nutrition on the go, whenever and wherever you need it. It’s tailored for making smoothies and other drinks.

Users who have purchased it have been satisfied with their choice, finding it to be a great value for their money.

What Could Cause My BlendJet Blender To Stop Working?

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Technology can be unpredictable, and sometimes issues can arise that prevent appliances from working properly or as expected.

With BlendJet, there might be times when your blender doesn’t seem to work, and you may feel frustrated, confused, and concerned all at once.

In situations like this, it’s important to remember that issues with appliances can sometimes happen, so it’s best to stay calm.

If your BlendJet isn’t working, you might be curious about the possible reasons for it. Below, I’ve listed some of the reasons why it might not be functioning correctly:

Not Charged

One common reason your BlendJet blender might not work is that it’s not charged. Sometimes, we might forget when we last charged it, and assume it has enough power left for a few more blends. However, in reality, the battery might be empty, and when you try to blend, your BlendJet won’t work.

There are times when it seems like we’ve charged our BlendJet, but it still doesn’t work, especially if we remember turning it on. This could be because, according to you, you charged it for what you thought was a sufficient amount of time, but it wasn’t actually enough.

Another possibility is that the power source you used for charging was low, which takes more time to charge the BlendJet, and you might not have been aware of it.

It’s also highly likely that the reason your BlendJet isn’t working, even though you thought you charged it, is simply because you forgot to turn the switch on.

The Lid Is Not Closed Properly

An important aspect of making sure your BlendJet works as it should is to make sure the lid is completely closed. Sometimes, when we know the BlendJet is charged, we might panic and assume there are more significant issues at play.

However, the problem can be as simple as not closing the lid properly or leaving it partially open. This is a commonly overlooked reason why your BlendJet might not work correctly.

It could be that in a rush or due to not paying close attention, the lid isn’t fully closed, and as a result, your blender doesn’t operate properly.

The Base Is Not Tight

Similar to what we discussed earlier about not closing the lid properly, another issue related to either human error or technical problems with the blender is when the base isn’t as secure as it should be.

It’s important to remember that the seals of your blender need to be in good condition and tightly secured for it to function correctly.

Even if there are any technical issues with the base, like uneven parts or damage, it won’t be as secure as it needs to be.

Battery Issues

Battery issues in appliances are quite common and many people face them. If your BlendJet has an inefficient or defective battery, it may not charge properly, leading to it not working.

Over time, the battery can wear out, and if you’re not aware of this, the charge you used to give it might no longer be enough for your BlendJet’s battery.

You can try using your BlendJet while it’s connected to a charger. If it works in this way, it’s a sign that the battery is faulty. Even after fully charging it, the blender might not work properly due to the battery issue.

Burnt Internal Fuse

The fuse inside the base of the BlendJet blender is an important component for its operation. If the fuse is burnt or damaged, your BlendJet won’t work properly.

A burnt fuse can make the blender malfunction and render it unable to function.

Aside from the fuse, there can be other internal problems that cause the BlendJet to not work. These issues can include faulty wiring, but there may be various other factors contributing to this problem.

Non-Functioning Motor

You’re probably aware that the motor is a vital component in appliances, as it drives their operation. The same goes for BlendJet; the motor is essential for the proper functioning of your BlendJet blender.

If there are any problems with the motor, whether it’s completely damaged or if there’s a faulty part, your BlendJet won’t work properly.


You’ve probably heard that there are limits to everything, right? Well, this also applies to appliances like the BlendJet.

We often tend to overestimate the quantities or capacities of things or appliances and end up putting too much stuff in them, which can cause a problem.

For instance, if you fill your BlendJet with an excessive amount of solid food, right up to the very top, or cram it with much more than it’s designed to hold, do you think there will be enough space for the blades to move properly? Of course not.

Overloading your blender with too much food can lead to it not working properly. Even if there’s less liquid and more solid food, your blender won’t operate as it should.


Similar to how your body needs rest and can’t keep going non-stop, appliances also work in a similar way. Just because they don’t have feelings and operate on technical principles doesn’t mean they don’t get worn out from overuse.

When you use your BlendJet repeatedly without giving it a break, it can get too hot, and when it overheats, the blender’s performance is affected, and it won’t work correctly.

You might notice that your BlendJet feels hot to the touch. This can lead to your BlendJet not working as it should.

Jammed Blades

You’re aware that when it comes to blending food, the key part of the blender responsible for blending is the blades, right?

When we talk about the blades being jammed, it’s important to understand that the blades are the core of the blender’s operation.

Blade jamming can happen in two ways.

  • The blades can be physically blocked and unable to move due to technical problems.
  • A piece of solid food can get stuck between the blades, causing them to jam and preventing proper movement.

Manufacturing Fault

If luck isn’t on your side, you might end up with a blender that has manufacturing defects.

Dealing with a faulty blender can be quite frustrating because you may not realize right away that it has defects.

This can leave you puzzled as to why your blender isn’t working, only to discover later that it had manufacturing issues.

What Steps Should I Take To Fix My BlendJet Blender That’s Not Working?

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Now, if you’re someone whose BlendJet isn’t working, besides understanding the reasons behind it, you might also be seeking solutions to fix it.

If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve listed some practical solutions below:

Make Sure Your Blender Is Charged

Charging your blender is the primary requirement for it to work correctly. It’s essential to ensure your blender is fully charged; otherwise, it won’t work.

Another important aspect is to ensure that your BlendJet is charged adequately. Let it charge completely and avoid the temptation to take it out mid-charging.

Make sure to plug it into a socket with a known full power output so you’re confident it’s charging properly and within the expected time.

Also, whenever you face such a situation or as a general practice, always check your charger and make sure the plug is switched on.

Secure The Lid

To ensure your blender operates correctly, always double-check that the lid is securely closed.

Even if you’re in a rush, taking that moment to properly secure the lid will save you time and prevent the frustration of trying to figure out why the blender isn’t working.

Close The Base Tightly

As mentioned before, it’s crucial to have the seals of the blender tightly secured. Also, ensure that the base is in good condition and properly tightened.

If it’s damaged, it’s a good idea to inspect and repair it. Making sure there’s nothing wrong with the base is essential for your blender to function properly.

Fix The Battery

As I mentioned earlier, the method I explained for checking the battery can help you identify if the battery is causing the issue. If you confirm that the battery is the problem, you should have it checked.

If it can be repaired, it might get fixed, or you might need to replace it with a new one.

Fix The Fuse

You can refer to the manual to access the base of the blender since the fuse is situated there or if you suspect that there are internal issues. Once you find it, check if the fuse is burnt or identify the underlying internal problem.

If you’re skilled in such matters and know how to fix it, you can do so. Otherwise, it’s a good idea to take it to a repair shop and have it professionally fixed, ensuring that your blender can get back to working properly.

Replace The Motor

If the issue is with the motor, it’s essential to have it repaired or replaced by a professional at a shop.

A properly functioning motor is crucial for your blender to work correctly. Without a healthy motor, you can’t expect your blender to function as it should.

Reduce The Amount Of Food

You’re now aware that overfilling the BlendJet beyond its capacity or using too little liquid can cause the blender not to work properly. So, to avoid these situations, make sure to do the opposite.

If you realize that you’ve put too much in and it might be the reason your BlendJet isn’t working properly, consider reducing the load by taking out some of the food.

Also, add more liquid to ensure the blender works just fine. It’s a small issue but can impact your blender’s performance, so be sure to have an adequate amount of liquid.

Let It Cool

If you’ve been using your blender continuously and notice it’s starting to get hot to the touch, you can pinpoint the cause of your blender not working properly.

In such cases, it’s best to let the blender sit unused for a while, giving it some time to rest, so it can work correctly.

Clean Or Fix The Blades

When dealing with jammed blades, if the blades are stuck due to some issues, it’s advisable to visit a shop for a professional check and repair.

However, if the blades are jammed because of food particles stuck in them, you can either remove and clean the particles from the blades or take the blades out and wash them thoroughly.

Contact Customer Service

If you’ve attempted all the solutions mentioned above and your blender still isn’t functioning properly, your final option is to get in touch with customer support.

Explain the issue to them and have your blender checked.

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What Are The Benefits of Using A BlendJet Blender?

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We’ve all seen our moms or family members use traditional blenders, right? You plug them in, figure out different buttons for various functions, transfer the mix to another container, and then come the time-consuming cleanup.

So, what sets BlendJet apart? Well, it’s all about getting great value for your money. BlendJet costs less than traditional blenders, yet it offers fantastic convenience and efficiency.

It gives you a ready-to-enjoy drink that you can sip right from the blender with no need for extra containers and much more.

People often want to make thoughtful decisions about their purchases, and BlendJet is definitely worth considering. I’ve listed some benefits in the table below to make it clearer why this blender is so useful:

PortabilityBlendJet blenders, with their compact design and long-lasting battery, are perfect for on-the-go use. They’re lightweight and portable, so you can take them anywhere.
NutritionHaving a BlendJet blender at your disposal means your nutrition is always covered. Even with a hectic schedule, your well-being remains a priority, and you can effortlessly mix your chosen ingredients for a healthy drink at any moment.
Time-SavingBlendJet blenders are incredibly user-friendly and efficient, saving you a lot of time. Simply add your ingredients, blend, and voilĂ , your drink is ready.
Easy CleaningWith BlendJet, cleaning is as easy as adding some soap and water, blending, and rinsing, and you’ll have a clean blender your way.
ConvenienceIt’s so convenient that you don’t need to worry about where you are or if there’s a power source. Just ensure it’s charged, and it will deliver hassle-free and excellent service, no matter the situation.
Some of the benefits of using a Blendjet blender

To Conclude

  • BlendJet is a portable blender designed for convenient nutrition on the go.
  • Several factors can cause a BlendJet blender to stop working like burnt fuse, insufficient charge, etc.
  • To fix a non-working BlendJet, consider checking its charge, ensuring tight seals, addressing battery or motor issues, etc.
  • Using a BlendJet blender offers benefits like portability, convenience, and value for money.

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