Instagram Won’t Let Me Select Multiple Photos (Reasons and Solutions)

Among every other social media platform, Instagram is the only one that’s beauty-oriented. Snapchat too is somewhat inclined towards filters but opening an Instagram account is like opening a gate to a beauty haven.

You too might have noticed that Instagram is all about showbiz and stuff. This social media channel is mostly used by the audience that’s aged between 18 to 34 which is quite young.

Instagram is filled with amazing features. From uploading pictures and videos to uploading stories and reels. Also, a wide range of filters would be applied to beautify the whole thing.

Instagram knows how to keep its users intact with the platform and that is why the channel comes with many upgrades. One of the developments, the developers made is that a user can upload more than one picture at once.

The benefit of this added feature is that you can showcase your brand better with multiple photos at a time. Unfortunately, every good thing has something bad with it too. So, this multiple-adding photo feature has some glitches with it too.

It’s brought to my attention that many people are unable to use this feature and among those people, I am included as well. This issue awakened the investigator in me and I did my research.

If you are someone who has recently discovered the problem of how Instagram won’t let you post multiple pictures at one time. I hope my investigation into this matter will benefit you too.

Keep on reading for an informative read!

How to Upload Multiple Photos on Instagram?

options of pictures
More Photos, More Stories

Easy peasy lemon squeezy! There are just a few steps that you have to follow to upload multiple photos at a time. The procedure is the same, the only thing different is you’ve to long-press the pictures you intend to upload.

Instagram is all about pictures and videos and thankfully you can now upload 10 pictures in one go. To avail of this facility:

  • You’ve to see where the plus sign *+* is. After locating that sign, tap it to get the options of pictures and videos from your gallery.
  • Long press one picture and the option for selecting other images will automatically be enabled.
  • You can also see at the corner of your screen, that an option for multiple photos is given already. Tap to avail it.
  • While using this option, you can edit images individually. So, don’t worry about the filters that you plan on applying. Also, make sure that the right feature is selected for uploading. The options are given at the bottom after pressing *+*.
  • Choose Post if you wish to post on your profile and click Story if you wish to upload a story.

Check out the video and see how can you upload multiple pictures on Instagram in one go.

3 ways to upload Instagram photos in one go

Why Can’t I Post Multiple Photos in a Single Go?

Instagram is all fun and good until it starts bothering you. Right?

This application is famous for unknown glitches and I’m here to let you know of the possible solutions for all those problems. Before coming to a solution, we’ve to diagnose what the problem is.

I often come across a query, which by the way is faced me too, that Instagram isn’t letting us post multiple photos in one go. See the following reasons to identify.

Network Issue

The internet might be not working fine. Network issues are one of the most common concerns that’s almost the reason for every problem we face on Instagram.

The internet is important to live our lives, just like groceries and electricity, we need to have an internet connection at our home all the time.

Too much use of the internet sometimes compromises its efficiency as many people are accessing the network from the same server at the same time. The load makes the network slow.

At the beginning of the month, we are allotted a certain number of MBs that we have to work with till the end of the month. Using almost all of them before the end makes the internet slow.

Logging in to Instagram
Log Out To Log In

Technical Issues

Technical issues are rare but they sure are real. Application upgrading might be the culprit here.

For optimum use, your application must be up-to-date. However, it’s also important that the application works like a flow of water, unstoppable. A recent update sometimes comes in between that flow like a solid rock.

After we update our Instagram application, a bug might interfere with the app’s operations afterward. This might be the last thing possible coming in between your posting of multiple photos but this can be the reason.

Outdated Version

Outdated versions don’t allow the user to update multiple photos in one go!

Every time you see that Instagram or any application is asking for your permission to upgrade the file, allow that application to upgrade.

Developers know our queries and they work hard to meet our expectations. New versions of applications came up with solutions for the bugs that are interfering with the work process.

Problem selecting one
Why choose one

Solutions For Posting Multiple Photos on Instagram Post

We have already discussed the reason for the problem of the inability to post multiple photos in one go. Now I’ll let you know of the solutions for those reasons.

See the data table below to learn how to resolve the issue.

Reasons Solutions
Network IssueAsk your service provider to see what is wrong with the internet. At that very moment, turn off the Wi-Fi, turn it on, and check how that works.
Technical IssuesClear the caches, this method works most of the time. Or else you can uninstall and reinstall the application.
Outdated VersionInstagram or any other application works best if it’s fully updated. Updating Instagram will kill all the interfering bugs and it may introduce new features offered by the developers.
Reasons and Solutions to the Problem


  • Instagram is beauty-centric and the people using the application lie under the age of 18 to 34. It’s mainly the center of attention of celebrities from showbiz.
  • Uploading multiple photos at a time on Instagram was made possible a time ago but it has been reported that people are having difficulties using this feature.
  • Long press and a separate option can be used to add multiple pictures at a time but a poor network, technical concerns, and an outdated version of Instagram can come between smooth working.
  • You can solve these issues by checking your network connection, updating the application, and reinstalling the application.

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