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How Long Do Instagram Stories Last? (Find Out)

Instagram Story was created to compete with Snapchat Stories and provide a different way to communicate with your social network connections. Saying they have been favorably received would be an understatement. 

Stories on Instagram reside apart from your main feed and are perfect for sharing content that doesn’t quite merit a spot on your permanent record.

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Friends Who Never Like Your Posts On Instagram (Reasons Unfolded)

Social media is a hub where people meet, chat, and grow together. And while all of this is happening in a small space on our computer screen or in our cell phone. Things get a little tricky too.

How? Even the smallest details get noticed and unnoticed on social media and creates a kind of panic among people. Especially if they know each other.

Imagine a situation where you have posted something amazingly good and you expect a bunch of friends to come out in support by liking and commenting on that post. Instead, all you get are a few likes and nothing else. This can be quite disappointing, isn’t it?

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Instagram Couldn’t Load Activity Log (Why?)

Nowadays everyone has an account on Instagram for personal and business use as well. Every social media platform has its own uniqueness and Instagram focuses on pictures and beauty.

No doubt, everything comes with advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes there are some technical issues or glitches which can cause problems in loading the feed.

The most common issue which is faced by users is “Couldn’t Load Activity”. Whenever this notification pops up in your feed you won’t be able to see anything except “Couldn’t Load Activity” and that is quite frustrating, to be honest.

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