How Much Money Is 1 Billion Views On Youtube? (Idea!)

Side hustles are a must in this ever-changing economy. Where social media has made communication dynamics reach another level, it has also brought many possibilities to life.

For example, making different types of content for various social media platforms has gained loads of attention from businesses. Now those who were denying the reality of digital media and its power are into content creation and digital media marketing as well.

Among all the other social media platforms, YouTube is a name that’s famous for video content. Every social media channel has its kind of content.

Earning money from YouTube seems to be easy-peasy, however, it’s not the case, yet, it ain’t that difficult. All you need to know is to find the tune.

A question arises among the masses, How much money does one get with 1 billion views on a video? There’s no one answer to this question. Creators earn $5k to half a million or more from this much viewership.

Read the article for an elaborative explanation along with tips and tricks.

Money You Earn From 1 Billion Views on YouTube

Social Media Pays Generously When Used Right

The amount of money a channel can earn on 1 billion views depends on different elements. No rule of thumb can identify the exact amount. However, you can get $5k to half a million on 1 billion views.

The types of advertisements and the number of views on the advertisement play an extremely important role in money making.

Moreover, the changing global demands call for changes in the algorithm of social media, and YouTube knows how to make the changes accordingly. YouTube algorithm is changing with time and those changes can interfere with the amount one can earn from 1 billion views.

It’s important to know what the algorithm is at the moment to make the best out of your channel.

If you’re a beginner, watch the video below to earn money from YouTube.

How to Make Money on YouTube

Ways to Make Money on YouTube

There’s no one way of making money on YouTube. With time, content creators came up with many ideas that can work to make good money on YouTube and a mix and match of those ideas can do wonders if you ask me.

For your ease and understanding, I’ve discussed how you can make money on YouTube.

Merchandise Sale

Selling merchandise on YouTube has become a thing as it not only helps in gaining more income but also Recognition.

  • To sell merchandise on YouTube, the content creator has to Sign Up for the YouTube Partnership Program, then choose a vendor and make a storefront.
  • After that, link the storefront with the channel and choose the merchandise that aligns with the audience’s chosen channel.
  • Finally, market the merchandise for maximum results.


Advertisement is the main source of earnings on any given social media platform. This goes for YouTube too.

In forming an ad, make sure that you are using the correct content in the correct context to grab the attention of your potential audience. Moreover, clearer and catchy content is better for your brand than ever imagined.

Also, make sure that the advertisement is mobile-optimized for maximum interaction. As mostly YouTube is used on mobiles.

A Mix Of Different Techniques Pays Well


Affiliated marketing is so crucial for most businesses, if not for everyone because you get recognition from other people’s followers too.

When someone asks influencers to brand themselves or their product on their channel they pay the other party and vice versa. This is a great way to introduce yourself to more potential audiences. The brands that are sponsoring may give monetary amounts or products for promotions.


You might have noticed channels asking you to go to a certain link and sign up for a special recipe or a trick to lose weight. Well, this is a new way of generating money.

When a professional or brand asks their followers to get an inside peek of their specially cured content in exchange for money, the brand provides memberships.

Often these memberships are offered after a free trial period of either a week or a month.

Super Chat

Super chats are for those crazy viewers who crave recognition. In super chats, viewers pay the content creator to highlight their chat in live streaming.

A happy birthday message to a friend or a proposal on a global and recognized platform to flatter the girlfriend are some good examples.

Not just that, super chats help build a connection between the content creators and their fans directly through a live stream. However, some eligibility criteria need to be followed.

black screen with YouTube
Money That One Billion Views Earn

Tips For More Organic Reach

Paid reach works well and is necessary to an extent, but organic reach has its class.

Look out the following table to see the tips and tricks to reach more people organically.

Use of AnalyticsIt’s very important to look out for the analytics of the viewership you are getting on your YouTube channel. Also, see the time your channel’s audience is coming to use YouTube for maximum reach.
AvailabilityBe there for your clan. Vigilance is better than blind sighting.
Optimized TitleCatchy is better than bored. Write titles that gain instant attention the audience by hooking content.
ConsistencyMake a plan that aligns with your brand and stick to it no matter what. At least for a couple of weeks or months. Expecting instant results isn’t wise. Be consistent and be patient.
RelevancyThe content you are making must go with your brand’s tune. The viewers are there by the name. Give them what they came for.
PromotionCatchy is better than bored. Write titles that gain instant attention from the audience by hooking content.
Mix and MatchNo one way is the best way. Even if it’s, a mix-and-match strategy will work great.
Tips and Tricks For More Organic Reach


  • Passive income is becoming more and more important in this ever-fluctuating economy and one way of earning good money is through monetizing a YouTube channel.
  • For 1 billion views on a video on YouTube, a creator can get about $5k to half a million. It all depends on how you are working with your options.
  • The options that generate income on YouTube are sponsorships, advertisements, memberships, merchandise sales, and super chat.
  • You can get more income by investing some of your own money. However, organic reach can also be generated.

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